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  Posted on February 4, 2013 00:18
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Alright I made some Chunnin Exam Characters.
Please tell me what you think.
P.S. Ignore the requirement to unlock. And credit goes to kakarotossj for images

My Character Showcase

"Yuuki..! Good night.. Yuuki!"
  Posted on February 4, 2013 00:35
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that is a ugly FP, find another FP
with the balance, i like
but i feel that she can stun all enemies for 3 turns D:
IS + STS + CP (BTW, the skill is not chakra.. so.. dont need that name) = the enemy is stunned every turn! D:

and the stun effect stack? she can stun the enemy x turns?
is better stun only 1 classes, like.. physical! or.. another effect, just saying

but i like her!

Oh, and the invul skill is not chakra, is physical
and TST is not instant


I feel that the second skill is UP with that cost + cooldown, the skill can be easy stopped with stun or becomes invul, so is better 1 tai and random, less cooldown, and maybe one effect
ROS is better more damage! like 20 damage, and again, some effect
CW.. um.. invernerable? is better say invulnerable ._.

but i like the idea!


SD is better only 15 affliction and gaara cannot use any offensive skill?
and SD and SC is not chakra, is physical

SCC, the stun effect is a little.. useless? is better physical skills (yeah, only that)

not so bad with this character


And Kiba:
AC is chakra
FOF is not action, is only instant, and is not chakra, is physical
SB is physical
and i like this one!


and why the chakra* classes? that is useless for me

~By Kenny

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