My Theory of How the Jubi is defeated

 Topic: My Theory of How the Jubi is defeated
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  Posted on April 28, 2013 04:01
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I'm going to think about this realistically.

10,000 ninjas took 3 consective days and nights just to take down one man, the 3rd Raikage. The Army began with around 80,000 ninja. Now, most of them have died from the war and the Jubi is wrecking havok on the remaining ninja.

So the main people we have coming that are of great power, and the ones already there are the following:
Naruto, Gai(8th Gate Possibilty), Bee, Sasuke, Orochimaru(suspected betrayal though), Hashiram, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and Minato.

The bads guys have Obito, Madara, and the Jubi. Judging from Obito's behavior, it seems as though he is trying to understand Naruto, sort of how Nagato did. Obito isn't so much of use anymore now the Madara has arrived. 4 people were capable of giving him trouble, while Madara easily wiped out 5 kage level ninjas. So I'm betting Kakashi will get through to Obito and Obito will convert to helping the Hero's stop what he has done. But that's just a guess.

Despite having all those powerful ninja on their side, even those ninja could still possibly have a hard time dealing with Madara, especially since the Jubi is with him and Obito. Because right now, Madara's power is appearing to be truly god like. The Sage was the one who was capable of beating the Jubi. So with Madara AND the Jubi, who's going to be able to take them down? That's like two Godly Powers right there.

I know Naruto has to be the Key to this battle. It's like the final big thing, and this is Naruto's show, he's gotta be the one to pull of something huge. I know Naruto doesn't have those markings around his neck, and those horns for nothing. It's a representation of the Rikkudo Sage. There is something special about Kurama's chakra, that is yet to be shown. Why else would Naruto look like the Sage? There's never been an explanation. It's his show, Naruto's gonna unlock that power, and he's gonna become the strongest person in his show.

Well, that's what I think
  Posted on April 28, 2013 16:55
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I think when Hokages show up, Obito will start to panic, knowing that they are screwed if the fight continues like this, and he will become the Juubi's Jinchuuriki, and we all know Madara wanted that, therefore he will screw Madara, Madara will get mad and kill him, therefore killing Juubi with him as well, so no more Juubi, no more Obito, only Madara left vs all those OP duds, they all will gang up on him and seal him somehow. End.

Then maybe Oro does something and we move into new arc, or Naruto vs Sasuke fight.

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