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  Posted on February 9, 2012 18:23
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Welcome to Bams Team Strategies,

This topic is made for all those who could use some help with streakin' or laddering.
I've made 10 teams, providing a strategy for each team. Enjoy!
I will remake a new topic like this once the 10 teams and strategies are listed.
Anyone with a suggestion on a (type of) team which they'd like to see, simply post it.


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Additional Information
List of Teams.
  Posted on February 9, 2012 18:24
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Three guidelines creating a team
1. Make sure chakra used by the characters don't clash.
2. Make sure to use at least one character on your team which has (a) friendly skill(s).
3. Try to use at least one or two characters which use a random-chakra-skill (besides their invulnerability skill).

In ladders you must always be a step ahead of your opponent. Memorising skill types and knowing the costs of skills works in your advantage! This is an essential part of playing Naruto-Arena. Having this information will make you able to predict your opponent moves, the key to win a match. For those who find it hard to memorize skills and costs you can find information 'bout each character here.

Keep in mind
If you're about to make a team there's one thing you should keep in mind:
The most effective way to attack is doing high/ piercing damage using low chakra (e.g. Baki, Chiyo S, Rock Lee, etc.).
This will also increase your chance of using (multiple) skills each turn. Another important point is being able to stun/ counter. These skills will prove to be helpful versus AoE (e.g. Kiba, Tayuya, etc.) and one-turn-KO-skills (e.g. Gaara of the Desert, Kakuzu S, etc.). Try to combine low chakra usage and high damage and make sure to have (at least) one stunning/ countering skill, this makes your team most effective.
  Posted on February 9, 2012 18:24
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[ 1 ] Chiyo (S) + Gaara Rehabilitated + Dosu Kinuta
Start first
First turn use Melody Arm Tuning on Dosu.
Second turn use Chiyo (S)'s White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage, use Dosu's Vibrating Sound Drill on an enemy which reduces damage (if needed) and if you get the NINJUTSU use Gaara's Quicksand Waterfall.
Start second
First turn use Melody Arm Tuning on Dosu, use Chiyo (S)'s White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage and if you get a NINJUTSU use Gaara's Quicksand Waterfall. Second turn use Dosu's Vibrating Sound Drill on an enemy which reduces damage (if needed), use Sanbou Kyuukai for stunning PHYSICAL and RANGED skills (if needed).
If you used Quicksand Waterfall, now use Desert Imperial Funeral to KO an enemy.

After the first two turns you basicly just keep repeating: use Vibrating Sound Drill, White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage and Desert Imperial Funeral!

[ 2 ] Chouza (S) + Kurenai + Kakashi
If your opponent uses a character which can reduce damage make sure to use Chain Bind on this character. Next skill to use is Cherry Blossom Suffocation. Make sure to use this skill in one of the first 2 turns and to hit at least two of the three characters. After using this skill you can stun PHYSICAL and RANGED attacks each turn and you will have Expansion Smash to make sure to block a character if needed. Use Raikiri for piercing damage, mostly to KO characters! If you get the chance to KO a character using Nin-Dogs then you should do that.
The key is doing major damage on one character in the first few rounds. Try to KO the first character within 3 turns!

[ 3 ] Zaku + Sakura + Itachi BD
At your first turn use Inner Sakura. If you started first now end your turn. If you started second you might also wanna counter an enemy attack using Finger Genjutsu or Wall of Air. At your second turn use KO Punch to stun a enemy using PHYSICAL or RANGED skills, also use Air Cutter on the same enemy to do 50 damage and use Finger Genjutsu to block a stunning enemy. With the right chakra the next turn you will be able to use Extreme Air Cutter (countering an enemy with Finger Genjutsu increases the change of using Extreme Air Cutter). When you don't get the BLOODLINE (for Extreme Air Cutter) use KO Punch and Goukakyuu No Justu to KO the enemy which took 50 damage.
After you KO'd the first enemy try to keep dealing 50 damage (using a combination of KO Punch and Air Cutter or KO Punch and Goukakyuu No Justu). Personally I prefere using Air Cutter to make 50 damage, this way you save a chakra and your opponent will have to stun or counter Zaku!
Make sure to use Wall of Air and Finger Genjutsu wisely, since they both have one turn cooldown!

[ 4 ] Deidara (S) + Asura Path Pein (S) + Jiroubou
A team with an easy but quite effective strategy!
First of all make sure to use Clay Mold twice, this way you will be able to hit 20 damage to all enemies with Large Explosives. While using Clay Mold for the second time you may want to use Chakra Burst, Cluster Bombs or Earth Seal Mud Cannonball in the same turn (I prefere saving these chakra for the next turn).
After preparing Deidara (S) you keep using AoE: Large Explosives, Chakra Burst/ Crown Shockwave and Earth Seal Mud Cannonball.
Thats basicaly the strategy. It might look simple, but the tricky part is knowing when to strike your enemies.
Example Pay attention when your opponent uses counter skills!

[ 5 ] Kazekage Gaara (S) + Haruno Sakura (S) + Rin
This team is based on defence and spike attack.
First skill which you want to use is Sand Summoning. Using this skill will provide Kazekage Gaara (S) with 10 points of damage reduction, he's allies will gain 15 destructible defence and Desert Missile plus Desert Prison will be improved. Next turn you will be able to do 40 piercing damage using Chakra Enhanced Punch and Desert Missile. On top of this you could do another 10/25 piercing damage if you'd use Pit Trap. I prefere to heal an ally which has taken damage, do so by using Healing Touch. This following turn you can do another 40 piercing damage using Chakra Enhanced Punch and Desert Missile again. If needed, you could also heal using Healing Touch or Trained Healing. Besides attacking or healing you can also decide to save chakra. Sand Summoning has a two turn cooldown, so this following turn you would want to use this skill again. After you used Sand Summoning twice Kazekage Gaara (S) will have 20 points of damage reduction, he's allies will gain another 15 destructible damage and he's skills will be improved (dealing 25 piercing or 50 damage). Now you are able to do 50 (piercing) damage each turn (needed chakra would be: TAIJUSTU, GENJUSTU and BLOODJUSTU). Do this by using the following combination of skills: Chakra Enhanced Punch + Pit Trap,
Chakra Enhanced Punch + Desert Missile
or Pit Trap + Desert Missile.
Make sure to use Desert Prison only when you need to stun CHAKRA or MELEE skills, Desert Missile is better to use since it costs one less chakra, does piercing damage and has no cooldown.

Hint Try to take at least 25 piercing damage of one enemy each turn, but keep in mind that 'defence' is the key to this team! (Defending by using: Sand Summoning, Healing Touch and Trained Healing)

[ 6 ] Kyuubi Naturo + Chiyo (S) + Haruno Sakura (S)
A team which uses spike skills (piercing damage) and stunning skills.
First of all you want to use White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage. Any enemy hit by this skill will most likely go invulnerable next turn. Making that enemy unable to attack, also will your opponent have one less chakra to attack with. Next turn use Chakra Enhanced Punch and Kyuubi Rage on one character (if possible hit the character which already had taken damage, if not choose another enemy to attack). You will have one chakra left, best is to save this chakra for the following turn. If you save the chakra you will be able to double-stun next turn or hit 60 damage plus 20 damage. You can either stun an enemy using Kyuubi Rasengan and/or Sanbou Kyuukai, but make sure to check your enemies skill-types to stun effectively! Or instead of stunning you can try to KO an enemy, using Kyuubi Rage, Focused Chakra Punch and White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage/ Sanbou Kyuukai. After you KO'd the first enemy keep repeating Kyuubi Rage and Focused Chakra Punch, dont forget to stun if needed! Also if Chiyo (S) health drops below 60 points, heal her with Trained Healing. Chiyo (S) is not able to defend herself, so you will have to make sure to keep her health high. Chiyo (S) is a key part in this team, since she does 40 damage for 1 random chakra (in two turns), so try not to lose her!

Hint Try to use Genjutsu chakra for Chiyo (S).

[ 7 ] Fukasaku & shima (S) + Orochimaru (S) + Hoshigaki Kisame
Quite an easy team to use plus it's very effective.
Try using Toad Confrontation Singing in the first 2 turns. This way you will stun all Mental and Ranged skills (if your opponent uses any skills). After using this skill make sure to use Kisames stunning wisely, by using it when necessary.
To prevent your opponent from stunning you use Sword Snake Horde, resulting your enemies skills to stun one less turn!

[ 8 ] Hatake Kakashi + Gekko Hayate + Izumo & Kotetsu
If you start the match skip your first turn (to save an extra chakra).
The first combination of skills you want use is Crescent Moon Slash and Conch Shell Mace, this will do 50 damage on one character. KO that enemy following turn by using Raikiri or a combination of Dance of the Crescent Moon and Guided Shell Mace, both doing 50 (piercing) damage. With this team you will be able to do 50 damage (almost) each turn. Try to use combinations given whenever possible, this way you can save Raikiri to be able to do 50 piercing damage on an enemy which may have some sort of defence.
If you get the change to KO an enemy using Nin-Dogs I advise to do so.

[ 9 ] Minato + Sakura (S) + Kyuubi Naruto
Start your match by using Costum Kunais on Sakura (S). Doing so you will increase Sakura (S)s defence, which is important since she can heal 50% of an ally's current health.
Second turn use Hiraishin Marking on an enemy which has the lowest defence (or which you think you'd have to take out first). You'll have to pick wisely because you need to hit 2 out of 3, using Hiraishin No Justu, to KO an enemy. If you don't get the second GENJUTSU to KO you enemy, try to use Kyuubi Rasengan plus Focused Chakra Punch instead. After you KO'd the first enemy try attacking an enemy which has high defence, use Kyuubi Rage plus Focused Chakra Punch and simply repeat these two skills until the enemy dies. Now there's just one enemy left to take out,

Hint Defence is what makes this team so effective. When you use it try to figure out which of your characters is going to be attacked the next turn. This way you can keep hes/her defence up.

[ 10 ] Sai (S) + Kimimaru + Kabuto (S)
With this team the first thing to do is figure out what type of team your opponent is using:
- When your opponent is using either stun or drain skills make sure to get Adaptive Painting up asap.
- When your opponent is using heal skills make sure to use Dead Soul Justu on the enemy which you intend to kill first.
- When your opponent is using counter skills make sure to use Kimimaro mostly, since he ignores counters/reflections.
You may face different combinations of these^ skill types, try to decide wisely what defence/attack is most important to use at that time.

For this team you want Kimimaro to be at or around 60 health. At the first few turns try to use Dance of the Clematis. Kimimaro will lose 5 affliction damage for two turns. When your opponent sees Kimimaro taking damage he/she will be likely to target him. As soon as Kimimaro's health drops below 61 health use Dance of the Seedling Fern. If needed you can heal him using Medical Ninjutsu (When ending your turn make sure to heal after using Dance of the Seedling Fern, healing Kimimaro above 60 health will make him unable to use the attack).

~ Team Strategies {2}
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GL with this
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Looks nice and i think you've put a lot of time in this. Good Job.
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For many people this looks quite obvious but its actually information we gain by expirience and we don't realise how important this is until we achieve high levels and unlocking many characters.

Good job on this guide, all the new players should take a look to this usefull information
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Great Guide Bro
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Cool guideline as always. I am testing those teams now. I am bad at pb
THank u Mr. Bam

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very cool bam
like it so much
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Thanks for all the positive comments! ^ Appreciate it.
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Cool Guide Bro Good Work
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Minato + Sakura (S) + Kyuubi Naruto

At this team if u can't put custom kunai on sakura what i should do in first turn ?
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Kisame, Shino, Shikamaru (S) Is a really good team to Streak too.
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You're the best Bam Really appreciate it
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