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Uchiha Sasuke 43.38%
Matches Played: 107695 (2.1%)

Sasuke activates his Sharingan targeting one enemy. For 4 turns, Sasuke will gain 10 points of damage reduction. During this time, that enemy will receive 15 additional damage from 'Lion Combo' and 25 additional damage from 'Chidori'.* This skills ignores invulnerability.

Inuzuka Kiba 48%
Matches Played: 7489 (1.85%)

Dynamic Air Marking
This skill is now a full affliction skill, instead of being physical.
This skill is no longer unique.

Aburame Shino 57.83%
Matches Played: 21995 (5.42%)

Chakra Leech
This skill will now have a cooldown of 1, up from 0.
This skill will now fully drain instead of draining any non-bloodline.

Hyuuga Hinata 45.98%
Matches Played: 3943 (0.97%)

Hinata Gentle Fist
This skill will now remove 1 random chakra each turn, instead of 2 taijutsu or chakra.

Eight Trigrams 64 Palms Attack
This skill will now grant 10 destructible defense, instead of 50% damage reduction.

This skill now grants 15 points of damage reduction, instead of 50% damage reduction.
The improved effects can now be used for the following 4 turns.
This skill will now have a cooldown of 4, up 1, from 3.

Nara Shikamaru 45.06%
Matches Played: 7767 (1.91%)

This skill is no longer unique.

Shadow Neck Bind
Shikamaru chokes all enemies affected by 'Meditate' with a shadow, making them unable to reduce damage or become invulnerable while dealing 15 damage for 2 turns. This skill can stack with itself.

Namikaze Minato 41.82%
Matches Played: 1143 (0.28%)

Hiraishin no Jutsu
This skill will now give 25 damage reduction that can't be pierced, instead of 75% damage reduction that can't be pierced.

Edo Tensei Chukichi (S) 37.7%
Matches Played: 61 (0.02%)

Jamming Jutsu
Using Jamming Jutsu Edo Tensei Chukichi (S) targets all enemies increasing the cost of all their skills by 1 random chakra. This skill costs 1 random chakra during 'Hidden Frost'.
1 Genjutsu
2 Cooldown
Mental, Ranged, Instant

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