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  Posted on March 16, 2013 18:23
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Does anybody here have some type of experience with youtube...

If so can u help me out idk how to add My own music to youtube it gives me a option for it but it gives crappy stuff like No actual good artists can somebody help me
  Posted on March 17, 2013 22:09
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Do you mean how to upload an video?

Log in with your youtube account and click on upload, select your video and click select/ok.
While uploading, you must add information about the video:

- Title
- Description
- Labels

Use simple words in an Label
If you have a video called 'Gintoki attacks Naruto' (Example), use words as: Gintoki, Naruto, Attack, Gintama ect.

Windows Movie Maker is a simple program to make video's.
You can make a lyrics video, an amv , ect.

Don't forget the License or they can remove your video..
Good luck!

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