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  Posted on March 6, 2015 07:49
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Izumo and Kotetsu 61.5%
Matches Played: 1257 (2.25%)

Tag Team
This skill now costs 1 random, up 1, from nothing
There were some minor improvements done to this skill to root out a glitch with the heal.

Inuzuka Tsume 56.89%
Matches Played: 573 (1.03%)

This skill now only makes her team invulnerable to non-affliction skills, instead of all skills.

Aburame Torune 60.2%
Matches Played: 799 (3.68%)

Jar of Poison
This skill now grants 30 destructible defense, down 5, from 35
This skill now costs 2 random after its initial use, up 1 random, from 1
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