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 Topic: Serious Poll #19: Plenty of Sections!
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Poll: What do you think of the lay-out?
35 vote(s) since December 15, 2012 03:19
Good and doesn't need change. (10) (29%)
Okay, but could be shortened. (1) (3%)
Okay, but could be expanded. (4) (11%)
It doesn't matter to me. I'll find my way. (9) (26%)
Bad, a lot of sections could be removed. (1) (3%)
Bad, a lot of sections could be added. (10) (29%)
  Posted on December 15, 2012 03:19
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If you visit the good ole sitemap, you'll see you're given a lay out of this forum's sections and sub-sections. This is a common element of forums when they are trying to organize and make it easier to understand or find things.

On one end, it's true and it does pay out to be organized. On the other, the more sections there are, the less activity(interest in) one section may seem to have.

Remember when answering this poll, that you're not only talking about existing sections, but potential ones. There are times a new section can be introduced in order to bring back a forgotten ideal.
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