K.G.N.S. Konoha Gakure No Sato 2013

 Topic: K.G.N.S. Konoha Gakure No Sato 2013
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  Posted on March 11, 2012 11:55
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KGNS 2013!


Welcome in Konoha Gakure No Sato Main Thread 2013

Our Clan History:

Clan Konohagakure No Sato was established 18th March 2009, when the player Kamyx
decided to establish the clan that would be the best in Slovakia and Czech Republic, and would
be able to be competitive also among the other leading world clans. We are very sorry but the
history of our clan was destroyed, when some idiot lit a local library :D. For this reason clan
stopped its activity, but in spite of that it got in to the first 50 top clans in the world. Clan was
significantly changed on 27th July 2010 when the player Fabregasss entered in the clan. Upon
his arrival the clan began to organise tournaments, more players were involved in discussions
and with player Dominik-asuma started to create avatars and signatures. Now they decided that
they will make this topic on naruto boards. When Fabregasss leave , Black4ripper and Domonik-rocklee.

KGNS in the year 2012 was little bit inactive but now is new year 2013 and we doing new changes in clan.
We hope that we get more members and we will try to be a good clan.

Old Xat is next active:



1. Full teams(aoe,stun and drain teams) are banned.
2. Matches are sudden death; finals are 2/3.
3. If your opponent doesn't search within 6 minutes, you proceed to the next round.
4. Please screen when guy have banned team or someone is bad.
5. Good Luck Guys!

Banned Combos:

Shino/Hinata(S)/Yoroi + Any drainer/Human PP/Itachi(S)
Chyio + Sakura(S)/Sakon/Zabuza/Gai/Kakashi(S)/Baki/Neji(S)/Suigetsu
Baki + Suigetsu/Orochimaru (S)/Sakon/Orochimaru/Asuma(S)
Neji(S) + Temari(S)/Mangekyou Sasuke (S)/Kurenai/Zaku/Kabuto(S)
Kabuto + Dosu/Sakon/Lee(S)/Kin
Kyuubi + Dosu/Chiyo/Neji (S)/Sakura(S)/Kiba/Ino(S)/Shizune
Kisame + Zaku/Izumo&Kotetsu/Tayuya/Shikamaru(S)/Animal PP/AsuraPP
Kakashi + Sai/Shodai Hokage/Sakura(S)/Izumo And Kotetsu
Temari(S) + Neji/Kurenai/Gai/Aoba/Hachibi Bee/NarakaPP
Juugo + Ino(S)/Izumo&Kotetsu/Kisame/Kisame(S)/Obito/ Edo Deidara
Edo Deidara + Zabuza/Shodai Hokage/Gai(S)/Yamato/Lee/Sai
Itachi + Shizune/Sakura(S)/Kyuubi/Sai/Sakon/Lee
Itachi(S) + Kabuto(S)/Lee(S)/Naruto(S)/Kisame(S)/KisameBD(S)/Obito
Gai + Zaku/Chiyo/Tayuya/IBD/Kank (S)/Kabuto/Sai
Kiba + Shigure/Chiyo/Tayuya/Ino(S)/Asuma(S)/Sai/Akatsuchi/Kurotsuchi
Akatsuchi + Tayuya/Aoba/Zaku/Juugo/Shigure/HumanPP
Yondaime + Chouji/Sasuke
New 2013 characters are banned.


GFX Section:

Symbol KGNS 2013

Battle screen In-game :

th_1k.jpg th_2k.jpg th_4k.jpg th_5k.jpg th_6k.jpg th_7k.jpg th_8k.jpg th_9k.jpg th_10k.jpg th_11k.jpg th_13k.jpg th_15k.jpg th_16k.jpg th_12k.jpg th_1kd_zpsf03cf80a.jpg th_2kd_zps0825478a.jpg th_3kd_zps329d76c8.jpg th_4kd_zpsc49d38d8.jpg th_5kd_zpsfec85bd5.jpg th_6kd_zps3c6b7372.jpg th_8kd_zps95b49d64.jpg th_9kd_zpsd2bfc8b6.jpg th_10kd_zps16030e20.jpg th_11kd_zps0a398b30.jpg th_12kd_zps3d29c355.jpg th_14kd_zpsc68dd4d4.jpg th_15kd_zpsc1815232.jpg th_16kd_zps607ab381.jpg th_12ks_zpseb99abaf.jpg th_13ks_zps54681261.jpg th_15ks_zpsdb8e5d40.jpg th_14ks_zpsbcc82208.jpg th_16ks_zps0433ec65.jpg th_17ks_zps84dfea65.jpg th_18ks_zpscd33cab0.jpg


::::::KGNS Thread 2013::::::
  Posted on March 11, 2012 11:57
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Good Luck...

Fix it the History text, its with unnecessary paragraphs.
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Good Luck Kamil and other.
Add More infos, gfx and selections.
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Good luck :cool
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Cool thread :smile

Good luck guys :push

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Good luck :blink
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good luck
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Good luck KGNS :blink
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Good Luck and Nice Thread :blink
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thanks everyone :amused
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Pretty decent :blink
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Nice KGNS ! :cool and Gl :noworry

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nice thread GL :amused
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GL.. :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool
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Nice Thead
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