Character of the Week #15 Voting Group Finals

 Topic: Character of the Week #15 Voting Group Finals
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  Posted on April 13, 2013 23:44
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Welcome to the first Week trial of Character of the Year. The point of this contest. The purpose of this contest is to decide who has made the best character within a Year of work, by requiring criticisms for our fellow Naruto-Boards members, and of course improve ourselves in character making and have fun. This is a voting topic so all you have to do is vote... respecting the rules of course.

Banned from voting:

Read the voting rules! It's very easy to break a rule unwillingly!

Voting Rules and Mode of Voting:
Your votes must mention something about each character. (Eg: I like how character x deals a lot of damage and how character y has great defensive...)
You must specify why you consider the character you vote better than the other two character(s). (Eg: I consider that character x is better, because unlike the other characters, he deals an average amount of damage with simple costs, keeping up with his flow, but the other two have messy high amount of damage that are just an excuse to make the character original)
Your decision may not be based solely on pictures. (Eg of what you should not do:
#3 character has better pictures than the other two. Their pictures are LQ and lame. #3 is for me)
If you mention something about the balance of a character, you must exemplify why you consider that character.(Eg: First character is much better than the second because he is balanced. Unlike 2nd character that can go invulnerable for 5 turns in a row, this character is simply awesome, he just deals the right amount of damage and has the right amount of defense.)
If you mention something about the flow of a character, you must exemplify the flow of the character.(Eg: I prefer first character's flow because you can use 1st and 2nd skill in order to create a gigantic amount of defense and then use 3rd skill in order to succesfully stun the opponent for a great amount of turns. Anyway, 2nd character lacks any kind of flow, which I dislike. All that character's skill are randomly thought effects)
Originality may not be used as a reason to vote, but it can still be mentioned in votes. (Eg of what to not do: This character is original. VOTE VOTE VOTE #3 VOTE!!
Oversimplified/Overcomplicated character may be used as a reason, as long as you explain why the character is too complicated or too simple. (Eg: First character is too simple, because it only has simple and plain effects, while the second character is too complicated, because it has too many effects that are placed there randomly)
The design of the template does not count if that's the sole reason you vote for one character. The pictures will also count in this category, if mentioned, so they won't count as something else if mentioned in the vote.
•If a character is chakra heavy and you consider it a bad thing, you must explain how it influences the character badly, according to the character's skills. (Eg: This character's offensive skills are way too costly and they shouldn't cost that much, because the chakra type for them is really hard to gain. It will take hours to even cast a skill of theirs. Their defensive skill doesn't really help much, since he's solely based on offensive, which mostly cannot be used.)
•You may only vote for one character.
•You may not vote for yourself, unless the group contains only your character. You won't need to give any reasonings if they are your characters.
•You may not empty quote or copy any of the votes already given or say in your vote, I agree with person x.
•You may not vote if your post count is under 500 posts.
•You may not vote if your account is not two months old.

~Now that everything has been said:~\\

Character #1

Character #2

Character #3

Character #4
  Posted on April 14, 2013 14:11
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1st Character

- First thing I'll say before the actual Cnc : Awesome Job. Now about the character itself. For what I understood, everything spins around his 4th skill and to improve its accuracy in which kind of skill (defensive/offensive) it will copy, you can use the 3rd skill in order to stun the oposite kind, of course its only a 50%-50% probability, but still a good way to to avoid a full random choice. Then comes the second part of the character, use the same very skill in order to disturb the enemy team while still improving the copied skill, so that you can use it with a better efficacy than the origial owner. Brilliant Job.

2nd Character

- Hmm, as a whole I really liked it, each skill compliments each other pretty well, of course some touch ups could be added like adding the original amount of piercing damage of the 1st skill, since with the way it is now, may take a while to anyone realise that the starting amount is 0, since well.... it isn't said anywhere in the character. But in the good side, I liked the way each skill flows; the first starts the combo, the third can be used to make an almost everlasting boost, and the 2nd its the boost itself. As a personal comment, is good to see a standard Invul skill once in a while.

3rd Character

-> The typical maniac girl, I wonder why it doesn't surprise me (wary) . Now, seriously, its simple but in a way really complex, like for example the connection between the 3rd and 2nd skill is just grand but still kinda faded away, and I just loved the paradox that each skill created with each another : Self afflicted damage / heals at the same time, clever move in order to make the character's theme stand out. The only thing wrong that I see is that the damage she afflicts to herself will mostly likely greatly surpass the amount of damage that se can heal, but since most of her skills can easily get to an OP area with ease, this is not something to be taken so seriously since to she will mostly likely always be the first one to get killed.

4th Character

- Right off the bat, this one is some gem, although its design is kinda hard to work with and looking closely, anyone that spends atleast 5 min reading it can say that it is more or less too strong almost at the OP level, and the main problem is the "permanent" boost which will be most of times what puts him in the overpowered characters level since all his skills gains benefits in a way or another doesn't matter what you do. But overall a really charismatic character.

Final Say

-> First of all, my kudos to all creators, its the firs not one-sided finals that I see since I started to vote in this contest. But well, only 1 can win, and the 2nd entry is the first to leave simply because all others entries completely outshines him in most of ways not that it is a bad entry but rather a weaker one when compared to the other 3. The 4th and 3rd character are eliminated as well, I can't think of a concrete reason like flow, balance ( Even tho it could be an issue), to be honest, I just don't think it stands on the same floor as the 1st.

Entry Number 1 gets my Vote... Hmm, This was a really hard choice, the differences between the 1st, 3rd, 4th entry are kept at minimum, so I'll vote for the one that gave me a better idea of the general work. I know its a really small reason, but well all others reasons are on equal level... so.... idk.
  Posted on April 14, 2013 17:07
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Char 1: Ill start with the passive. Is that skill permanent? Like i copy a skill and it stays there for ever. Or just for 1 turn? I think the defensive part is kinda op tho. Thats the only thing i would change. Also you need to be more clear. First skill: Will permanently change the skill for 3 turns. What does this mean? >.>. Again the effects are op. Copying a skill which has its cooldwon reduced by 2 seems op to me. The seconf skill is pretty neat. But i see no connection to the hp bar with the other skills. Maybe you can make it flow somehow with the other skills. The offensive part is up to me. It should ignore invulnerability instead of counters and reflects. The third skill is a little op. maybe it can do 20 damage instead of 25 and get loose of the cooldown. Stealing chakra and dealing 25 damage seems kinda op to me. Not to mention it has a stun effect. Too many effects in one skill.

Char 2:

There is an error in the first skill. It says "This skill's piercing damage". Yet there isnt ANY piercing damage in this skill. It deals normal and affliction, but not piercing ._.. The skill is up! 25 damage over 3 turns for 1 specific. It can cost a random. Let me get the skill right. When i use the skill and they attack instead of lets say 20 damage they will deal 10? This is balanced due to its cooldown. Otherwise it can be Op. Also the 10 permanent damage less DOSNT stack right? I find it also good. The second skill is pretty neat and ruins many aoe characters. The third skill is kinda op too! It should do 25 damage and it would be fine. ;D. I dont see much flow in this character and he is kinda messed up.

Character 3:

I think the skill order is kinda messed up. The second skill should be placed 3rd, the fourth skill should be placed second and the third skill should be placed fourth. The first skill is fine but i think it may be a little up. Maybe it can deal 15 damage but thats all. Fourth skill (since its a prep) is a little up too. She takes 10 affliction damage and deals 5 more damage each turn. But will it also boost the first skills 5 damage? Second skill is really up if you ask me. It should either cost 1 less random energy or it shouldnt remove the stacks from the first skill. Also if i have a total of 5 stacks of the first skill will i heal 15 healt a turn? This is good considering she hurts herself too much. At first she is week but after some turns she becomes deadly. Lets say all 3 enemies are effected by the first skill. All go invul. She takes 15 damage and deals 15 more damage. Next 2 turns all enemies take 20 aoe damage. So i guess the character is balanced. Just that second skill is somewhat up. I see the flow here. Damaging herself through her skills which boosts the other skills. I like the name tsukuyomi :O. Also pics rock

Character 4:
Basicly the first and second skill are the same but the opposite. So by CnCing one skill i technically CnC the other as well . First skill is really op. I think it should loose the stun or deal less damage. For the cost of it its just too op. The second skill is good but also op. The second skill should get increased by just 5 or have its cooldown increased to 3 . So he gets boosted each time he gets energy right? :D. About the third skill for how much turns does the stun part last? Is it permanent? I think its a bit op if it stacks. The last skill can cost 1 more random chakra. What if you are playing against an enemy who dosnt have physical skills. Perma stun. And you get chakra each turn! this makes it even more impossible to attack. You can just spam the DD and get a perma stun.

Overall my vote goes to character 3. It was a really hard choice between 3 and 1. But the reason i went for 3 is because the first character is very unclear and kind off op. The third character i go for is character number 4. The reason why i chose it wasnt because it was better than the entry 2, but because entry 2 was worse than entry 4.
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  Posted on April 15, 2013 03:17
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Well the groups have been open for 24 hours.

SO since there is a tie between #1 and #3 I will need someone to break the tie so I may crown a winner for this week please

The person who votes only needs to cnc #1 and #3 since its a tie breaker but they can cnc the others if they want as well

  Posted on April 15, 2013 08:21
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Good luck in finding them, Stormy.
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  Posted on April 15, 2013 15:23
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Fine I will gladly break it, if it matters. Sorry I was unable to Cnc all chars.

1st - Amazing idea, which I heard, fits the char as he is in anime. His skill has really cool sinenergy. The bonus might be bit Op, but I find him balanced. Since to be able to do something you need your enemy to play the game as you command. All in all a good rounder char, which would surely be an annoyin enemy.

3rd- An overflowing character, with amazing skills. Cant help myself, but I find her Op. Mostly because of her self-damage and availability to use her cool, but strong skill. The self heal can be tad annoying (which is not that hard to pull off). I know it may sound weird, but you have team members which can save her ass and she can tranform herself into a tank (even more than she really is).

Final word: 1st has my vote. I loved the concept and found it more balanced than the 3rd one. However it was amazing as well. Hard decision to be honest.
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  Posted on April 15, 2013 16:49
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Thanks Storm for breaking the tie

Voting Closed #1 Wins
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