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  Posted on June 27, 2012 18:55
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Welcome to NB's Official League of Legends Thread! This is the second version of the thread – since the first was so successful, we’ve decided to create a newer and improved one for our convenience and yours. If you do not know what League of Legends is, feel free to PM BDG, Falco, or Hawk for information. Skype or Ventrilo is also suggested to better your gaming experience.

Feel free to post anything pertaining to LoL (screenshots, videos, discussions,etc) on this thread. However, keep in mind that all NB rules apply on this thread, and spamming or anything of the sort will not be tolerated.

11-17-2011: The first League Thread is created
11-26-2011: Official chatroom for League created: NBLeague.
6-27-2012: League Thread v2.0 is released
10-18-2012: Jonke is inducted as a leader of the Thread!
11-15-2012: Soft ELO reset. Welcome to the new season, Summoners!

The Summoners are the contestants within the League of Legends. All summoners that have made themselves known will be listed here. To make yourself known, post on this thread or PM any of our leaders your NB username as well as your LoL (League of Legends) in game name. The format for this list is as followed: NB Name – Server: LoL Username

FalcoVet101 – NA Server: FalcoVet101
BlackDragonGod – NA Server: Hyorinmaru
Hawk442 – NA Server: JamaicanMeBacon
Jonke - NA Server: Rijonkulous

NA Members:
Dark_Soldier - NA Server: Darksoldiery
Z_The_Death_God - NA Server: ShimmeringPotato
ZelostheHero - NA Server: AE Zoro
Alec_hyuuga - NA Server: Fade
Hansio - NA Server: 001Hans
Akatsuki975 - NA Server: déity
hamjammer - NA Server: Vuvuzelamaster
Tsugaga - NA server: Tsugaga
GohaPao - NA Server: GohaPao
AkatsTobi-San - NA Server: Random Play
MaskedMaster - NA Server: Zeronumbers
Shadowknight12 - NA Server: FC Wrath
miltam - NA Server: SirGryphon
trevor3000 - NA Server: Trevor3000
Masta_J - NA Server: Sociopathic
LeeRockMaster - NA Server: AdrianHero
__Legend__ - NA Server: AE Lusion
pacotacobell - NA Server: pacotacobell
cooper6 - NA Server: Silverbolt
Zero0Blade - NA Server: Maxillion
Jay - NA Server: Miffed
_TaXiNhaA_ - NA Server: LuxusSs
HollowWiTHin - NA Server: ACr Hollow
inuzukaygor - NA Server: sawripper
v13tdr4g0n - NA Server: reeeezy
Dangerdoom - NA Server: Atmosphere
douglas_uzumaki - NA Server: L Durance
Noob16 - NA Server: Leonz16
Rickygc - NA Server: Worldcreator
Kenny108 - NA Server: Leviathan
yon_yon - NA server: Zooted Cow
Kazuo_Oda - NA Server: KazuoOda
BrianBr - NA Server: TodayImDeviI
RoZuniga - NA Server: Elkaj
RadicalDreamer - NA Server: ImAComedian
Sparkful - NA Server: Sparkishh
Sakura-Chan-Ship - NA Server: NanaXonti
Mrmistermr - NA Server: Mrmistermr
Amaya - NA Server: Sexlicious
Omnigma - NA Server: Omnigma
Tray1223 - NA Server: Z3roGr4vity
xfreedom_demonx - NA Server: Xerika
Ako_UK - NA Server: Wible
Ragieru - NA Server: Fortitued
Grimoire - NA Server: kLu7z
Omninight14 - NA Server: KingdOmni
Cjca2006 - NA Server: Cjca
Peyton0249 - NA Server: Peytonatto
Versecker - NA Server: Versecker
Mystearica - NA Server: FeignedTruth
Ninetailsboy – NA Server: Reyzei
romarck – NA Server: Romarck
icanhealdumpling - NA Server: HTFidtapyou
Petipuf - NA Server: Orochimaru
iAyanami - NA Server: SorinaHokage
x4ryan - NA Server: x4ryan
Negligible - NA Server: CreativeIce
TheBlackMage - NA: TheBlackMageXIII
DanySasuke- NA Server: Gincliwood
Spark58 - NA Server: HelixBlitzer
Abz0r - NA Server: Abz0r
ts_faraz - NA Server: ninetailsboy
Jouninneji – NA Server: TheGodArtemis
Luisa - NA Server: HSPT
Sakon- NA Server: Vempyre
Negligible - NA Server: KarinUzumaki
takamaru - NA Server: lTakamarul
nimetz - NA Server: Nimzeh
Akatsuki-Joshy - NA Server: xTobirama
Sneezychethra - NA Server: darkcambo19
freshkidchris - NA Server: KingINSANITY
Piqueneu – NA Server: Sacromanti
KaosKilla9231 – NA Server: Tuxedø Mask
Narutotyson - NA Server: Extallion
Tgl - NA Server: Nightwolf03
xFxExAxRx - NA Server: Fear1121
Whitney - NA Server: Lady Saiya
KingxBlazex - NA Server: KingVictus
Sakura_150 - NA Server: SquishyBoobs
HyorinmaruIce - NA Server: Ice King Toshiro
xmatrix619 - NA Server: DecypherThat
Killa_Beez - NA Server: Ice King 21
Reissyboy - NA Server: Reissy
uchiaet - NA Server: blaster55555
voltage-kidd - NA Server - SimplyVolt
Amaya - NA Server - AsianB3auty
Hatake- - NA Server - Goofy
Hydro4474 - NA Server - My Puppy
sasuke234567 - NA Server - Sasuke Kun
Sasori_4421 - NA Server - Sasorinumbers
Montaro - NA Server - SomeLazyGuy
Habib_Uchiha - NA Server - Rukia
narutyn - NA Server - worldend2012

Other members/Alts:
AkatsTobi-San - EUWest: RandomPlay
Abysss - EUWest: flapsterson, EUNorth: KorragLoL
Sahrana - EUNordic&East ICO18
filipe1233 - EUWest: FilMachine1233
mysticalhero - EUWest: legolas787
Patrik06 – EUNordic&East: PaTrik SsenSsei
-Morpheus – EUWest: Morpheus13wizard
Peyton0249 - EUWest: Aestella
Mapuche – LATS Server: Mapuche
Toonboy21 – EUNordic&East: Intrepid Ice
Rhok – PH: Rhok

The Teams of Legends are the list of submitted NB teams for the League. Teams of Legends are temporary and roster changes may be made between tournaments. Generally, Teams of Legends are allowed 5 members, one of which is a Captain, and 2 subs.

Teams of Legends are currently undecided and under renovations~

Full Scale Tournaments will be held periodically by NBLeague leaders. To take part, generally a full 5 man team is required, one of which is nominated as Captain, and up to 2 subs (subject to change).

Rule 1: All games are to be played in a custom match with tournament draft setting rules.

Rule 2: All players must be registered on the official thread to be eligible to compete.

Rule 3: Teams competing in team tournaments must be registered on the official thread to compete.

Rule 4: Teams matched against each other must complete their matches within an allotted time frame (TBD), else face disqualification.

Rule 5a: One player must print screen the score screen at the end of the game for record proof of the game.

Rule 5b: The print screen must be posted on the tournament thread and or PM'd to an NBLeague leader.

Rule 6:All games are to be played on the NA servers (for now).

The Hall of Legends immortalizes victories in LoL tournaments held in NB.

Currently awaiting results

*Disclaimer: This thread is not an advertising thread for League of Legends. It was made with the intention of being a place where fellow players can get together. This thread does not condone advertising at all. All current gfx credit goes to DanySasuke.*

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  Posted on June 27, 2012 18:55
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Welcome to the League of Legends 1v1 Ladder!
Anyone that is a member of LoL and N-B may join the ladder.
Just post on the thread asking to join and give your summoner name and I'll add you to the ladder.
Note: This is only for LoL NA server players because I don't think there is enough EU server people on NB.

1.) Atmosphere (NB User: Dangerdoom)
2.) Random Play (NB User: AkatsTobi-San) ^
3.) JamaicanMeBacon (NB User: hawk442) v
4.) Reeezy (NB User: v13tdr4g0n)
5.) Maxillion (NB User: Zero0Blade)
6.) Hollow Shinji (NB User: BlackDragonGod)
7.) Sparkishh (NB User: Sparkful)
8.) Tsugaga (NB User: Tsugaga)
9.) zZMasta (NB User: Masta_J) o
10.) MimeMime (NB User: ZelostheHero) x
11.) LionEmperor (NB User: cooper6)
12.) FalcoVet101 (NB User: FalcoVet101)
13.) Vuvuzelamaster (NB User: hamjammer)
14.) NanaXonti (NB User: Sakura-Chan-Ship) ^
15.) FirePrincess1969 (NB User: yon_yon) v
16.) ShynnOrbz (NB User: gaara_king16)
17.) HelixBlitzer (NB User: Spark58)
18.) LeeRockMaster (NB User: LeeRockMaster)
19.) KazuoOda (NB User: Kazuo_Oda)
20.) SirGryphon (NB User: Miltam)
21.) Versecker (NB User: Versecker)
22.) Lamdabest (NB User: kyuubinaruto1155)
23.) Trevor3000 (NB User: trevor3000)

Recent Activity (Latest to Oldest)
-Random Play challenges JamaicanMeBacon ||| Result: Winner Random Play
-JamaicanMeBacon challenges Random Play ||| Result: Winner JamaicanMeBacon
-JamaicanMeBacon challenges Reeeezy ||| Result: Winner JamaicanMeBacon
- MimeMime challenges zZMasta ||| Result: Winner zZMasta
- NanaXonti challenges FirePrincess1969 ||| Result: NanaXonti by Forfeit
- ShynnOrbz challenges NanaXonti ||| Result: Winner NanaXonti
- Maxillion challenges JamaicanMeBacon ||| Result: Winner JamaicanMeBacon
- Atmosphere challenges RandomPlay ||| Result: Winner Atmosphere
- FirePrincess1969 challenges NanaXonti ||| Result: Winner FirePrincess1969

Issuing a Challenge . . .
- You may challenge anyone in the ladder that is above you, however a challenge that is made to anyone that is not at most 3 spots above you in the ladder, may be declined without penalty.
- To challenge someone, post on this thread issuing out a challenge to anyone above you.
- You may only issue one challenge at a time.
Note: It helps to send a PM to the person you're challenging or add their summoner on LoL, just contact them any way you can to inform them of your challenge!!

If you have been challenged . . .
- You must respond ASAP with an accept or decline. Although you have 4 days to do the match. You may set a later date if both parties agree and it does not end up conflicting with a lower person trying to challenge your challenger.
- If you have been challenged, you must accept the challenge BEFORE you may challenge anyone else.
- The person who is challenged then has 4 days to respond and do the ladder match or it will be seen as a forfeit and the challenger may freely move up a place in the ladder.
- The challenged person may also choose to decline the challenge and take a forfeit, and let the person pass them.

After a challenge match . . .
- The winner of each ladder match gains 20 elo while the loser loses 20 elo.
- If the challenger beats his opponent, he is then placed at their rank and everyone else is moved down.
- If the challenger fails to beat his opponent, then no changes are made.
- Neither player may challenge the other for 3 days regardless of the results of the match.

CUSTOM RULES may be used for 1v1ing AS LONG AS BOTH players involved agree (Examples: no bans, no TP allowed, first kill wins, etc.)
You may only ask an opposing player ONCE for any rule changes and if they decline YOU MUST play default rules.

Default NB Rules made by FalcoVet101 for LoL 1v1ing:
- All Champions and Summoner Spells are allowed
- All ladder matches will be a best of 3
- The first player to get 3 kills or destroy 2 enemy middle turrets wins the round
- Each player states their 3 ban choices in a private chat before starting
- All games are made to be in blind pick mode, to avoid counter picking
- The jungle may be used. But no going to other lanes other than middle.
- Spectators are allowed.

It is first and foremost the winner's job to print screen there victory if a confirmation is needed.
Keep in mind that for custom games, matches are not recorded if both players quit the game before the nexus has blown up, SO TAKE A SCREENSHOT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE GAME.

ALSO for those that don't know, you can't screenshot while playing LoL without being in windowed mode. When you have won and want to take a screenshot(which you always should just in case) then press escape kep and go to video/options (forgot) and there is an option for windowed mode. Then press print screen and it will take the screen shot.

If the loser denies having lost and the winner has no evidence than a rematch must be played.
PS: If you're the loser, just admit it, don't be a pest about it. I'm hoping I don't have to deal with screenshot confirmations.
PPS: So I decided if you're caught lying about the results to a match I'm just going to ban you from the ladder, simple as that.


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first post bitches
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상속자들 wrote:
왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라..
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Apologies if you have made yourself known and are not on the list. Please do so again and I'll gladly add you~

Fourth and front page! Muahaha >:)
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Well I heard of this game before, just not on n-b, so I naturally never got into it. But after this huge topic, it looks like fun. I don't think I can join this, cause i just finished signing up for LoL.
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  Posted on June 27, 2012 19:07
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reserved for now
Much love to annie for the avy!

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Reserved reading lol...........

Edit: Well i've heard of this game before, never really seen it in action though, guess ill check it out. There should be an NB Nexon America topic though. Invictus + DungeonFighterOnline = PRO.

2nd Edit: Should've let me make banners (CHEW)
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My account on EUWest is Aestella.
And you can remove my team, Rastafari.

Nice new thread.
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First page
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Avy ~ by Nino1233

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ImmortalFX wrote:
Reserved reading lol...........

Edit: Well i've heard of this game before, never really seen it in action though, guess ill check it out. There should be an NB Nexon America topic though. Invictus + DungeonFighterOnline = PRO.

2nd Edit: Should've let me make banners (CHEW)

Banners are temporary while we await new ones. If you want to make some go ahead, that would be cool :)
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1st page?

faraz got raped.
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