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Made by: The-Awesome-Boss

Its very important that you read the rules and requirements before asking for an invite. We also expect you
to have filled out the application form if you want to join.

We are ranked 25 and are level 63. Fallen Miko is now recruiting, mainly on invitation. We need hard working members. Most of all we need players that are good GFXers and players that are good followers. Based on your stats you'll receive a rank but as long as you can get to 50-10 or better you can have a trial rank. PM a captain or above for invitation or come to the clan or clan chat.

Made by: The-Awesome-Boss

Fallen Miko meaning fallen priestess is dedicated to Kikyou from Inuyasha. Were all very helpful and respectful, we would like to get members with the same core values. If there's any questions or
comments or if you want to join contact Belias202 or any leaders/captains. The members are all
encouraged to share there ideas with the leaders. We wont make you do things you don't want to do. This
clan is looking for new members and strong players that can be leaders.

Made by: The-Awesome-Boss

The Beginning: Fallen Miko Was Started by kikyou1. Kikyou1 was bored and already in a clan. The clan she was in was very inactive and Kikyou1 wanted more then that. So kikyou1 set of on her own quest to try to start a new clan. She wanted to make sure that it was a clan where all the members would be respected and valued. As the leader of Fallen Miko, Kikyou1 will always put the clan and its members before herself. The Clan was started July, 6 2009 and Even though we were new, had little members, and were inexperienced we didn't give up. Now we can proudly say we have grown in more ways than

The 5 Great Shinobi: There are 5 great Shinobis in Fallen Miko. Those great 5 are ranked as leaders. First came the creator of the clan Kikyou1. She invited Shikamaru_Dude after they fought in a ladder. Surprisingly he accepted, Kikyou1 didn't even know that Shikamaru_Dude was once ranked the 4th best player in Naruto-Arena. Then Shikamaru_dude
invited the great GeneralRoo to Fallen Miko. This Toad Sage would go down in Fallen Miko's history books as one of the greatest ninjas of all time. Loffy the fourth great warrior also came to us in August. He is tactical and straight to the point, such things should be expected from the WoW King. The final warrior is a young student of the great Toad Sage. His
name is Neji_Uchia95, he previously left the clan but now his back for good. His dream is to surpass the great

Dark Times and The Small Flame: Dark times fell upon Fallen Miko when an event that shall not be named occurred. A member of Fallen Miko took us down from the top 50's to the bottom 100's. Then the leader of Fallen Miko became very inactive. The clan went all the way down to the 150's. Until the day GeneralRoo had enough, so he called out for Kikyou1
to get back to her responsibilities. At first his requests went ignored but then he managed to spark a fire that would burn until the end of Naruto-Arena. Kikyou1 came back to her duties and her and the other leaders rearranged many things
in the clan. Those changes greatly improved the clan. Fallen Miko went from the bottom 130's to the top 50's in less then
2 months. Now Fallen Miko is nearing the top 20's.

A New Era: A new era was brought to Fallen Miko when two Brazilian all stars decided to join us. The competitiveness
of streaking and laddering where taken to a whole new level. Official streak races where made, everyone wanted to win. Everyone wanted to proove there worth to the clan. The effects on Fallen Miko's members and rank where huge. The members became closer then ever and our rank reached a new high. Everyone who participated and oragnised the streak races will forever live in our hearts, they shown that there will of fire burns bright.

Made by: The-Awesome-Boss

1) Have highest level 36 and highest streak +20.
2) Be able to get to 50-10 or better.
3) Show respect and loyalty.
4) Never give up.
5) Have a good attitude.
6) Have fun.

Made by: The-Awesome-Boss

1) Help with Missions
2) Naruto-Arena guidance From More Experienced Members
3) Friendly Members
4) No Pressure Zone
5) Very Trust Worthy and Loyal Leaders
6) Chatbox
7) GFX of your choice
8) Clan Tournaments and Wars

Made by: The-Awesome-Boss

1) Don't be rude to members or guests of the Clan.
2) Respect leaders opinions.
3) If you want to be promoted read the rank requirements then pm Belias202 or Iceflame214
4) Don't ask to be a Mod
5) Don't ask to be a Leader or a Captain those ranks are only picked by the clan council
6) Don't Spam.
7) All new members must go through Shinobi in Waiting if they want to be Secret Keepers or above.
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Player Profiles This is Where We Show Case the Best Fallen Miko Players. That Doesn't Just Mean Best Stats it Also Means Best Leadership skills, Attitude and Loyalty.

Highest Streak: 37
Highest Level: 45
Roo-sama as he is known is one of the most respected players in Fallen Miko. He has been with Fall almost as long as it has existed. He is loyal, dedicated, positive, and above all els hard working. You think he would be cocky after all he has done but he is still as humble as ever.

Highest Streak: 32
Highest Level: 43
Shika is one of the first members of Fallen Miko. Even though he is known for being the the Yin to Roo's Yang. He is still loyal and full of courage. There is nothing more that he enjoys then unlocking new characters. A very playfull and great leader.

Highest Streak: 22
Highest Level: 31
The Clan creator of Fallen Miko. Currently obsessing over getting a good ratio with a bad connection. Hates saying "no" to people, but it has to be done. Often has to go out and make sandwiches for the members of the clan. Also known as Kik.

Highest Streak: 14
Highest Level: 26
Dranzer_Gigs or Kai as he is known is a good warrior. More then that he is the clans leading GFXer. He has made more gfx for Fallen Miko then many other members. He likes to keep to him self and when his not being quite then he will usually be flaming someone on Youtube. Kai is a very hard worker and is irreplaceable to Fallen Miko. He is also the head gfxer of the clan and has his own rank to prove it.

Highest Streak: 28
Highest Level: 39
DjackByron or more commonly known as Dj in the chat is a very kind and friendly young man. He is completely loyal to the clan and has never even talked about leaving Fallen Miko. He is also very fair and always sticks up for what he believes in. Dj is always trying to improve himself and help out other people. Those are just a few of the reasons that he got a place in the Player Profiles Section. Dj has been promoted to leader level because of his loyalty and hard work.

Highest Streak: 36
Highest Level: 42
When Adin123 or just Adin as his known around Fall first came to the clan there wasn't much to say about him. He had a bit of an attitude and wanted to get things done the quick way. But he learned from other Fallen Miko members that patience was the key. So he started training and that training paid off. He is now a mod and a respected member of Fallen Miko. He has come a long way since he first joined and we are all very proud of him.

Highest Streak: 52
Highest Level: 45
Diru-Kun has hopped in and out of the clan more times then we can count. But he is strongly respected amongst all of Fallen Miko's members. Due to the fact that not only does he keep coming back to us, But that when he does come back he puts up +30's left and right. He might not be the most gracious fellow but were proud to call him one of Fallen Miko's own. He's currently in Ivyaert but we still think he deserves to stay on the playercards he deserves it.

Highest Streak: 34
Highest Level: 41
Boratheman is a great streaker and a very active in-gamer. He has been in Fallen Miko for months and never once did he ask to be a mod in the chat or a captain in the clan. Yet we saw that he was an incradibly loyal and priceless member to Fallen Miko so the ranks where rushed to him. Where there is a Fallen Miko war there is probably a Bora lurking ready to attack the enemy. For his great attitude and loyalty Boratheman has earned a spot in our Player Profiles.

Highest Streak: 16
Highest Level: 36
Belias202 is more commonly known in the chat as Sedge. He is always online and ready to help someone. Though his streak might not be that great he has the will of fire. He is never seen using his power enless its absolutely necessary. Sedge has been in the clan since July 9, 2009 he joined three days after it was made and has never left. We hope his great attitude stays the same and that his N-A dreams come true good luck sedge. Sedge is currently the clan leader.

Highest Streak: 27
Highest Level: 32
Uchihaitachi228 is better known as Seiteki or Sei by everyone in Fallen Miko. Simply because his real n-a name is to long and it has a better sound. Sei has been in Fallen Miko for more then a year. He is a captain in Fallen Miko and keeps watch over the clan xp. We just had to give him a place in the Player Profiles, congratulations Seiteki.

Highest Streak: 19
Highest Level: 32
Mainman or main as he is known to most of the clan leaders is a very nice and responsible young leader. Thought he might not have the best streak or highest level, We took quick notice of his leadership skills and his ability to be fair but nice very quicky. So after a while of spying on him we decided to promote him to a Leader. We hope main will always be as loyal and devoted to Fallen Miko as he is now. Main is currently retired now.

Highest Streak : +24
Highest Level : 31
Boss is our most devoted gfxer in the clan, when theres no one else to gfx for us he is there to back us up. He's quite active in the chat and from times to times we totally would've failed without him.

Highest Streak : +30
Highest Level : 39
Icey is one of the most trustworthy players in fall, he's always up to date on everything in the clan and keeps watch of all the members, he is one of the quickest members to get captain throughout all of Fallen Miko's history.

Highest Streak : +41
Highest Level : 37
Fear has been with us for a while, he's always training to make the best of himself and others around him, always striving to be the best he can be, he is one of the 3 newest captains

Highest Streak : +27
Highest Level : 38
Taka has been with Fallen Miko through the bad times and he's always working hard to keep the clan up, he's recruited tons of members, always active in the chat, and always trying to make the clan succeed. We're very proud of you Taka.
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Shuuriken's Backgrounds:
Kisame Ingame // Jiraiya Ingame // Bee Ingame // Battle Ingame // Madara Selection // Zabuza Selection

Fame's Backgrounds:
Itachi Selection

Ben's Backgrounds:
Madara Ingame // Braids Selection


Small Stroked Medium Stroked Large Stroked Non Stroked
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Made by: Kai


*This is Last Man Standing
*The fights will be in the format best out 5 ( 3/5 )
*1 Week to fight
*You cannot use full teams (stuns, drainers/burners, counters, AoE) Official list
*You cannot repeat the opponent's team
*You cannot play more than once for your clan.
*You are allowed to sub players, however the score remains the same.
If you disconnect, your game bugs, or is impaired for any other reason then your opponent wins, unless you both consent to a rematch.
* You may only use a char once per match (Example: you may only use Kiba once in a 3/5 match).

-Banned Combo List:
preli.gif Baki + Orochimaru (S) / Suigetsu / Sakon / Shino / Kisame (S)

preli.gif Chouji + any healer

preli.gif Dosu+ Chiyo/Sasuke/Kin

preli.gif Edo Tensei Deidara + Neji (S)/Chiyo/Shika(S)/Kiba/Kimimaro/Yondaime Hokage

preli.gif Gaara + Zaku/Gai/Chouza/Itachi BD/Sakura/Ino/Karin

preli.gif Hachibi Bee (s) + Any 2 Healers.

preli.gif Haku + Jiraiya / Tayuya / Gai (S) / Lee / Gai / Tayuya / Hinata (S)

preli.gif Kakashi + Chiyo/ Zaku / Karin / Chouza/ Kidoumaru / Ao / MS

preli.gif Kakashi (S) + Asuma (S)

preli.gif Kakashi + MS / Kidoumaru / Suigetsu / Neji.

preli.gif Kiba + Shigure / Chiyo / Nidaime / Edo Tensei Deidara

preli.gif Kidoumaru + Tayuya / Gai / 4 tails Kyuubi / Kisame / Izumo&Kotetsu

preli.gif Kisame + Shigure / Shodai / Hayate / Orochimaru (S) / Baki / Nidaime / Oboro / Human Path Pein

preli.gif Kyuubi + Chiyo / Sakura s / Lee / Shizune

preli.gif Neji (S) + Tayuya/KBD

preli.gif Orochimaru + Tayuya / Asuma (S) / Temari / Oboro / Sandaime / Jiraiya / Anko / Deidara / Gekko / Cursed Sealed Sasuke

preli.gif Preta/Shino/Hinata (S) + Any chakra drainer/stealer

preli.gif Sakon + Css / Kyuubi / Kakashi (S)

preli.gif Shikamaru (s) + Yoroi

preli.gif Suigetsu + Oro (S) / Shino / Baki / Zaku / Itachi (S)

preli.gif Torune + Kabuto / Lee (S) / Deva Path Pein

preli.gif YK + Nidaime / Shigure

preli.gif Yondaime Hokage + Chouji/Kurotsuchi/Lee/Gai/Neji(S)/Orochimaru/Jiraiya(S)/Zaku/Konan

Fallen Miko Roster


Opponents roster


Free Matchups

Made by Nelo

Fallen Miko Clan War Record


Fallen Miko vs BlitzReig 2-2: Tie
Fallen Miko vs Village Hidden in the Fire: 3-0
Fallen Miko vs -Kasshitte 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs Teikoku 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs Genesis Academy 1-2:
Fallen Miko vs Los Incas 3-0:
Fallen Miko vs PORTUGAL 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs The Nightmare Phenoms 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs Trinity (LMS) 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs Nine-Tailed Espadas (LMS) 3-0:
Fallen Miko vs Jinchuuriki Warriors 3-0:
Fallen Miko vs Ivyaert 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs Kasshite 0-3:
Fallen Miko vs Gods of Evils 2-6: LMS
Fallen Miko vs Epicness 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs. The Apokalyptics 7-3: LMS
Fallen Miko vs. Guaruja 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs Jiyuu Kaishi 1-4:
Fallen Miko vs Ivyaert 1-6:
Fallen Miko vs. Shoutai 2-1:
Fallen Miko vs. The rebirth of spider 7-2 (LMS) : Link
Fallen Miko vs Invictus 3-7 (LMS) : Link
Fallen Miko vs Aspiration 7-3 (LMS) Link
Fallen Miko vs Enchanted 1-7: (LMS)
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Made by:Shuuriken

-No talking about opponents teams.
-If glitch or internet problem occur there will be a rematch (this rule can be changing depending on how far into the game the problem occurred).
-If opponent doesn't search in 5 minutes you win by default.
-8 man tourney except for special occasions.
-All matches are SD except for the Final which is 2/3.
-No smack talking.
-No spam.
-10 minute registration.

-No full teams: Affliction, AoE, Counter, Stunner, Healing, Spikers (40 damage and above in 1 hit is a spiker).

-Banned Combo List:
1. Chouji + Healer/Stunner
2. Kiba + shigure/Nidaime/Tayuya/Kyuubi/Chiyo
3. Haku + Kiba/Jiraiya/GaiS/Lee/Tayuya/Human/Suigetsu/Gai/Kuriarare
4. Gaara is banned
5. Sasuke + Hachibi/Yondaime/Dosu/Sakon/Oro(S)/Naruto(S)
6. Suigetsu + OroS/Shino/Baki/Zaku/ItachiS
7. Orochimaru + Tayuya/AsumaS/Temari/Oboro/Sandaime/Jaraiya/Anko/Deidara/InoS/KabutoS/Css/Gekko/Shigure/Drainer.
8.Kidomaru + Gai/Tayuya/SakuraS/4Tails/Kisame/Izumo/Kakashi/KibaS/Minato/sakon
9. Hachibi + Healer/Zabuza
10. Yk + ShikaS/Jiro/NarutoS/Yoroi
11. Kidomaru + Tayuya/Gai/SakuraS/I&K/Kurenai/Lee/ShikaS/KabutoS/sakon
12. Yoroi + Jiro/Yk/ShikaS/KabutoS
13. Kakashi + Zaku/Sai/Minato/Kidomaru/I&k/KibaS/ShikaS/GariS
14. Baki + OroS/Suigetsu/Kisame/Chiyo/Juugo/Sakon
15.Kyuubi Naruto + SakuraS/Chiyo/Lee/KakaS/HinataS/Sakon
16.Preta/Hinata (S)/Jiroubo + Drainer/Oboro/Human/Shika S
17. Chiyo+ Jirobou/Zabuza/Kiba/Torune/Naruto S/Sakon
18. Utakata + Torune/Neji/Rin/LeeS/Lee/Gai/Sakon
19. TemariS + HinataS/Oro/Nii/Naraka/
20. InoIchi + ChoujiS/Sage Naruto/Konan/Kakashi
21. Edo Tensei Sasori + Jinin/Yk/Kidoumaru/Gekko/Kakashi
22. Konan + SakuraS/InoS/Rin/sakura/oboro/tayuya/ino/Darui
23. ShikaS + Csj/Yoroi/neji
24. Kitsuchi +Itachi/zabuza/anko/Cursed seal juugo/kuriarari/Ameyuri
25. Ms + Db/kakashi/konan/hachibi


-Player 1:
-Player 2:
-Player 3:
-Player 4:
-Player 5:
-Player 6:
-Player 7:
-Player 8:

1 vs 3
2 vs 5
4 vs 7
6 vs 8

??? vs ???
??? vs ???

??? vs ???

-Spot in the Hall of Fame
-Invite to clan (If You Want)

Made by Nelo

Fallen Miko Tournament #1 (8 man) - Winner: Kikyou1: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #2 (8 man) - Winner: GeneralRoo: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #3 (8 man) - Winner: Mengo456789: Guaruja
Fallen Miko Tournament #4 (8 man) - Winner: Kikyou1: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #5 (8 man) - Winner: Kamila992: Mirai no Himitsu
Fallen Miko Tournament #6 (8 man) - Winner: Kylerocks1994: Legions of kages
Fallen Miko Tournament #7 (8 man) - Winner: Neji_Uchia95: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #8 (16 man) - Winner: Kage-benshn: Gods of Evils
Fallen Miko Tournament #9 (8 man) - Winner: Belias202: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #10 (8 man) - Winner: ^F8talFr0st^: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #11 (8 man) - Winner: SageMode-Roo : Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #12 (8 man) - Winner: battousai20089: Ivyaert
Fallen Miko Tournament #13 (8 man) - Winner : Belias202: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #14 (8 man) - Winner : Mainman: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #15 (8 man) - Winner : Kylerocks1994: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #16 (8 man) - Winner : Loffy: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #17 (8 man) - Winner : Rob400: Sandai Kitetsu
Fallen Miko Tournament #18 (8 man) - Winner : kennethc: Byashakugan
Fallen Miko Tournament #19 (8 man) - Winner : Boratheman : Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #20 (8 man) - Winner : Mukanle Clan : Clanless
Fallen Miko Tournament #21 (8 man) - Winner : xFxExAxRx: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #22 (16 man) - Winner : deidaraakatsy: Gods of Evils
Fallen Miko Tournament #23 (8 man) - Winner : Butterfly***: Apocalypse Angels
Fallen Miko Tournament #24 (8 man) - Winner : spike7011: Enchanted
Fallen Miko Tournament #25 (8 man) - Winner : chaos-: Twilight of Spirits
Fallen Miko Tournament #26 (8 man) - Winner : fear-sama: Terror Force Unlimited
Fallen Miko Tournament #27 (8 man) - Winner : parkmixboy: Clanless
Fallen Miko Tournament #28 (8 man) - Winner : emile_emile_70: Clanless
Fallen Miko Tournament #29 (8 man) - Winner : spike7011: Enchanted
Fallen Miko Tournament #30 (8 man) - WInner : naruto-turl: Ancient Gods
Fallen Miko Tournament #31 (8 man) - Winner : God-Of-Sasuke: Fallen Miko
Fallen Miko Tournament #32 (8 man) - Winner : miles47: Terror Force Unlimitted
Fallen Miko Tournament #33 (8 man) - Winner : Kasumaru: Acres Caelestes - ReUnited
  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:44
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Lovely thread.
Hi Sedge.
There's nowhere on this earth I would rather be than in your bedroom breathing heavily.
I hate to admit it, but I miss you, Fame. ~Guipe
  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:45
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First page!!!

Gl to clan! :amused
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  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:47
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looks epic
proud captain forever! ;3
  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:47
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Its the start of something new.

Lets go :cool
  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:48
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Nice thread. Good luck.
  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:48
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Tree leaves bud anew :amused
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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The-Awesome-Boss wrote:
Edit : goddamn it fame, u just had to !

and it's adin, not sedge.

Proud member of fallen miko :cool

and lastly, SECOND !

No I'm saying hi to Sedge. :suspicious
There's nowhere on this earth I would rather be than in your bedroom breathing heavily.
I hate to admit it, but I miss you, Fame. ~Guipe
  Posted on October 2, 2011 19:50
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not too active i guess (wary)