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This topic contains a list of helpful tutorials, covering various topics, created by the community of Naruto-Boards.

Tutorials are categorized, first by program, then by type.

Photoshop Tutorials

Signature Tutorials
Ayaya's Tutorial
Smudging Tutorial
By: gravityfx
3 Smudge Styles
By: UzumakiPedro18
Liquify tutorial
By: ZannyKillem

Avatar Tutorials
Retro Icons
By: Campig
Wins Avatar Tutorial
By: NARUTOwins17
Lady GaGa Icon tutorial
By: DanySasuke
Simple avatar tutorial
By: FenixForce
Soft Brush Tutorial
By: Marceline
HQ avatars
By: -Sigh-

Ingame Backgrounds
Ingame background tutorial
By: mootap


Other Tutorials
Make a small symbol large and HQ
By: Manjji-Puppet
Clan symbol in 5 easy steps
Add a text layer to a Gif in 7 steps
By: N92991
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