Logias vs Konoha

 Topic: Logias vs Konoha
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  Posted on January 29, 2013 07:09
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team logia/intangible - suigetsu, mangetsu, 2nd mizukage, dsm kabuto, konan, obito
team leaf ninja - hiruzen, gai, jiraiya, minato, danzo, tsunade

restrictions: mangetsu and 2nd mizu are edo tenseis. but kabuto doesnt have the rest of his army.
edo jins for obito
  Posted on January 29, 2013 07:23
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Minatos team obviously
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  Posted on January 29, 2013 08:46
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  Posted on January 29, 2013 09:07
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Minato win all :noworry
  Posted on January 29, 2013 09:27
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minato and hiruzen win all :blink
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  Posted on January 29, 2013 19:59
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Minato gets analy raped by team 1.

Team 1 stomps. Jiraiya survives and gets some sake with team 1.
  Posted on January 29, 2013 23:09
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I don't know why all these people are saying Minato's team would win....Team 1 has two Edo Tenseis. Not to mention none of Team 2 has a way to detect the 2nd Mizukage's clam like Gaara did.
  Posted on January 29, 2013 23:45
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Team Logia.

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