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  Posted on September 12, 2012 06:24
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Episode 1: Love not lost, but forgotten.

The sun sines brightly on a red headed woman, as her curly locks blows in the wind a glimpse of two crystal blue empty eyes.

Girl: (thinking to self) "How is it possible, how come i don't know anything about my past?" (she speaks to herself quietly) "Where did i get this blade?"
(The girl reveals a large katana bathed in a blue glow)

A mysterious shadow looms over the girl, she turns just in time to clash swords with someone or something in black garb.

Girl:(breathing heavily) "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!"

Pulling off his black coat revealing a boy with dirty blonde curly hair.

Mysterious Boy: "Strange how well you can handle a blade with power beyond even your own."


Mysterious Boy: (laughs softly) "Relax Ashley I'm only here for that sword."

Ashley: "HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?!"(charges full speed striking full force at the boy)

The sword digs into the boys shoulder as blood runs from the wound an falls to the ground.

Mysterious Boy: (looks at ashley smiling) "I've missed you, sadly it's my own fault I lost myself that day."

Ashley: " W-what the.. who are you, w-what do you mean?"

Mysterious Boy: I apologize for my rudeness I guess you can call me Dragon, i didn't mean to startle you but if you don't mind I'll be taking this blade( grabbing the sword pulling it forcefully from Ashley's hands and out of his shoulder revealing nothing but faded scars going sideways)

Ashley: "What the hell, i cut you!?!" (Staring at him angrily)

Dragon: (Smiles) "Indeed you did, however the blade cannot allow me to remain injured whilst energy is lingering."

Ashley: ......

The wind pushes Ashley back a few feet Dragon dashes catching her, setting her down before jumping into the sky an disappearing into a black blur.

Ashley: (thinking to herself) "Who is that boy, and why did he know my name?"

Ashley walks to her motorcycle and rides away.

To be continued..

Next Episode..
Episode 2: Mortal but Immortal?
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  Posted on September 12, 2012 09:37
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This is not an anime. More like a light novel, but still nice
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