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 Topic: TOP 10 N-A Skills
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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:17
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I'm bored, so I decided to make this topic

in this game there are plenty of characters, totally 141
there are so many good skills, including offensive, defensive, drainer, stealer, stunner, meele or ranged an etc...

I think everybody has favourite N-A character or skills, so write down your top 10 Favourite N-A skills in this topic and if you want you can tell why do you like these 10 more than other skills

My Top Ten

#10 (Invalid img)
Neji (S) - Hake hasangeki - one of my favourite skills in N-A, it drains1 tai and 1 gen chakra from opponents chakra pool, this skill makes neji(S) more scarier than other drainer characters, because neji(S) has 2 drainer skills(preta path also has 2 D skills, but only one of them causes damage, while neji deals 25+30)

#9 (Invalid img)
ET Zabuza(S) - Demon shroud - 10 PD reduction isn't as good as other defensive skills(for ex: gaara's 30DD or Nii's 50% defense) but it's still good, but that's not all, most important thing is that zabuza is more dangerous now, you can't stun him, affliction skills don't harm him, and offensively he is very goof ES will deal an additional 10 damage, it's really difficult to fight against guy, who is immuned from stun effects and can cause big Piercing damage

#8 (Invalid img)
Sasuke(S) - Chidori Nagashi - one of the best counter skill in the game, great against AOE teams, most importantly it doesn't only counter first enemy skill but all of opponents' Honorable mention - Killer Bee(S) - chakra Stream

#7 (Invalid img)
Kiba - Double Headed Wolf - I don't use this guy very often, but when my opponent is using kiba, I always try to kill him first. Reason is DH wolf, very dangerous skill to fight against, deals 15 damage to all enemies for 3 turns and garouga costs only 1 tai chakra + 10P reduction this skill reminds me old rock lee's drunken fist mode, rock lee had better defence (50%) and ignored stun effects, but they had similar effects, rock lee's lotus costed 1 less chakra when drunken fist was activated like garouga costs 1 less chakra during DHW

#6 (Invalid img)
Jiraya(S) - Wild Lion mane - this guy hasn't as good offensive skills as most of other characters have, but in defensive aspect he's really important guy..
this skill costs only 1 nin chakra and can do so much for your team, great against both melee and ranged skill users, can stun enemy, deals 25 and 15 damage to meele and ranged skill users respectivetly and is invisible

#5 (Invalid img)
Sandaime - Shiki Fujin - despite this skill has big minus, it's still one of the most usefull skill, especially when you need to kill strongest opponent from their team.. if sandaime's health is 100 or almost full and there is 1 on 1 battle, 9*% sandaime wins (it depends how much chakra you have)

4 (Invalid img)
Kisame BD(S) - Explosive Water Shock Wave - causes lots of trouble to opponent, lasts 4 turns,makes kisame's other skills much better - Water Prison teq. costs 1 random chakra instead of Bloodline, five sharks costs one less chakra.. 1 nin chakra deals 50 damage for 2 turns, what is great, if your opponent use chakra removal or stealing skill, the whole team will lose one less chakra, BUT most important thing is that all enemies who use the skill will have the cooldown of that skill increased by 2 turns.. WOW how many great effects!!!

#3 (Invalid img)
asuma(S) - Behead - your health drops at 35 or below?! OOPS, it's time to stun Asuma(S).. if he has tai, your done.. have you 100% damage reduction or 200DD defence, doesn't matter, this skill kills you instantly, even if you are invulnerable, it still gets you..

#2 (Invalid img)
Sakon - ill: Parasite Demon Technique - very, very dangerous character, especially 1 on 1.. very good offensive skills and also great defense, what about this skill, 15 affliction damage every turn, are you invularble or not, only way to get of rid this skill is killing sakon..but if you don't have ninja who deals piercing damage it will be very difficult because sakon has 50%damage reduction ..

#1 (Invalid img)
Chouji - Meat Tank - chouji is most used character in my battles. what does make this character so special and unique?! Meat Tank.. yes I know if he hadn't pills he wou;d be useless character but meat tank makes him more dangerous.. this guy can be invulnerable 4 turns and he only needs 1 tai, chakra during that skill to cause big damage....

  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:20
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1. Manda
2. Karin's counter
3. Counter punch
4. HinaS drain
5. Meat tank
6. NejiS drain
7. Darui's stun
8. Kitsuchi's stun
9. Emma summon
10. Gamabunta
  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:23
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1. Flat Jacket - Baki
2. Shark Bomb - Kisame(S)
3. Rock Sandwich - Kitsuchi
4. Kusangi Extend - Orochimaru(S)
5. Rasengan - Naruto
6. Heart Steal - Kakuzu
7. Palm Strike - Hinata(S)
8. Dust Wind - Temari
9. Samsara - Nagato(S)
10. Samehada Shred - Kisame
  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:24
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1) Jiraiya s's reflect
2) Kakashi's sharingan
3) Yondaime's reflect
4) Shino s's counter
5) Drunken Lee's counter
6) Sasuke s's counter
7) Sandaime's stun
8) Rasenshuriken
9) Mass Shadow Clones
10) Rasengan Barrage
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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:28
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1 manda
2 gamabunta
3 enma
4 nin dogs
5 hinata s drain
6 dust wind
7 meat tank
8 chidori
9 yon reflect
10 kazekage dd
  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:30
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10 . One of the most broken moves in the game
9. Gotta dislike this move just keeps stacking and draining everything still though one of the best moves
8. No words to explain
7. No words to explain
6. By far this skill can easily turn a game around
5. This just completely locks down a character its like an eraser I swear
4. Such a stupid move
3.bringing this up first turn is basically GG
2. Really best AoE in-game deals 35,gives chakra and makes you invulnerable
1. The legacy of bullshit

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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:32
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No specific order

1- Vibrating Sound Drill [During the improved, He can deals 40 damage for only 1 tai ¡YEAH, 1 TAI!]

2- Golden Arrow [50 piercing damage, and only 1 cooldown! ¡THAT IS COOL!]

3-Major Summoning Manda [a lot of chakra removed, and 45 piercing? The enemy is fucked D:<]

4- Earth Release Sandwich [Is easy to gains 2 blood, and stun? 45 piercing damage? i really love this skill!]

5- Cerberus Hydra [This can be a specific damage, but yeah ¡In the same time, AoE!]

6-Silent Explosion [A great damage skill!; with a easy combo with another characters!]

7- Explosives - Small, Medium, Large [This can be AoE, a good damage, or just a simple piercing damage! 3 skills in one!]

8-White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage [This skill is perfect in 1vs1 ¿Chiyo is stunned? Just wait another turn, and BOOM!, You can use this skill again!]

9- Fang Over Fang

10- Kakashi Mangekyou

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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:33
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1- Eight Trigram Sixty-Four Palms (Hell Yeah)
5-Oodama Rasengan
6-Major Sumoning ambunta
7-Chakra Nod Strike
8-Lightining Rain
9-Obito Sharingan
10-Sumoning Quick Beheading Dance
  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:34
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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:37
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1. manda
2. Enma summon
3. kbd shockwave
4. shibuki
5. hirashin rasengan
6. bunta
7. katsusu or tsuande back to 100 move
8. chouji meat tank
9. corrut chidori css
10. killer bee counter

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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:39
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searching ach cloud
dance of the seedling fern
major summouing gamabunta
view gate relese
long rang bind
curse of jashin
showdow bind
flaying swaloow
hinata gentle fist
niji gentle fist
eight trigarm 64 palm
akamichi pills
samuning quick parding dance
double handed wolf:teeth :tounge it is good skills:rolleyes
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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:39
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1. Iron Sand - 20 aoe+perma affliction? Sasori was N-A God until every skill in the game cost 1 chakra.
2. Rasengan - 45+stun, oh, and it costs a nin and random. K.
3. Bladed Gauntlet - k, this is a placeholder.
4. Twin Snakes - Anko needs a boost? Let's boost her best skill!
5. Chain Wrap - Sweeps the first 21 levels alone.
6. Tsukuyomi - Because Itachi isn't annoying enough.
7. Yata Mirror - Ignore everything, gain DD, what's worse?
8. Counter Punch - God-counter since 2008.
9. Earth Release Sandwich - lol, just lol.
10. Nano Beetles - It's fun to use if your opponent is dumb enough to let Torune survive 15 turns.
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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:44
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Searing Ash Cloud
Odama Rasengan
Kitsuchi's 45
Kiba's Aoe
Meat Tank
Counter Punch
Tobirama's Aoe
Zabuza's Hidden Mist And aoe +stun
Sai's Adaptive Painting
and others ;)
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  Posted on February 19, 2013 16:51
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1. Manda. ( First turn manda FTW )
2. Hina s Drain
3. Neji 35 Drain
4. Enma
5. Shikibuki
6 Meat tank
7. Hidden mist
8. Nano beetles
9. Tsukiyomi.
  Posted on February 19, 2013 17:01
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1- kitsuchi's AOE (amazed that no1 mentioned it)
2- emna
3- gamabunta
4- kitsuchi stun
4 jiroubo's wall (evil)
5 torune's bug
6- DB's 25 + DD
7- hinata S drain
8- yondaime's "shiki fujin"
9- meat tank ofc xD
10- kibas dogs or yoroi's drain (hmm)
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