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  Posted on April 5, 2013 12:02
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Welcome to the first Week trial of Character of the Year. The point of this contest. The purpose of this contest is to decide who has made the best character within a Year of work, by requiring criticisms for our fellow Naruto-Boards members, and of course improve ourselves in character making and have fun. This is a voting topic so all you have to do is vote... respecting the rules of course.

Banned from voting:

Read the voting rules! It's very easy to break a rule unwillingly!

Voting Rules and Mode of Voting:
Your votes must mention something about each character. (Eg: I like how character x deals a lot of damage and how character y has great defensive...)
You must specify why you consider the character you vote better than the other two character(s). (Eg: I consider that character x is better, because unlike the other characters, he deals an average amount of damage with simple costs, keeping up with his flow, but the other two have messy high amount of damage that are just an excuse to make the character original)
Your decision may not be based solely on pictures. (Eg of what you should not do:
#3 character has better pictures than the other two. Their pictures are LQ and lame. #3 is for me)
If you mention something about the balance of a character, you must exemplify why you consider that character.(Eg: First character is much better than the second because he is balanced. Unlike 2nd character that can go invulnerable for 5 turns in a row, this character is simply awesome, he just deals the right amount of damage and has the right amount of defense.)
If you mention something about the flow of a character, you must exemplify the flow of the character.(Eg: I prefer first character's flow because you can use 1st and 2nd skill in order to create a gigantic amount of defense and then use 3rd skill in order to succesfully stun the opponent for a great amount of turns. Anyway, 2nd character lacks any kind of flow, which I dislike. All that character's skill are randomly thought effects)
Originality may not be used as a reason to vote, but it can still be mentioned in votes. (Eg of what to not do: This character is original. VOTE VOTE VOTE #3 VOTE!!
Oversimplified/Overcomplicated character may be used as a reason, as long as you explain why the character is too complicated or too simple. (Eg: First character is too simple, because it only has simple and plain effects, while the second character is too complicated, because it has too many effects that are placed there randomly)
The design of the template does not count if that's the sole reason you vote for one character. The pictures will also count in this category, if mentioned, so they won't count as something else if mentioned in the vote.
•If a character is chakra heavy and you consider it a bad thing, you must explain how it influences the character badly, according to the character's skills. (Eg: This character's offensive skills are way too costly and they shouldn't cost that much, because the chakra type for them is really hard to gain. It will take hours to even cast a skill of theirs. Their defensive skill doesn't really help much, since he's solely based on offensive, which mostly cannot be used.)
•You may only vote for one character.
•You may not vote for yourself, unless the group contains only your character. You won't need to give any reasonings if they are your characters.
•You may not empty quote or copy any of the votes already given or say in your vote, I agree with person x.
•You may not vote if your post count is under 500 posts.
•You may not vote if your account is not two months old.

~Now that everything has been said:~\\

Character #1

Character #2

Character #3

Character #4
  Posted on April 6, 2013 05:00
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Nummer one.
Generic Deidara concept of killing himself and the enemy.
Not really anything I haven't seen before.
Not really a concept, simple improvement flow.
Costs of the skskills balances out the Opness.

Nummer two.
Fuck, I was going to say Alladin is UP because he only has 50 health, but that passive xD
It is still completely possible to 1-hit kill him on the first turn though. (If they go second)
Pretty legit two-characetr scheme there though.
I like it.
You even manged to make them flow between the sets xD

Nummer three.
Giving the enemy beneficial effects and using another skill to steal hose beneficial effects instead.
That's actually pretty cool.
But shit I find her to bbe so OP.
Just from abundance of effects.
The first skill deals 20 damage, heals 5 (if the second skill os used) and gives ten DD.
All for a single specific and no cooldown. I think that'stoo much.
Notbeven mentioning its self boost that adds five to everything every use.
That last skill os where my real problem is.
If you have the second skill active, and you ise the fourth, she gets full healed and the enemy is practically instant killed if they're under 65 health.
Too much.

Nummer four.
I actually think it's really good considering the limitations it had xD
The flow iis really nnice and all the skills are great.
She deals a wide veriety of damage that is manipulated by every other skill.
I still think the energy exchange is put of place. But it's not so out of place that it's not nessasary.
Boost boost boost boost apike spike spike.
She could be a killer

(Sometimes I suck at giving Cnc -.-)

Number two gets my vote.
Number one doesn't stand as tall as the others, third is far too OP for my tastes.
Between he second and tthe fourth was a hard choice.
I really loved both of the characters, but that dual ccharacter concept got me.
It's quite sexy and would usually be hard to ppull off.
  Posted on April 6, 2013 08:06
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You must really hate kyuubinaru for listing him twice.

K, here we go. Part 2.

First skill is meh. You have a 50/50 shot at getting the character you want, might as well make it target whoever you want. 5th skill makes me already tell that this character is messy. It's balanced, at least. 2nd skill... yep, I was right. Messy. It would've been easier to say that Deidara gets 20 DD and then whoever depletes it takes 30 affliction. That, and 2 specifics makes the skill extremely UP. What's worse is that you have to use it in order to get its alt skill. Hooray /sarcasm. I dunno how the fuck you thought a 1-turn skill could be active while Deidara uses something else, unless the enemy is that ridiculous and doesn't attack him and lets Deidara use another Dragon. In any case, even without Dragon's immortality... the skill is so OP. Just no to instant-kills. They're virtually broken in terms of balance, doesn't matter how you make them. And last but not least, the third skill. Balanced, but weird effects to make it look like you did something original. Okay.

CLOSING: I know who you are, maker, and I have scheduled an appointment with disappointment for you. I've seen you improve, but you pull of something like this crap. The only concept is that you have to do something right after using another skill. No. Plus, this is a typical Deidara that only does a bunch of damage with an OP skill that kills himself. No way, man. No way.

SCORE: 1.5/2 Pictures, 0/2 Design, 0.5/2 Skills, 1/2 Balance

OH MY GOD AL--oh, different aladdin. ... Anyway, interesting seeing him work as two characters. Let's see how this plays out: The 2nd and 3rd skills are quite lovely, to be honest. It seems iffy to let the third skill activate something with an equal cost, but I can see how this is balanced. Very smart, and unlike most Triggers, the trigger itself isn't a skill you can't activate manually. The only thing that could've been better is that one of these skills could've had contrasting costs, especially since one activates the other. I also haven't mentioned his given in the description about having 50 health, but that passive and these skills greatly make up for this. Well done. Very well done.
Second paragraph for Ugo. His skills are... okay, I suppose. I don't watch this anime or anything, but I can at least come to agree that Ugo seems like someone who really would just focus on hitting someone as hard as they can. Tough to make something truly original with someone like that. Ugo is balanced, but he doesn't have much specialty with him. The best part about him is that you can trade him for Aladdin at any time. Hooray!

CLOSING: If this was just Ugo, this wouldn't be very interesting. However, this doesn't mean that Aladdin himself picks up the slack. As a dual character, the maker truly nailed these guys. I'm in awe, everything was done beautifully.

SCORE: 2/2 Pictures, 2/2 Design, 2/2 Skills, 2/2 Balance
Great, the one fucking week I enter CotY, there's this character and the other character 2 on the A topic. Great fucking work, Luvixi.

I was about to flip shit for seeing the... OKAY, I CAN'T STOP SMILING AT PURSIN'S SIG, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!
Oh, sorry about that. I thought the maker made a critically idiotic move in healing the enemy, but the second skill makes sense. Still, I don't think it's the best idea to make one skill make only one other skill useful. This could've been a lot better, really. Not only that, but since the first skill gives 10 DD for a specific AND increasing everything by 5... yeah, this went WAAAAY too far. The third skill makes this even more insane by doubling her damage. If she was really weak on damage, doubling it would be okay, but she's not weak at all. PLUS, she gets an energy to balance out the cost! Man. The fourth skill kinda looks OP, but arguing against Pursin in saying that having the 2nd skill active at the time would make it insane, I think this would only work if the target healed, not if it gets reflected. If I'm wrong, then shame on all of you. I'll acknowledge the little side-effects of the 3rd and 4th skills, but this doesn't help in weakening her as a whole.

CLOSING: She's a powerhouse; so much that she'd cause a blackout in NYC just by turning on. Cool it with all the extra effects in the first skill. Plus, there's no real concept in this, though the 2nd skill is inspiring.

SCORE: 1.5/2 Pictures, 1/2 Design, 1/2 Skills, 0.5/2 Balance

Then I went to watch some weird videos until 2 a.m. and I'm back to finish this once and for all, motherfuckers.

Hm, one of those characters that can't be CnC'd skill by skill, everything needs to be taken as a whole. Not bad. Seems strange with the weird damages, but it work out alright. It's tough to CnC this one just because of how.. hm, what's the word... unorthodox, I suppose? All the skills rely on each other, but when played right, the character could be deadly. Nice, really, seeing something that'd be great on strategic players. Only real issue I have is with the energy exchange. I think that getting 2 energy for 4 is pretty rough.

CLOSING: Interesting character with few flaws. Strategically built and well-balanced. I'm really tired so yeah, that's all. Good character, good night, but the guy with the 8 wins.

SCORE: 1.5/2 Pictures, 1.5/2 Design, 2/2 Skills, 1.75/2 Balance

FINAL JUDGEMENT: My vote goes to the second character. The only competition that it had was the fourth character, which was also a smartly-built character, but character 2 took something that takes a lot of balance issues into consideration, along with a rather annoying concept, and perfected it.
  Posted on April 6, 2013 17:53
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Voting Closed, Character #2 Advances
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