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threadv1_zps630daf36.png threadv2_zpsae96cc52.png threadv3_zps9457811a.png threadv4_zps6d069ece.png
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cc_zps7315091d.pngct_zps9605e2b8.png pro2_zpsf414bf86.png


dsoS3vA.png Recruiting Status : Open
dsoS3vA.png Streak- +Nothing we'll judge you by what you present.
dsoS3vA.png Level- Could be even 0? Impress us.
dsoS3vA.png Activness is a must.
dsoS3vA.png Gfx should be acceptable and will be judged by one of our best so ofc dont fail to impress.
dsoS3vA.png If you've got a streak below +30, you must fill out the section 'Why you want to join here' in at least 5-6 lines.
dsoS3vA.png No multi-clanning.
dsoS3vA.png Dont Apply Anywhere else If you do, Your Application Will be rejected on the spot
dsoS3vA.png Hades Zeus an Poseidon are inner clan groups
dsoS3vA.png Your points must equal around 65 an above (ie streak x level )
Be clanless when you apply

dsoS3vA.pngYou are required to fill in an application, this we leave to you add whatever the hell you want to disclose about yourself
in it and if we find it interesting we may actually even bother reading it.dsoS3vA.png

Application1 wrote:
Last clans :
Duration in last clan :
Reason for leaving (all the clans you mentioned) :
Why Do you want to Join Ivyaert? (minimum of 40 words) :
Who do you know in ivyaert? :
Brief description about your time spent on n-a :
Username of alternate accounts :
Gmt / Location :
Highest level :
Highest Streak :
Which Division Do you wish to join? (hades, Zeus, poseidon) :

Application2 wrote:

Last clans:
Duration in last clan:
Reason for leaving (for all the clans you mentioned):
Why Do you want to join ivyaert?(Minimum of 40 words) :
Who do you know in ivyaert? :
Brief description of your time involved in gfxing :
Link of showcase/photobucket/any other site you upload works on :
Link your best works :
Username of alternate accounts :
Gmt / Location :
Any additional gfx you wish to share (link) :
Which Division Do you wish to join? (hades, Zeus poseidon) :

dsoS3vA.png Visit Ivy Chat If You Have Applied


dsoS3vA.png Will Be Moderated By Jtk0001 Leader , Desangele Leader , Ravanor Captain
dsoS3vA.png Must be active on ivy chat + get to know members + pbing ivy members

dsoS3vA.png Evaluation Will Start when An Ivyaert Captain or leader has giving the Go Ahead

dsoS3vA.png At the End of Evaluation Your Application will go into a vote (voting will be 4/7)

dsoS3vA.png Ivyaert members Who want to take the application, must ask their division captain or leader


dsoS3vA.png The requirements are not fixed, we could alter them on the course of recruitment depending on the way you stand out.
dsoS3vA.png Should have a high sex appeal.
No Clan Member or an outsider may try to change the recruiter's decision nor someone may try to convince
a recruiter to change his decision

All the applicants who apply must visit ivy xat within 2 days after their post and also make an account on ivy forums
and send a pm to the clan account with your user on our forum so we can accept it.
Failing to do so shall result in a rejection.Additionally you need to hang around us for 3-5 days after
posting your application so we can get to know you, for your evaluation.
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1.Matches are 3/5.
2.No full teams (Full heal,spike,affliction,AoE,stun,drain/burn/counter). If an opponent used any of this, make a screenshot, and post it on the thread.
3.If any glitch or bug, the opponent decides rematch.
4.No complaining about the match.
5.The player shall communicate through PM or by clan's chats.
6.LMS War
7.You cant repeat a character in 3/5
8.You cant repeat you`r opponents team (where 2 characters count as same team.)


1.Gaara Banned.
2.Orochimaru+ Jiraya/Naruto/Baki/Kabuto(S)/I&K/Oboro/Tayuya/Css.
3.Kidoumaru+ Tayuya/Sai/Gai/Sakura(S)/Minato/I&K/Lee/Sakura/Demon brothers/Ginkaku/Shikamaru(S)/MS.
4.Hachibi+ Healer/Yondaime/Kakashi/Sasuke/Demon brothers.
5.Chouji+ Healers (Just healers that can health Chouji)/Shikamaru (S)/Iruka.
6.Shino+ Preta/Human/Kisame/Hinata(S)/Lee.
7.Kisame+ Baki/Oro(S)/Shino/I&K/Sai.
8.Kiba+ Nidaime/Shigure/Chiyo/Naraka/Naruto.
9.Young Kakashi+Kakashi(S)/Chiyo/Naruto(S)/Jiroubo.
10.Kakashi + Zaku/Shikamaru(s)/Sakura(s)/Sai/Kidoumaru/Kiba(s)/Minato/Shodai.
11.Baki + Suigetsu/Orochimaru(s)/Sakon/Kyuubi/Dosu/Chiyo/Sasuke.
12.Lee/Lee(S) + Shodaime/Obito/Toroune/Kabuto/Ibiki.
13.Edo sas + Kidoumaru/yk/gekko/chouji/yondaime/Kakashi/Hachibi.
14.Sakura/Sakura(S) +Konan/Baki/Sai/Naruto Kiuby/Itachi/Kidoumaru.
15.Hinata(S) + Kabuto(S)/Baki/Temari(S)/Itachi(S)/Shino/Tayuya.
16.Shikamaru(S) + Yoroi / Kisame BD / Gai (S) / Zaku / Kyuubi Naruto.
17.Yondaime + Chouji/Sasuke/Kabuto(S).
18.Kitsuchi(S) + Maki (S)/Kuriarare (S)/Zabuza/Darui (S)
19.Itachi + Kuriarare (S)


Ivyaert {9} <O>{6} Infection+Shinkan Mokushi
Ivyaert +V-d+Inf [11 <O> {8} Enchanted+Dny+Gs
Ivyaert {9} <O> {6} Age Of Pirates
Ivyaert {6} <O> {9} Da
Ivyaert {11} <O> {1} Jiyuu Kaishi
Ivyaert {11} <O> {10} Shugojin
Ivyaert + Ac-r {16} <O> {14} Dvi + Sui
Ivyaert {9} <O> {8} Suishou
Ivyaert {7} <O> {1} Shinkan Mokushi (friendly)
Ivyaert {7} <O> {4} Ancient gods (friendly)
Ivyaert {7} <O> {2} Gear (friendly)
Ivyaert + Cataclysm {8} <O> {2} Suishou + Enchanted
Ivyaert + Ac-r + Shugojin {21} <O> {14} Acc + flb + dvi
Ivyaert {3} <O> {7} Age of pirates
Ivyaert {5} <O> {3} Imunichi
Ivyaert {5} <O> {9} Perfect masters
Ivyaert {9} <O> {1} Espada Assassins
Ivyaert {8} <O> {9} FLB
Ivyaert {8} <O> {5} Acceleration
Ivyaert {5} <O> {0} Lightning Gladiators
Ivyaert {9} <O> {7} Suishou
Ivyaert {9} <O> {6} Divine Integrity
Ivyaert {7} <O> {3} Jiyuu Kaishi

2010-2012 + Pre-thread wars(click)
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Hosts click for tournament template

This is where it all happens, swords meet, ammunition fired, blood spilt, hatred spread. There's a lot we've seen and a lot more we hope to see. Just recently i saw some slut get impregnated and i was like damn that reminds me of when i took part in that ivy tournament. I thank all of you that made it to the hall of fame taking part in our previous tournaments, and to those who yet wish to get your name in there, don't fret there are tons more to be hosted where you get a chance to see if you can survive through hell.










Ivyaert Official tournament #226: ravanor (ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #227: ravanor (ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #228: TORNIKE--TURAVA
Ivyaert Official tournament #229: Uzumaki_Acir
Ivyaert Official tournament #230: Uzumaki_Acir
Ivyaert Official tournament #231: Ravanor (ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #232: Ravanor (Ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #233: Alanas (Ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #234: Pradeepmittal2
Ivyaert Official tournament #235: Ravanor (ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #236: Ravanor (ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #237: ganesh3075
Ivyaert Official tournament #238: Alucardo
Ivyaert Official tournament #239: Ichi8
Ivyaert Official tournament #240: Ravanor (Ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #241: Ravanor (Ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #242: Annoying_dog
Ivyaert Official tournament #243: ali_prince
Ivyaert Official tournament #244: ravanor (Ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #245: yesklin
Ivyaert Official tournament #246: emile_emile_70
Ivyaert Official tournament #247: ravanor (Ivyaert)
Ivyaert Official tournament #248: jalisons
Ivyaert Official tournament #249: Ichi8
Ivyaert Official tournament #250:: Ravanor (Ivyaert)
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Every clan that has come into existence on n-a has been a clan where bonds were formed. There has not been a clan in which a single member in his solitude, can claim to have had fun. What really makes n-a fun is the society and what keeps us coming back here is the people in our clans.Below are links to every member that has kept ivy interesting.


kai1_zps2eb8956e.png game1_zps7fe4cf35.png kono1_zps9d5e98a0.png

tyson1_zps7cc16e1c.png pain1_zps619a33ee.png jus1_zps1edf0ee9.png



sens1_zps249d8470.png pat1_zpsb7679ed8.png noni1_zpsc8e87840.png
diru1_zps292294b0.png ark1_zps026f1b44.png







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Our hall of legacy where we record achievements that please the gods for which blessings were granted from olympus. Every name mentioned here is a champion of olympus and shall have their name forged in our history.


dsoS3vA.pnggamemast3r14for most active streaker
dsoS3vA.pngTyson for creating Ivy first complete thread.
dsoS3vA.pngSharingan_kai for his flawless leadership.
dsoS3vA.png-Stp- for being most active gfxer.
dsoS3vA.pngSharingan_kai for being most active member and holding the clan together at its darkest phase.


dsoS3vA.png-Hatake-kakashi- for his beastly streaking and +47.
dsoS3vA.pngNaruto_saddam for his astounding 100-4.
dsoS3vA.pngSharingan_kai for creating Ivy's second thread.
dsoS3vA.pngKonohafenix for his Godly war wins record.(+25 streak )
dsoS3vA.pngPatrik06, arkanum and byakuya71 for achieving their captain title through immense dedication to the clan.


dsoS3vA.pngByakuya71(Diru) for his second +50
dsoS3vA.pngsharingan_kai for his final stand as active Clanleader on 2012 getting the clan from rank 9 to rank 4 in 3 days and organizing Ivy thread version 3.
dsoS3vA.pngPein66811 and Ashu for their dedication towards making ivy's 3rd generation clan thread.
dsoS3vA.pngJtk0001( Justin ) For being Promoted to leader due to his dedication to the clan.
dsoS3vA.pngDesangele To achieve the fastest captain status.
dsoS3vA.pngPein66811 For being Promoted to leader due to his dedication to the clan.
dsoS3vA.pngKonohafenix for making it to level 45.
dsoS3vA.pngPatrik06 for winning the 128-man Last Warrior Tournament.
dsoS3vA.pngNoni And Ace both being promoted to captain; due to their hard work towards the clan
dsoS3vA.pngRavanor For doing +30 4 times in a row


dsoS3vA.pngDesangele For being Promoted to leader due to his dedication to the clan.
dsoS3vA.pngKonohafenix for being Hokage.
dsoS3vA.pngNoni1233 for getting to Kage.
dsoS3vA.pngPein66811 for creating Ivyaert's 5th generation thread.
dsoS3vA.pngRavanor and Jtk0001 for coming up with Ivy divisions and the entire system.
dsoS3vA.pngFang for Becoming a kage congrats bro
dsoS3vA.pngDes For winning Lr bash an coming 3rd in nb Halloween tournament
dsoS3vA.pngSens For coming Second an imperia col tourny
dsoS3vA.pngIta1 For comming First in valentines tag tournament

List of the number of fuck we give:

dsoS3vA.png Byakuya72[+52]
dsoS3vA.png Terralance[+50]
dsoS3vA.png Basshunter[+50]
dsoS3vA.png Konohafenix[+49]
dsoS3vA.png kingsd [+49]
dsoS3vA.png -Kakashi-Hatake-[+47]
dsoS3vA.png Desangele [+46]
dsoS3vA.png Adil4[+44]
dsoS3vA.png AkuSayankLia[+44]
dsoS3vA.png Patrik06[+43]
dsoS3vA.png Nino1233[+43]
dsoS3vA.png Gamemast3r14 [+42]
dsoS3vA.png Arkanum [+42]
dsoS3vA.png Alanas [+41]


Events and stuff shared by the clan to the naruto arena community with kai sniffing down our backs bringing the whip out and going along with the procedure of torture. Links provided below.

dsoS3vA.pngChristmas Showcase[Click]
dsoS3vA.pngValentines Day Showcase[Click]
dsoS3vA.pngHalloween Showcase[Click]
dsoS3vA.pngChristmas Fun[Click]
dsoS3vA.pngGfx Troll Fun[Click]
dsoS3vA.pngValentines Day 2013
dsoS3vA.pngChristmas Gfx show 2012
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This post shows all the major tournaments ivy has taken part in since we started recording such events. It has been an honor to have been a part of all of them, and all the hosts did a wonderful job hats off to them for making and keeping this game fun and interesting though they have no reason to, and a bigger token of gratitude for having let us be a part of those occasions.


Grand arcade a great event held by Impact which turned out to be their last one.This event is reminisce of prodigious clan.Based on league format this tournament was fun to play in. Ivyaert did quite well in this tournament and was quite close to winning, but due to some unexpected turn out of events we were unable to win it.

-Ivyaert (5) - (1) Ryoku
-Ivyaert (1) - (4) Goes
-Ivyaert (6) - (0) Rsp
-Ivyaert (2) - (4) Guaruja
-Ivyaert (4) - (2) Aop
-Ivyaert (4) - (2) Kg Reincarnation
-Ivyaert (3) - (3) Ultimate_Br
-Ivyaert (4) - (2) Impact
-Ivyaert (2) - (2) Gekihatsu

Final standings as below:



The most awaited event by clans every year , this year too many prodigious clans of n-a participated in it.Ivy had a great start in Sc4 but wasnt able to make into knockout phase because of free win given to Toshima against Incas.

-Ivyaert (5) - (1) Dvi
-Ivyaert (3) - (1) Incas
-Ivyaert (2) - (4) Ae
-Ivyaert (3) - (3) Toshima
-Ivyaert (3) - (3) Aop



The clan tag tournament where ivy partnered with age of pirates to take part in the event hosted by milton, went quite well with a lot of fun wars.The final stop for ivy and AoP was at the third place and the statistics as shown bellow.
Ivy and AoP third place second clan tag war(click)


Then came the Ivyaert clan tournament which went under the name of True heart, hosted for our 2 years of being present on the nb society. Ancient Destiny won the tournament. However having played in the tournament Ivy reached semi-finals where we lost to the runner-ups LR.

Ivyaert [7] - [0] Ivalles
Ivyaert [3] - [3] Aspiration
Ivyaert [5] - [2] Ancient Destiny
Ivyaert [1] - [0] Toshima
Ivyaert [0] - [3] Legends Rebirth

Winner and runner up-




A very recent event hosted close to the release of this thread by KingShiz,where many cool clans from n-a joined.Once again Ivy performed exceptionally well in group stage, with some awesome performances from younger generation members.However lady luck wasn't on our side and we got eliminated after an epic war with Ultimate_br.

Group Stage:

Ivyaert [7] - Ultimate_BR [5]
Ivyaert [7] - Kenchi Kategora [3]
Ivyaert [6] - Portugal [7]
Ivyaert [7] - Imperia [2]
Ivyaert [7] - Ancient Destiny [4]

Quarter finals :
Ivyaert [6] - Ultimate_BR [7]

Matches won-40
Matches lost-28



Last event of clans that Ivy participed hosted by Imperia,where once again cool clans participed.
This tourney had two great events,a Ingame event and Gfxer Event.
In the Ingame event,Ivy was eliminated in the group stage after an Nice war against Tfu.
However in the Gfx event,Ivy did a nice perfomance and won the tourney thanks to their gfx members.

Ingame Event:

Group Stage:

Ivyaert [4] - Age Of Pirates [7]
Ivyaert [4] - Hatake_Kakashi [3]
Ivyaert [4] - Terror Force Unlimmited [7]

Gfxer Event:

Round 1:
Last Place Eliminated by DQ.
Votation Link: Iff week 1.

Round 2:
First Place.
Votation Link: Iff week 2.

Round 3:
First Place.
Votation Link: Iff week 3.

Round 4:
First Place.
Votation Link: Iff week 4.

Final result:

21 points
20 points
11 points
3 points




Winner of our 200th event Click(link) Selena666 from tfu

Runners up in the event sasuke-for from perfect masters



1st week link - Won 2nd place Entry(click)
2nd week link- Won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Entry(click), Entry(click), Entry(click)
3rd week link- Won 2nd and 3rd place Entry(click), Entry(click)
4th week link- Won 1st and 2nd place Entry(click), Entry(click)

Main even thread- Winners 1st place(Ivyaert)




Ivy (7) vs (2) Hatk
Ivy (5) vs (0) Dynasty
Ivy (7) vs (1) Perfect masters
Ivy (8) vs (3) Divine Integrity
Ivy (9) vs (3) Ryoku
Ivy (9) vs (7) Cataclysm
Ivy (11) vs (8) Dark Assassins


1st place- Main Topic



Shugojin Palace,a tournament with special rules,and probably the best clans of 2013,in which Ivy participated and came very close to winning,but with an unfortunate loss to Dvi it all went downhill.
Top Table
Bottom table
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Dedicating this post to Kai.

Thanks for everything Ivy, love you guys <3.
faraz got raped.
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edit:nice job guys ,cool thread :cool
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pain smd -_-
so gay of you
atleast 3rd post :amazed

go go bitches
I miss old N-B :( it's full of newbheads now :/
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BLehhh im so late oh well <3
Edit: 4th aint so bad lol
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Tosh pro1
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