BDDT: Round 2: Match A. Mei(takamaru) vs. Kakuzu(Phonasthenia)

 Topic: BDDT: Round 2: Match A. Mei(takamaru) vs. Kakuzu(Phonasthenia)
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Mei vs.Kakuzu

-If you're not the debtors specified to this topic DO NOT POST.
-Character's knowledge of each other's abilities is based off the amount of knowledge they are shown to have of each other's abilities in the manga
-All info. must come from the manga (other sources, such as, are also accepted as long as they draw their info. from the manga)
-Location: Rocky Shore

*Names link to wiki pages
  Posted on December 23, 2013 07:55
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Kakuzu would win, with mid-difficulty at best. The various elemental masks are the winning factors of this debate. Kakuzu is just the perfect counter for Mei.

Earth Spear/Iron Skin

Initially, all of Mei’s jutsus are futile before Kakuzu’s Earth Spear technique. With this jutsu, Kakuzu drastically solidifies his skin, giving it the harden properties of diamond.
Narutopedia wrote:

Lava is incapable of melting diamond. Scientifically speaking, a diamond’s melting point is roughly over 3,500 degrees Celsius. Moreover, lava’s temperature spans from approximately, 750C – 1250C.
. wrote:
. wrote:

Mei’s Lava Release techniques are just simply contrived lava, nothing more, nothing less; so yeah, there’s absolutely no way Mei is melting Kakuzu’s physique while he’s in Earth Spear mode.
Narutopedia wrote:

Earth Spear’s Strength

In addition to its defensive caliber, Earth Spear can, obviously, be used offensively. The power level of the Earth Spear is so great; Kakuzu was able to readily break down a gargantuan set of doors made out of steel; the Temple of Fire gates.
Kishimoto wrote:

It would be wise for Mei to avoid any sort of fist to fist combat with Kakuzu, for if she does, her bones can and will be shattered by the Earth Spear’s strength-prowess. Knowing Mei, she will deduce this to be the case, and will just stick to long-ranged combat.


Speaking of range based fighting, Kakuzu’s Taijutsu is quite impressive, as his fist combating skills were on par with Kakashi’s; despite the fact that Kakashi had the precognitive abilities of the Sharingan.


Even so, Kakashi knew that Kakuzu was impervious to Taijutsu, which is partly the reason why he resorted to distancing himself. That being said, Mei hasn’t really displayed any Taijutsu skills superior to either Kakashi or Kakuzu, so I highly doubt she’ll ever even engage in this type of combat.

In the event that she does, she will be outclassed because of the lack of any prior Taijutsu feats ever been shown. Either way, Taijutsu below Gai’s level will not harm Kakuzu in the slightest, and Mei will realize this in her attempt in trying to melt Kakuzu.


Mei is a kage which equates high intellect. However, Kakuzu has century’s worth of experience in shinobi based fighting, thereby, making him more intellectual. I don’t recall Mei displaying any strategic feats proving she’s smarter. On the other hand, Kakuzu has shown to be great in analysis and observation, proven by the fact that he was able to negate Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession jutsu by implanting his arm underground; a feat that even shocked Shikamaru himself.
Narutopedia wrote:
Kishimoto wrote:

As seen below, Kakuzu almost maxes out the intelligence aspect of the databook by scoring a 4.5/5.
Databook/Kishimoto/Narutopedia wrote:

Kakuzu’s Masks

This will guarantee Kakuzu’s victory in so many different ways.

In his possession, Kakuzu has 4 different elemental based masks: Earth, Fire, Lightning and Wind. Each of which are separate entities, and can act autonomously from Kakuzu. Their corresponding elemental attacks are grand and
very powerful.

Narutopedia wrote:

For instance, the force of the Wind mask was able to obliterate all the trees within its vicinity. And that’s just one mask, I might add.
Kishimoto wrote:

Further, the masks give Kakuzu the winning advantage also because he can negate Mei’s nature elements with their combatant weaknesses (I’ll further elaborate on in this later).

He can also fuse the masks together, creating a combo of elemental attacks that are significantly greater in power independently. For instance, the fire mask’s power is increased when coupled with the wind mask, which also increases. Combined, they are both in their increased state, making them exponentially greater in potency.
Narutopedia wrote:
Kishimoto wrote:

In essence, Mei has to kill Kakuzu a total of 5 times. Trying to kill just one of him is an extremely difficult task since they all can attack simultaneously in different angles, separately.

The only reason Kakashi was able to kill one of masks is because, before the battle even started, he snuck behind Kakuzu and stabbed him. The other one of Kakuzu’s heart was destroyed by Shikamaru deceiving Hidan into stabbing himself. Even with the elimination of those two, Kakashi, Ino, and Chouji were incapacitated, and would’ve died if it were not for the interference of Yamato and Naruto.
Narutopedia wrote:

This is a completely different case, though. Kakuzu won’t be distracted by many different ninjas, like in the Kakashi battle or the Edo Tensei arc. Now, Kakuzu can concentrate on solely one person, Mei.

The agility and synchronized blasts from the hearts were too great, that Kakashi had to admit he couldn’t handle them; despite having the Sharingan. He insinuated that he lacked the reaction and shunshin speed to constantly dodge the masks that came from various directions.
. wrote:
Narutopedia wrote:

Instead, he had to play hide-and-go seek and utilize distractions, and even that wasn’t enough. He told Naruto he was about to use Kamui, his last-resort weapon, to send Kakuzu into another dimension because he knew for a fact that, without it, he would have died. Mei doesn’t have any space-time barrier jutsus up her sleeves, so she’s out of luck here.
Kishimoto wrote:

Mei has never shown better speed feats than Kakashi, at all, in the series. Actually, what is shown is the fact that she lacks the ability to dodge impending attacks from mid-air; evident when Gaara had to use his sand to save Mei from a Susanoo sword assault. That’s just one attack. Kakuzu is not sending just one elemental blast at a time; he’s going to be sending a barrage of them from different angles at the same time. How is Mei dodging any of those?
Kishimoto wrote:

With that being said, Kakuzu can confine Mei in one position and attack omni-directionally, like in Kakashi’s case. Mei lacks any defensive maneuvers to protect her from the masks’ attacks, and she lacks the speed to avoid all of them at once.
Kishimoto wrote:

Even if she uses a jutsu to try and counter the masks that are in front, her back is wide open to an attack from other moving masks, as well as the top, since the masks can also fly.

Kakuzu’s Threads

Lets not forget that Kakuzu can also use the Earth Grudge thread technique to capture his opponents from a long range. In fact, he can use them from underground without notice and restrain those who gets entangled in the threads.

Kakashi noted that he wasn’t fast enough to react to the underground threads, which lead to his entanglement and restraint. Mei doesn’t have the sharingan, and, as I reiterate, hasn’t shown the speed to avoid being caught in Kakuzu’s underground thread trap.
Kishimoto wrote:
Kishimoto wrote:

Once caught in the threads, Kakuzu can and will have all his hearts attack in just that one trapped position Mei is in, and then she’ll die, unfortunately.

Me’s Mist Technique

1. Kakuzu’s fire mask can evaporate the mist with a fire blast

2. Kakuzu’s wind mask can blow the mist away

3. The location, Rocky Shore, doesn’t really give this technique justice because it’s short-mid range; so, Kakuzu is more than capable of escaping its vicinity in such an open field

Narutopedia wrote:

Mei’s Lava Jutsus

1. As aforementioned, the lava will not harm Kakuzu at all because his Earth Spear enables him to become practically diamond.

2. Since Lava Release is made up of Fire and Earth, Kakuzu can combine his Fire and Lightning masks to counter; similar to how Naruto and Yamato combined Wind and Water to cancel out Kakuzu’s Wind and Fire combo.

Narutopedia wrote:
Kishimoto wrote:

Mei’s Water Style Techniques

1. Kakuzu can easily tank them because of his Earth Spear

2. Kakuzu can use his Lightning mask to nullify Mei’s water dragon jutsu, since water conducts electricity.

3. For reassurance, Kakuzu can fuse his Lightning and Wind mask to nullify and overpower any of Mei’s water style jutsus.
Kishimoto wrote:

Kakuzu’s masks and Earth spear counters anything Mei has to offer.
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Um I will give it a shot but give me sometime to think of a counter response this nigga posted proofs and everything (hmm)

Mei would win this mid-high diff
Kakuzu is the same person who lost to naruto 1v1 without sage mode
kakuzu have some intelligence wasn't smart enough to out smart a konoha chunnin shikamaru
Seriously a chunnin? Also Mei almost melted madara's susanoo and she most likely have many combos up her sleve to use to hit kakuzu with it and keep him stuck, she have a chamber room she used vs sasuke also that would knock out kakuzu, a kekegenkai of lava she uses water earth and fir, Lava> Fire, lets just x out one of kakuzu masks. loss to shadow clones that were genin and a konoha chunnin. no way he's kage level

Now for the jutsu explaination
hide in mist jutsu
water abilities can extinguish the strongest of fire techniques quickly
and quickly follow up with a counter attack
using water dragon bullet technique

She is particularly skilled in Water Release techniques.
Mei can expell a large torrent of water that can extinguish even the strongest fire techniques and quickly use the same water for the Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique.

kekkei genkai

lava release
fire + earth
lava release lava globs - can be manipulated to block doors/narrow exits
lava release melting apparition technique - thin sheet of lava in the air prevents jumping to avoid
creates smoke afterwards - vision can be obscured

significant exposure was enough to partially melt madara uchiha's susanoo ribcage

boil release
combines fire + water
can cover a considerable range shortly
also stays in the air

was strong enough to dissolve susanoo's ribs

boil release skilled mist technique - user can adjust ph levels to make it more acidic

"She is very calm, observant and perceptive in battle and can pick up on slight discrepancies in another person's personality and behaviour as seen when she was able to detect the difference in Ao's behaviour when Fu was possessing his body.
She seems to be skilled in taijutsu, able to intercept Black Zetsu attacking the daimyĹŤ with a single kick, sending him crashing out of the hiding spot.
She also has good reaction time, being able to quickly react to Madara Uchiha's Fire Release attacks and effectively counter them."

Mei's water abilities effectively nullify the fire mask as she can counter even the strongest fire moves with it

using her lava kekkai genkai she can effectively trap all of the hearts/masks inside kakuzu

using her boil release kekkai genkai while kakuzu's vision is still obscured she can start dissolving kakuzu as he will be inhaling the mist technique

as you stated " Kakuzu can use his Lightning mask to nullify Mei’s water dragon jutsu, since water conducts electricity" water does conduct electricity but as the weakness of water jutsu is earth jutsu by you adding lightning to the water all you'd be doing is making her stronger against kakuzu. mei uses a water dragon bullet from the water you've put electricity into and she has a way around your earth armour and effectively nullifying waters weakness

essentially kakuzu's greatest strength is his undoing
his ability to have an almost impregnable armour and multiple elements but fighting mei's ability to kill you from inside and her ferocity as shown when even fighting madara uchiha and realising there was no chance of victory she still wouldn't give up
My top 10 current na players no order
KonohaFenix, Itachi_uchiha6th, desangele, maldea, vaser-man, akatstobi-san, nino1233, j-v-uchiha, Light_brown22. All can solo a clan at any given moment and some have proven to be good at laddering also. ik there are only 9 but like 3-4 people are tied for 10th including myself.
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takamaru wrote:
My top 10 current na players no order
KonohaFenix, Itachi_uchiha6th, desangele, maldea, vaser-man, akatstobi-san, nino1233, j-v-uchiha, Light_brown22. All can solo a clan at any given moment and some have proven to be good at laddering also. ik there are only 9 but like 3-4 people are tied for 10th including myself.
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Round 2 has ended any further post will not count toward the judges decisions.