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  Posted on January 5, 2015 23:50
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Hyuuga Hinata 41.67%
Matches Played: 6240 (0.43%)

Protective Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
This skill now grants destructible defense to Hinata as well as her allies, instead of just her allies.

Tenten 41.95%
Matches Played: 11956 (0.82%)

Twin Rising Dragons Trap
This skill no longer has a cooldown

Hyuuga Hanabi 48.76%
Matches Played: 8979 (0.61%)

This character had their pics improved! (This happened last week actually)

Hanabi Eight Trigrams Revolving Heaven
This skill is now chakra classed, instead of physical classed

Hanabi Byakugan
This skill is now mental classed, instead of physical classed

Yakushi Kabuto 41.75%
Matches Played: 4445 (0.3%)

Yin Healing Wound Destruction
This skill is now instant instead of action.

Uzumaki Kushina 58.96%
Matches Played: 35929 (2.45%)

Life Link
This skill now lasts 4 turns, down 1, from 5

Hatake Kakashi (S) 57.79%
Matches Played: 122778 (8.39%)

Finishing Raikiri
This skill will now deal an additional 10 damage if the target is stunned, down 5, from 15

Kakashi Kamui
This skill will now cost 1 Bloodline and 1 Genjutsu instead of 2 Bloodline

Team Tactics
This skill will no longer copy helpful skills.

Added Note: Characters that can copy skills can now copy skills that require a preparation.
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