The 2012 Oscars and Academy Awards Debate

 Topic: The 2012 Oscars and Academy Awards Debate
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Poll: What Should Have Won Oscar Picture Of The Year?
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Argo (Actual Winner) (1) (17%)
Django Unchained (0) (0%)
Lincoln (0) (0%)
Le Miserables (Can't Spell That) (1) (17%)
Zero Dark Thirty (1) (17%)
Silver Linings Playbook (1) (17%)
Life of Pi (1) (17%)
Ted (1) (17%)
  Posted on February 26, 2013 18:48
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Well, this was an interesting year for movies and entertainment everywhere, but were you happy about who won at the Academy Awards and Oscars? I sure wasn't.

I'd figure I would make this topic so we can fully discuss the Oscars and Academy Awards to see what went wrong here. If this belongs on another topic, may someone please move it.

So, let's begin with some questions:

Did Anyone You Liked Win an Award?
What was the biggest shocker on who won something?
How was Seth Mcfarlane's Performance as Host?
Did Anyone You Hated Win an Award?
Who should've won something more than the actual winners?

That should start things off.
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  Posted on February 26, 2013 18:52
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Well, Seth MacFarlane failed as a host :sad
But on the bright side, Kate won Best Actress <3 she really deserves it!
Also, I'm pretty sure everyone knew Ann was going to win best supporting actress. That Le Mis performance was amazing. :amazed
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  Posted on February 26, 2013 19:59
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Flight. Danzel Washington deserved it more
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