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 Topic: Question - Possible Glitch.
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  Posted on November 18, 2012 21:18
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Hello, everyone - I need to ask you a couple of questions in order to determine if a glitch happened while I was playing a round.

1 - Is Damage Reduction considered as a skill improving effect?

2 - Is copying a movement considered as a skill improving effect?

3 - If a movement consists of a skill improving effect and another effect that is not considered as skill-improving, by using Yamato's skill would both of the effects be voided or only the skill improving effect would be null?

In case the answer to question 2 is "no" or the answer to both 1 and 3 is "no", we have a glitch. This is what happened with me:

Young Kakashi with 100 health, affected by his copy effect and 15 DR. My opponent was using Yamato (S), Yamanaka Fu (S) and Hatake Kakashi. Without being affected by Nin-Dogs, I was 1-hit KO'ed. Now, I do know that both Yamato and Kakashi deal piercing damage, but Yamanaka Fu does not. Therefore, on normal circumstances, the calculus would be the following:

50 (piercing) + 30 (piercing) + 20 (15 stops at the DR) = 85 total damage. Therefore, I deduced that Yamato's skill made Fu ignore the DR, even though I fail to see how the Damage Reduction is a skill-improving effect (given that it does not improve any of Young Kakashi's skills). Help me out with this issue. I do believe that either Yamato's skill is poorly worded or we might have a glitch in our hands.
  Posted on November 18, 2012 21:50
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  Posted on November 20, 2012 11:08
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Benek0 wrote:
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@Topic, Fuu does have a piercing skill. His stun does normal damage, but his taijutsu blade deals 20 piercing (30 when improved by stun). So, 50+30+20, all piercing, would be viable.

As for your questions, however;
- No, it's considered friendly
- I'd think not, most likely offensive
- As the skill description suggests, he only makes them ignore improvement effects
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