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  Posted on August 20, 2013 03:30
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October 15, 2008
Hope you enjoy the character. Also follow the rules or your comment will be ignored.

-Don't Spam, Flood, Harass, Rip
-Please explain rates that are under 8/10
-Read my whole ENTIRE character don't be lazy
-Please don't say oh this skill is op/up, please explain to ME what is op/up.
-I would highly appreciate that you comment after you see my character
Credit for pics: Radorobert
  Posted on August 20, 2013 03:46
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February 2, 2010
good character, seemed like its a very defencive char at start n then it looked fine. nice pic quality. it has a nice flow. 9/10
  Posted on August 20, 2013 04:13
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January 22, 2013
Pretty unique, flows well.

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