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 Topic: Serious Poll #21: Extended Forum Games
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Poll: What do you think of this idea?
44 vote(s) since February 10, 2013 22:41
I'm always up for new forum games. (28) (64%)
I am neutral to this idea. (7) (16%)
I don't want this type of forum game. (9) (20%)
  Posted on February 10, 2013 22:41
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The I&SA staff has been considering implementing a new type of a forum game. It would be a competitive type of FG that would allow users to work toward a small reward.

Extended Forum Games would be made to offer a new type of forum game to the members. EFGs would be games where individual members would play against each other to gain enough points to receive a rank once the game is closed, and a prize that matches up with their rank. - roxasmanny

Leave your vote in the poll, and you have any ideas or comments on prizes, you may message roxasmanny.
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