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  Posted on April 29, 2013 22:36
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An old short story I made. Hope you enjoy. I think it summarizes how many plots go these days concerning issues like this.




She typed because there was nothing better for her to do, and needed to so her mind would not wander. She felt a deep pressure on her heart, a welding feeling that grew each minute. She couldn’t eat anything (not that she ate lunch much anyway) that involved heavy chewing or dangers of choking. She didn’t know whether she was upset, depressed, or dejected from life in all forms. She stared into own ovals often, from the shiny tables of Ms.Walshs’ room.
Smoothing her hands at the sides of the computer, she let out a soft sigh. Why did things like this happen? She looked over to her friend Jessica for support, but she was already waist deep in her own gizmo.




She gazed at herself some more, trying to find errors in herself. Her chocolate covered eyes were glazed slightly with the forming tears in her eyes. She didn’t like it like this. The curly mess clumped on her head looped around her head in a timid fashion. Each strand fell into his position clumsily, and some fuzzy hairs radiating from her head. She didn’t like this. Finally, her rounds face with small specks of pre and post pimples and plug nose. It was all under a sheet of brown pigment, which she disliked most of all.

“Why was I born like this,” she bellowed in her mind, typing away at her computer. Looking around the room, she could see the class at work, though a quiet conversation wandered throughout the room from various patrons. She pushed up and down her lips, trying her best to overwork herself.
If she worked hard enough, she wouldn’t have to think of the pain. If she overworked herself, it would mean more time during the weekend to cry.


Her fingers stopped. She glanced over toward Jessica with a warm smile. Her face was pink an embarrassing thought of her crush. Her grey eyes sharply turned to Ashley, saying “Shush!” Her blond her swished back to its’ normal place, as her eyes became consumed by the work ahead. Her face, however, was still a tiny red that lingered near her dimples.

She had the propensity of being flustered by every move the girl in front of her did. She had long, flowing curls that draped down her back. With coral eyes and a fit body for being on the basketball team for all three years at Riverside, Ashley was unsure of why she was attracted to her. She was a loud, rowdy girl who never halted when the red light shined. She interrupted the class frequently for random to belligerent comments on the material to class.

But, according to Jessica, she was a “free spirit”. She spoke her mind and show who she was with clear definition.

The two exchanged whispers on why she had blushed, but the overview was that Miss Verona turned around and asks for a pencil.

It wasn’t the exact feeling her companion felt. Ashley only got flustered when it was him. The same him who she made seems like a stranger.

Each time Ashley came in for her 10th hour for Engineering, she averted her eyes to other ways. She rarely said hi, she created distance between them; she looked any way he wasn’t and didn’t plan on going.

These actions were contradictions to the feelings she had grown toward him. Since the beginning of last year, she felt feeling grow. He had planted the seed when he sparked a conversation during study hall and pervade his presence around her. He was that annoying humming bird outside that some people loathe, but come to love as the humming soothes their ears with its’ repetition. And, at one point, she considered even asking him out somewhere.

In the end, however, he had found himself some other girl; a girl the opposite of herself. She was extremely skinny and held a petite build she would only dream of. Kalis’ long curls dropped down to her back, as her smile blinded her each time they would ever come across. Her pale skin slashed hers into nothingness, since hers was a dirty brown. She hated it. This feeling of inferiority she was washed by as she got sevens and eights on her papers, and she would end up with the dominate nine.

This feeling—the urge to say something—was not hatred. She wasn’t quite jealous either. It was a mixture of self evaluation and admiration. How was she better than her aesthetically? What is wrong with her?

But, as her thoughts wandered deep into such inquisitions, the bell for second hour rang. Jessica had already placed her laptop in the kart, and was on her way to English. Ashley ran her fingers across the keyboard to shut down the machine.
Ms.Walsh passed by, rasping, “You don’t have to put it up. Next hour is AP Biology too.”

Ashley nodded to her notion, standing. She smoothed out her grey sweat pants and hoodie, heading toward the door. But, at the door, eased the guy of her unrequited attraction: Joao.

Ashley froze. What was she supposed to do? Did Kali and he have a communication? Her eyes flared up to his, as she began to analyze every inch of them. His Caribbean Sea blue eyes captured her in an intense stare.

“Hey,” he greeted, stepping closer. With no way to escape now, she had to make her impression now. That she wasn’t just some jealous girl. That she wasn’t like that.

“Hi,” she perked, watching his cheeks turn a slight red. His eyes turned into silts, hands around his slender black book bag straps. Ashley’s eyes traced his strange presence, and awkward stance. His legs stood close, and his face seemed to force itself to gander at hers’.

“Listen, the talk about me and Kali was a joke…it was supposed to get a rise out of you because, well…” Joao trembled, but Ashley had heard enough.
She forced a palm against his neck. She brought his face against his with the passion she had longed for. She hoped his word was true, but he was not one convicted to lies; more so a slanted joke aimed to slightly offend the receiver.
Ashley could’ve sworn that day Ms.Walsh said one of her usual euphemism toward the two sucking teeth, but that girl didn’t know what she heard that day. Nor did she care, frankly.
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Interesting story. Nice descriptions you have there.

The story has a very depressing mood, though.
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Nice flow! I really love the progression and choice of words, although some were used a tad too much.
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