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  Posted on January 12, 2013 18:44
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My anime and Manga lists.

Shit I've Won and Shit
VSCC Fourty-Fourth Match Up Winner: pursin's Lelouch Lamperouge From Natural Genius vs. Natural Dimwit.
VSCC Fourty-Ninth Match Up Winner: pursin's Kyouko Sakura From Paragon vs. Renegade.
VSCC Fifty-Fourth Match Up Winner: pursin's Zuko From Emotional vs. Combat.
VSCC Fifty-Fifth Match Up Winner: pursin's Angel from Kawaii-Chan vs. Yami-Chan.
VSCC Fifty-Seventh Match-Up Winner: pursin's Toph Beifong From Fabulous vs. Non-Fabulous
VSCC Sixtieth Match Up Winner: pursin's Homura Akemi from Motivation of Love vs. Demotivation of Hatred
VSCC Sixty-Third Match Up Winner: pursin's Nuntotaba Shinobu from Calm Waves vs. Ruffled Waves
VSCC Seventy-Second Match-Up Winner: pursin's Homura Akemi from Organiations vs. Individuals
VSCC Seventy-Seventh Match Up Winner: pursin's Rabac from Insta-Kill vs. Gradual Damage
VSCC Eighty-Sixth Match Up Winner: pursin's Aura From Limits of Power vs. Unlimited Power.


• NBAC Theme #10 - Pursin with Chaos
• NBAC Theme #37 - Pursin with Negi Springfield
• NBAC Theme #41 - Pursin with Dynamis
• NBAC Theme #46 - Pursin with Chelsea
• NBAC Theme #54 - Pursin with Guren Seiten
• NBAC Theme #64 - Pursin with Oriana Thomson
• NBAC Theme #65 - Pursin with Kazumi
• Theme #75 - Pursin with Imperfect Groudon
• Challenge Arena #1 - Winner PhoenixStorm // Topic #1 (Phoenix King Ozai)
• Challenge Arena #3 - Winner PhoenixStorm // Topic #1 (Junko Hattori+Ayanno Kannagi)

PTACCC Theme #2 - Winner: Pursin with Mion and Shion Sonozaki
Winner of SBTCCC #33 - Pursin [Phoenix Storm] with Awakened Black Rock Shooter
Winner of SBTCCC#8 - Pursin Bigger Teapots with Kimimaro Yoga and Asset: Msyu
Winner of SBTCCC#14 - Pursin Bigger Teapots with Type-Moon Characters
Winner of SBTCCC#25 - Pursin Bigger Teapots with Junko Hatori
Winner of FTCCC #87 - pursin with Sue
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So it took me awhile to actually make a template that didn’t say “Chakra Required”. Just to let you know.
In order of oldest to newest.

Characters continued in next post.
  Posted on January 12, 2013 18:45
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Red Like Roses~Ruby (by stormyskills) | Mirror Mirror~Weiss Schnee

Dancer in the Dark ~Angel’s Clones | Knocking on Heaven’s Door ~Data Shadows

One Who Stands up to God~Yurripe Nakamura | An Angel with a Barrowed Heart~Angel

The Heir of the Tohsaka Household ~Rin Tohsaka | A Future Heroic Spirit~Shirou Emiya

King of Heroes~Gilgamesh | His Future Self Stained with Blood~Archer

Amber’s Little Puppet~Maki | Memories of Betrayal in an Amber Smile ~Amber

MI-6’s Top Agent ~November 11 | Brewing a Storm ~April

The Unbeatable Contractor ~Wei Zhijun | Come, Make a Contract With Me ~Kyubey the Incubator

The Center of Everything ~Madoka Kaname | Repeating Everything… Just for her ~Homura Akemi

Torn Between Justice and Reality ~Sayaka Miki | Greed, Gluttony, hate and Redemption ~Kyouko Sakura

The Embodiment of Hope Itself ~Goddess Madoka | The World She Left for Us ~Demon Hunter Homura

A Downfall Spiraling in Regret ~ Grieful Sayaka Miki | Building the Burden of Fate ~ (Manga) Homura Akemi

The Secrets Behind the Curtain~Kazumi | We Have No Future.... ~Nico Kanna

Trapped in the Labyrinth of Time~Rika Furude | Tied Fates; The Distorted Minds of Sisters~Mion & Shion Shonozaki

HAHAHAHAHAHA (Whitney<3)~Demon Rena Ryuugu | No Longer Being Controlled by Others ~Infinite N.O. Naota

Atomsk Reveals Himself ~Atomsk Canti | I Don’t Get it~Maru Raba

Queen of the Skies ~Uranus Queen Ikaros | Can you Tell me what Love is? ~ Chaos

A Patriarch Among Men~Tomoki Sakurai | A Betrayed Angel Searching for Love ~Evo-Chaos

Self Evolution Program: Pandora~Ikaros Mk II | A Bird Locke din its Cage ~Nymph

The Reality an Angel Wishes For ~Hiyori | FASTER! ~Dual Wield Kirito

Man of Legend ~Heathcliff | System Login – ID Heathcliff ~GM Kirito

The Path to Rebellion~Lelouch Lamprouge | A Black Knight of Rebellion~Zero

Becoming the Black Knights’ Ace~Gurren MK II | The White Knight of Justice~Lancelot

The Prince, The Witch, and the Knightmare Frame~CC | The Greatest Warrior, Piloting the Greatest Machine[~Gurren SEITEN 8 Elements

Nemo’s Power; Nunnally’s Knight~Code Geass | An Icy Pursuer ~Vincent

A God in an Ever Changing World~Holo the Wise Wolf | Intermezzo of Light and Shadow ~Mai Kawasumi

Tsundere of the Demon King~Junko Hatori | -Long Mission Name-~Super Anti-Spiral

Fulfilling One's Destiny~Fully Realised Avatar Aang | Blind to Everything & Nothing~Toph Beifong

Redemption of the banished~Zuko | The Worldend Pallbearer~Hermit

The Azure Side of the Bloodline~Diva Goldsmith | Spirit of The World~Aura

Bane of the Inferno~Roy Mustang | Advent of The Paper~Yomiko Readman

Emissary of Darkness~Pride | So that's what happens when you match every side.~Fear Kubrick

Inclination to Good and Evil ~Ginko | A God Re-shaping the World~Light Yagami

An Ignorant God Among Mortals~Haruhi Suzumiya
  Posted on January 12, 2013 18:47
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.hack//Beyond the World —|— Aura
.hack//Quantum —|— Hermit
Akame ga Kill! —|— Chelsea, Rabac, Mein, Esdese
Angel Beats! —|— Angel Clones, Angel, Data Shadows, Yurrippe Nakamura
Avatar the Last Airbender —|— Fully Realised Avatar Aang, Zuko, Toph Beifong, Phoenix King Ozai
Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari —|— Shinobu, Black Hanekawa
Black★Rock Shooter —|— Awakened Black★Rock Shooter
Blood+ —|— Diva Goldsmith
C3 —|— Fear Kubrick
A Certain Scientific Railgun —|— Nobutaba Shinobu
A Certain Scientific Railgun (Manga) —|— Shokuhou Misaki
A Certain Magical Index —|— Unsealed Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Oriana Thompson, Stiyl Magnus
C-Control —|— Kimimaro Yoga & Msyu
Code Geass —|— Lelouch Lamperouge, Mao, Zero, CC, Kallen Kozuke pioloting the Guren Mk II, Suzaku Kururugi pilotin the Lancelot, Kallen Kozuke piloting the Guren SEITEN Eight Elements,
Code Geass: Knightmare of Nunally (Manga) —|— Alice piloting the Code Geass, Demon King Rolo pilotin gthe Vincent
Darker than Black —|— BK201, Maki, Amber, November 11, April, Wei Zhijun
Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor —|— Pavlichenko Suou
Death Note —|— Light Yagami
Demon King Daimo —|— Junko Hatori, Akuto Sai
Dragon Ball Z —|— Son Goku
Elfen Lied —|— Lucy, Mariko Kurama
Fakku.net —|— Fakku
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works —|— Gilgamesh, Archer, Rin Tohsaka, Shirou Emiya, Caster
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya —|— Archer Class Illya
FLCL (Fooly Cooly) —|— Haruko Haruhara, Infinite N.O. Naota, Atomsk Canti, Maru Raba
Freezing Vibration —|— Charles Bonaparte
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood —|— Roy Mustang, Pride
Ga-Rei: Zero —|— Yomi Isamaya
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni —|— Rika Furude, Mion & Shion Sonozaki, Demon Rena Ryuugu
Kanon —|— Mei Kawasumi
Kaze no Stigma —|— Ayano Kanagi
Kill la Kill —|— Ryuuko Matoi
Kiss x Sis —|— Ako & Riko Suminoe
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya —|— Yuki Nagato, Ryouko Asakura, Haruhi Suzumiya
Mohou Sensei Negima! (Manga) —|— Evangeline A.K. Mcdowell, Takamichi T. Takahata, Chao Lingshen, Tsukuyomi, Negi Springfield, Negi Springfirld - Final, Dynamis, Full Power Evangeline, Jack Rakan
Mahou Sensei Negima OADs —|— Pseudo-Evangeline
Movies, TV shows & Cartoons —|— Kenny, Jinxed Rigbey, Chuck Norris, Dracula, Weeping Angel, Marceline
Mushishi —|— Ginko
Music Videos & Games —|— The Disturbed Guy, Psy, Minecraft Steve, Link, Weiss Schnee
Pokemon —|— Imperfect Groudon
Puella Magi Kazumi Magica (Manga) —|— Kazumi, Nico Kanna
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Manga) —|— Grieful Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi
Puella Magi Madoka Magica —|— Mami Tomoe, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Kyouko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Kyuubey the Incubator, Goddes Madoka, Demon Hunter Homura
R.O.D. (Read or Die) —|— Yomiko Readman
Romantically Apocalyptic —|— Biomatrix117 "Cancer"
School Days —|— Sekai Saionji
Shakugan no Shana —|— "Destructive Blade" Sabrac
Sora no Otoshimono (Manga) —|— Tomoki Sakurai, Evo Chaos, Ikaros Mk II, Nymph, Ikaros Melan, Astraea, Hiyori
Sora no Otoshimono —|— Uranus Queen Ikaros, Chaos
Spice & Wolf —|— Holo the Wise Wolf
Sunken Rock —|— Ken Kitano
Sword Art Online —|— Heathcliff, GM Kirito, General Eugine, Dual Wield Kirito
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann —|— Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Super Anti-Spiral
Welcome to the NHK —|— Satou Tatsuhiro

Ugh -.-
The original versions of characters I have remade.

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The amount of character Woah! XD! Also sooo many gifs but I like :D
N awwww I was mentioned Your the best

Edit: @godbot and Kenny: Fastest always Wins

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All these gifs are giving me anxiety.

Glad I saved my rates of the characters, will paste once I finished reading them all.






Darker Than Black







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Nice .........................................................
I got only faith in you♥
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Akatsunara wrote:
you're by far the best digipainter here on N-B community.
nelo_angelo1 wrote:
I agree with this.
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1st post.
Nice showcase. (d)

Edit: Stormy. (un)
Btw, too many gifs to handle. xD
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Nice Showcase.
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Gangnam style character. (xd)
Nice showcase.
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cool Gif! amazing!

Coming soon....
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o.o so many chars, I'm surprised.

wooot, you have a gilgamesh. A lot of different animes >.<, you only lose to stormy at this lulz.
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Nice gifs

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