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  Posted on March 17, 2014 12:52
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Young Kakashi 59.64%
Matches Played: 32960 (5.8%)

White Fang Slash
This skill now deals 20 damage, down 5, from 25.

Amateur Raikiri
This skill now deals 20 damage, down 5, from 25.

Uchiha Obito 58.99%
Matches Played: 20473 (3.6%)

Obito Sharingan
This skill will improve Obito's skills 1 less turn. (The defense duration remains the same.)

Demon Brothers 55%
Matches Played: 6625 (1.16%)

Chain Shred
This skill will now deal 35 damage, down 5, from 40.

Haku 42.01%
Matches Played: 11319 (1.99%)

Haku targets one ally's or enemy's vital points. If used on an enemy, they will be stunned for 1 turn. If used on an ally, all stun effects on them will be removed and they will ignore all stun effects for 1 turn. This skill ignores invulnerability.

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals
Haku creates numerous mirrors, and for 3 turns, Haku will become invulnerable. The following 3 turns 'Flying Water Needles of Death' will target all enemies and 'Acupuncture' will target both allies and enemies.
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