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  Posted on April 16, 2013 21:14
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they have to put some questions with konan, cuz' it's very hard find her to make the power of saga mission, this is a suggestion, please don't ignore.
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  Posted on April 16, 2013 21:41
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I know right.
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  Posted on April 16, 2013 21:46
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  Posted on April 16, 2013 21:48
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Yeah, but my alt is on sannin and i see a lot of Konan i guess i am just lucky
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  Posted on April 17, 2013 00:46
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I'm Sannin and see Konan once a week at most. Which is fine if it were "4 wins against Konan" instead of "4 wins in a row". Took me a month to get 3 wins in a row, only to lose the fourth - dat rage.

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