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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:16
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Name: No Game No Life
Author: Atsuko ISHIZUKA
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Supernatural

The story of No Game, No Life centers around Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister whose reputations as brilliant NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers have spawned urban legends all over the Internet. These two gamers even consider the real world as just another "crappy game." One day, they are summoned by a boy named "God" to an alternate world. There, God has prohibited war and declared this to be a world where "everything is decided by games"—even national borders. Humanity has been driven back into one remaining city by the other races. Will Sora and Shiro, the good-for-nothing brother and sister, become the "Saviors of Humanity" on this alternate world? "Well, let's start playing."

Personal view so far: Honestly, I'm blown away by this anime. Not only is it funny, it brings a sense of excitement. I can't help but love all the references put into this anime such as "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", "Ace Attorney", and others. By far, easily earns the #2 spot on my list of top anime this season. If you haven't watched this anime, I suggest you start because you're missing out.
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:19
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Looks interesting iv'e been looking for a new anime to watch :noworry
This is it.
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:30
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My favorite anime this season. Which is suprising considering I never planned on watching it in the first place.
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:32
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I had totally missed this when I was going through the anime charts but I'll check it out.
Adding it to the list.
  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:36
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About time this had been posted.

screen of the year.
  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:37
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Lulu this anime is awesome in every aspect. I love how the plot goes on. Great anime. Must watch, I do recommend it. We need hear a word from Cam though.
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:46
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Didn't start watching, but it is on my plans for the future, it seems really amazing :amused
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:50
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It seems interesting. Gotta watch this one next so I'm adding it to my list.
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 01:53
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I didn't expect much from this anime, but ive been surprised so far.
Its on my top 5 of this season.
  Posted on May 1, 2014 02:00
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I skipped it after reading its plot but the this great support I anime regards it is something I guess I will check it out.
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 02:06
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:amused That looks Sweet
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  Posted on May 1, 2014 02:12
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My 2nd or 3rd favorite of this season so far.
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  Posted on May 4, 2014 10:54
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I have started No Game No Life yesterday, and I like it so far. It is definitely a favorite from this season.
  Posted on May 4, 2014 11:02
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I'll start watching it too. Sounds good.
  Posted on May 4, 2014 11:05
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realy awesome anime i like it mhmm :) edited: i seen all episodes so far its awesome