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  Posted on February 17, 2015 19:37
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Akadou Yoroi 59.91%
Matches Played: 3188 (1.99%)

Chakra Focus
This skill now has a cooldown of 3, up 1, from 2

Uzumaki Kushina 61.73%
Matches Played: 3303 (2.06%)

Four Symbols Seal
This skill no longer increases damage dealt to the enemy

Adamantine Sealing Chains
This skill now costs 1 Blood, 1 Gen, instead of 1 Blood, 1 Gen and 1 Random
This skill now has a cooldown of 4, down 1, from 5

Nara Shikamaru (S) 56.1%
Matches Played: 7426 (4.6%)

Expert Analysis
This skill now costs 1 random, instead of having no cost
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