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  Posted on April 14, 2014 00:44
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Akadou Yoroi 62.2%
Matches Played: 18198 (5.92%)

Energy Drain
The damage this skill deals is now 10, down 5, from 15.

Chakra Focus Switch
During Yoroi's chakra steal mode, he will now longer increase/lower any damage on him or any enemies.

Tsurugi Misumi 40.25%
Matches Played: 482 (0.16%)

Flexible Twisting Joints
This skill can now be used during Soft Physique Modification

Soft Physique Modification
This skill now costs 1 blood, 1 random instead of 2 blood

Kidoumaru 61.52%
Matches Played: 20026 (6.51%)

Summoning: Kyodaigumo
This skill now has a duration of 4, down 1, from 5
This skill now has a cooldown of 4, down 1, from 5
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