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  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:47
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Yuno style stalk mode on xD

Let get down to business (credits to a tumblr person for the gif)

Hi. I am Itchi. I am currently 14. My birthday is the 29th of March. I like to watch cartoons, read manga, watchi animes, talk to my friends and learn new things. If you have a problem with that, guess what? IDGAF :)

FAVORITE ANIMES (in order, top 1-5): High School of the Dead, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki, Fairy Tail, Bleach

FAVORITE CHARACTERS (in order, top 1-5): Rei Miyamoto, Yuuki Asuna, Gasai Yuno, Erza Scarlet, Kuchiki Rukia

FAVORITE SINGERS: Owl City, Ke$ha, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, Greyson Chance, Macklemore

FAVORITE GROUP: Girls Generation, 2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, Infinite, Westlife, The Wanted, One Direction


FAVORITE ACTOR: Josh Hutcherson <3

Note: I am horrible at describing people xD


Special People
Kono [konohafenix] - He's my senpai and sensei. I kept on bothering him by asking resources and techniques from him. He's a reliable and friendly guy if you get to know him. his showcase is here

Emanuel [-smexyness-] - He create a lot of cool pieces that i like to learn by experimenting. if anything here looks similar to his jobs, then its going to be full credits to him. his showcase is here

Nikki [nikhamaru] - Hey bbz<3. She's cool, inspiring and a baka at the same time ^.^ She the same as kono, friendly and helpful but don't relate her with kono nor phan. They don't get along. her showcase is here

Xane [XN666 , Exist-1, Xane-1 and there maybe a shitload of his alts] - He's one of DVI's finest GFXers and the sub leader of both the clan and the GFX squad. Normally he don't do requests. But if you get to know and and use the "pretty please with cherries on top" method, he'll do it for you ;P. Unfortunately, this lazy baka doesn't have a showcase and won't.

Hoky [5hokage5] - I can count on him to keep my showcase alive. In times of inactiveness, he can post and keep things alive in my showcase. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a showcase .

Ash [aksha11289] - Ash was a former clan mate in BES. He was the first Burmese GFXer I met on the boards. He pretty much taught me the basics and gave me decent advice on what to improve and what's good. He's easy to get along with but don't bug him with a shitload of requests because the last time I check, he got pissed and rejected every single one of them. LMAO! His showcase is unfortunately dead so help him keep it alive! It is here

DVI and IVY GFX crew- To everyone I didn't include on the above, you know you guys are my inspiration, senpais and senseis. ily bitches <3 (although i don't know 75% of ivy gfxers xD)

This showcase is Anti-Banners

I deleted a few stuff cause they got really old and uncool

Spidaman mofos..

I still can't repeat the smudge style i did here. -__-" must be some magical shit i did that day...

(Invalid img)
Green and Top = sex

(Invalid img)
Noctis is cool

(Invalid img)
Erza <3

(Invalid img)
^ SOTW entry but lost

(Invalid img)
A failed birthday gift to Ash

Asuma smudge

I still love this c4d piece. I hope Nikki still loves this

Cali's Request

^For Xane <3 first time with textures

^Plain one with new c4d style

^For DVI

^New Styleeee No text

^New Styleee Yes Text

^Experimenting a different type of smudge

^Experiment sign for Ash <33

Double colors waddup...

(Invalid img)
Smudge and c4d...

(Invalid img)
^ sama's sign! <3

(Invalid img)
^Experimenting like usual ;3

(Invalid img)
^Beatz chan's sig<3 tricky render to work with but managed work with it :3

(Invalid img)
^Fav c4d work without text. TBH i find this more appealing

(Invalid img)
^Fav c4d work with text so far :3

(Invalid img)
^Fail #1, first try with a new c4d

(Invalid img)
^Fail #2, first try with a new c4d

(Invalid img)
^After a short retirement from GFXing, and the first texture + c4d piece i've done

(Invalid img)
^First attempt with color overlay on C4D. Text Version. Experimenting like always :3

(Invalid img)
^No Text Version

(Invalid img)
Yuno you know..

(Invalid img)
^For Ichi

^For Aid

(Invalid img)
Exposure Digital whateva shit..

(Invalid img)
Sig to me

(Invalid img)
Lighting Asuma Sig

^For Hoky

Ohh i love this Jellal lighting piece ;D

Kono and Itchi duo tag

Zeref smudge....]/img]
Albert's request
Smudge sig gift to Kono
Did this while watching Supernatural. Started smudging at fuckin fast speed after seeing a bloody episode.
Smudge sig with some random guy render
Bday gift to Ash
Retried c4d after being a failure at it
I like this one too
I like this one three
Testing 2...
Testing Liquify and smudge
Collab with Smexy ^^ *.*
For Sami
For Smexy Beast
Experiment DVI sig
THE BAKA gave me the weirdest render alive
Collab with Kono [first ever collab]
Boo-yah! Accelerator mofos!
Sig for my S-B account
Fuck yea! 4 layers smudge
New Style. kirito <3
For Phan <3
Zuhu's request
cutest thing alive <33
Le Zeref = Le Awesome Mage
Free Sig, give credits
Roxas <3. Free Sig. Give credits
"Happy Birthday DVI" sig
Ace Sig. Free. Give credits
requested by petr15
Free Sig. Give Credits
my end of the collab with beatz
requested by Noni
Collab with the Baka
Gift to Matt
Fo DVI nigguhs
I felt like they deserve something cooler...
For Matt and Eclipsea <3
Just say fuck it and spark yo cigarette


^An icon made out of boredom
^For Xane san! <3
^AOTW winning entry :D
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  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:47
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You may post now
Ask me Anything I Showcase I Aid
  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:48
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you are best , the last showcase , but its fail , 6,0 decent showcase
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  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:49
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Like ur sigs but ur avys could use some work nice showcase
  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:53
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Y u put showcase, 3 sigs and 10 avys, i don't think its enough :<

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  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:54
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Nice sigs but work more on Avys ;)
  Posted on March 15, 2012 16:59
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May 14, 2009
Nice case dude.
well,could be better if u had put soft brushs on clipping mask on main banner.
avys could be better without soft brush overused
Sigs are so good .. keep improving
6,5/10 overall.
i am your gfx idol awnnn .tnx *-*

  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:00
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HamIet wrote:
Y u put showcase, 3 sigs and 10 avys, i don't think its enough :<
this .
BTF <3 x Avy by Phantom-San
  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:01
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Crop better on avies sigs are ok 6/10
  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:02
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You need much improvement but it seems your going to make progress well so keep it up man.
  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:03
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  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:05
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Nice,Great job itachi
You have really improved
  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:10
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Very Godd brother
(Invalid img)
  Posted on March 15, 2012 17:12
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Nice ShowCase

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