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 Topic: Character of the Week #13 Finals
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  Posted on March 31, 2013 18:13
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Welcome to the first Week trial of Character of the Year. The point of this contest. The purpose of this contest is to decide who has made the best character within a Year of work, by requiring criticisms for our fellow Naruto-Boards members, and of course improve ourselves in character making and have fun. This is a voting topic so all you have to do is vote... respecting the rules of course.

Banned from voting:

Read the voting rules! It's very easy to break a rule unwillingly!

Voting Rules and Mode of Voting:
Your votes must mention something about each character. (Eg: I like how character x deals a lot of damage and how character y has great defensive...)
You must specify why you consider the character you vote better than the other two character(s). (Eg: I consider that character x is better, because unlike the other characters, he deals an average amount of damage with simple costs, keeping up with his flow, but the other two have messy high amount of damage that are just an excuse to make the character original)
Your decision may not be based solely on pictures. (Eg of what you should not do:
#3 character has better pictures than the other two. Their pictures are LQ and lame. #3 is for me)
If you mention something about the balance of a character, you must exemplify why you consider that character.(Eg: First character is much better than the second because he is balanced. Unlike 2nd character that can go invulnerable for 5 turns in a row, this character is simply awesome, he just deals the right amount of damage and has the right amount of defense.)
If you mention something about the flow of a character, you must exemplify the flow of the character.(Eg: I prefer first character's flow because you can use 1st and 2nd skill in order to create a gigantic amount of defense and then use 3rd skill in order to succesfully stun the opponent for a great amount of turns. Anyway, 2nd character lacks any kind of flow, which I dislike. All that character's skill are randomly thought effects)
Originality may not be used as a reason to vote, but it can still be mentioned in votes. (Eg of what to not do: This character is original. VOTE VOTE VOTE #3 VOTE!!
Oversimplified/Overcomplicated character may be used as a reason, as long as you explain why the character is too complicated or too simple. (Eg: First character is too simple, because it only has simple and plain effects, while the second character is too complicated, because it has too many effects that are placed there randomly)
The design of the template does not count if that's the sole reason you vote for one character. The pictures will also count in this category, if mentioned, so they won't count as something else if mentioned in the vote.
•If a character is chakra heavy and you consider it a bad thing, you must explain how it influences the character badly, according to the character's skills. (Eg: This character's offensive skills are way too costly and they shouldn't cost that much, because the chakra type for them is really hard to gain. It will take hours to even cast a skill of theirs. Their defensive skill doesn't really help much, since he's solely based on offensive, which mostly cannot be used.)
•You may only vote for one character.
•You may not vote for yourself, unless the group contains only your character. You won't need to give any reasonings if they are your characters.
•You may not empty quote or copy any of the votes already given or say in your vote, I agree with person x.
•You may not vote if your post count is under 500 posts.
•You may not vote if your account is not two months old.

~Now that everything has been said:~\\

Character #1

Character #2

Character #3
  Posted on March 31, 2013 19:28
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I like how law goes with the flow (with room)
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  Posted on March 31, 2013 19:44
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Character 1 : In short, outstanding, A really impressive one, the way each skill perfectly compliments each other is simply amazing, althought there may have some misunderstanding due to the use "St George" as a reference to two different skills, but overall, This one really got me.

Character 2: I find it quite OP, since after Room is used, he can easily shut the enemy's offensive power down, and I find quite annoying the dependency of the first skill in order to fully explore him, since whatever you do with him, if somehow the first skill is stopped, you will just stand there watching him get crushed without being able to do something significant.

Character 3: Again, A good and solid character as a whole, and I like the way each skill works as a sort of longetivity for the first skill, delaying each skill. Hmm honestly, It seems normal when compared to the other two. But still, a really good character.

Choice: Hmm, number 1 gets my votes, althought all entries stands out in their own way when compared to characters with similar mechanics, but even so, the entry number 1 completely outclasses the other two in both balances terms, since the second entry may be a bit closer to the OP edge and the last close to be crossing the UP line.
  Posted on March 31, 2013 19:49
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(y) GooD Luck to chars '
  Posted on March 31, 2013 19:54
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1st - Wow, siply wow. That flow that fun (in using her). One man (girl) army, I have to tell I like that kind of idea. The heal might get out of way as well as the energy gain, but I find her well rounded, fun character.

2nd - I loved the offensive Dr ides. He could be a real pain in the ass if your oppononet does not have a stunner. The synergy of skills is fine as well as the balance. Those Cds and moderated damage just really made a cool char.

3rd- Good and versatile character. His damage and effects are exactly as they should be. The dependance on Meteor could be annoying, but it isnt that hard to pull it off so its fine. I bet in 1 on 1 he would like God.

All in all it was between 1st and 2nd character. I give it 2nd one. It was more balanced for me, since as I told the heal of 1st char might get out of hand, plus the whole char was tad Op, so yup thanks to balance 2nd gmv.
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  Posted on April 1, 2013 12:24
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Character #1 - Damn that Index. She is just soo beast. I understand why I lost twice to her now. Her flow is just is really in sync with eachother. I like the creativity she uses in dealing more damage based if she gains a type of energy. N that same energy can be used for Verse 0. Even the damage reduction works in favour which is great. The balance is also brilliantly displayed to me atleast and its just an overall well rounded character that is a beast in the party or alone.

Character #2 - Well we do have a beast at our hands! He just is right down a badass. Using Room as his starting point to literally demolish his enemies with all his other skills working with that room. There is alot of creativity here and I found it balanced as you really need room to be active in order to use your skills. The thing is room can sorta be cancelled easily if the enemy team is a full stun team making him useless for Shambles and Mess. However he is still a beast opponent. My advice which doesn't need to be used but maybe when Bifurication is used it will activate Room for 1 turn just to make it possible to use Mes after. Unno you choice but its still good as is.

Character #3 - Not a bad Jellal at all. I like the fact that he basically relies on Meteor while at the same time all other skills to delay the de-activation of meteor. Abyss Break and Altairis play an important role in this concept as one can delay skills to keep meteor going while the other can end delayed skills to keep Meteor going. Great character and well thought out.

Final Say: Wow what great characters. Sadly I can only choose one so the first to leave is character #3. Although its well rounded and thought out, Character #2 and 1 are just overthetop when it comes to uniqueness and creativity. These last 2 characters was not and I mean not an easy choice. However I will have to go with #1. While #2 is a beast and I really enjoyed it, #1 just has better versatility and I found it to be more balanced than character #2 as well. However they were both great characters and a hard choice.

N with that #1 gets my vote

  Posted on April 1, 2013 18:13
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Voting Closed, Character #1 wins this week
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