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  Posted on February 4, 2013 00:18
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Alright I made some Chunnin Exam Characters.
Please tell me what you think.
P.S. Ignore the requirement to unlock. And credit goes to kakarotossj for images

  Posted on February 4, 2013 00:35
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that is a ugly FP, find another FP
with the balance, i like
but i feel that she can stun all enemies for 3 turns D:
IS + STS + CP (BTW, the skill is not chakra.. so.. dont need that name) = the enemy is stunned every turn! D:

and the stun effect stack? she can stun the enemy x turns?
is better stun only 1 classes, like.. physical! or.. another effect, just saying

but i like her!

Oh, and the invul skill is not chakra, is physical
and TST is not instant


I feel that the second skill is UP with that cost + cooldown, the skill can be easy stopped with stun or becomes invul, so is better 1 tai and random, less cooldown, and maybe one effect
ROS is better more damage! like 20 damage, and again, some effect
CW.. um.. invernerable? is better say invulnerable ._.

but i like the idea!


SD is better only 15 affliction and gaara cannot use any offensive skill?
and SD and SC is not chakra, is physical

SCC, the stun effect is a little.. useless? is better physical skills (yeah, only that)

not so bad with this character


And Kiba:
AC is chakra
FOF is not action, is only instant, and is not chakra, is physical
SB is physical
and i like this one!


and why the chakra* classes? that is useless for me

~By Kenny

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