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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:08
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Sexy banner by Kayashi
The Boss wrote:
FairyTail-Arena V.2.... COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!.
The Boss wrote:

I need only 1 coder to complete the 5.
The Boss wrote:
EVERYTHING INSIDE ARENA WILL BE REWORKED 100 TIMES. So please stop saying where are the errors because when we start reworking all , we will fix that. Anyways thanks who tried to help.

Welcome to Fairy Tail Arena (project). This arena is based on the famous and new anime called Fairy Tail.


FT-A Official Xat V.1
Fairy Tail Custom Character Contest

Will this arena be released?

Now I know. This arena will be released for sure.

Will this arena fail like others?

While I stay alive with my workers, this arena won't die. I think oh.

Why did you make this arena

Hum... I was thinking, there is a Naruto and Bleach based arenas. Why not Fairy Tail? An anime that comes with numerous fans and cool things.

1-> All N-B Rules applies here. If you don't know Click Here
2-> Do not say "gl' or "it's nice" or anything similar without any context.
3-> Do not reserve any character if you are not a worker
4-> If you were rejected, you need to wait 3 days to make an application again.
5-> Suggestion are welcome but without any flame.

Application Form:

Why you want to join?:
How active are you:
GM or Mod?:
What you can make for this arena?:
Experience in what you said above:
Show 5 examples of your work:


Nickname: Firebane
Why you want to join?: Because I like Fairy Tail
How active are you: 3~6 days in week
GM or Mod?: I am the boss (Wt)
What you can make for this arena?: Custom Characters,Missions and Pics
Experience in what you said above: Custom Characters about 4~5 months, Missions 1 month and Pics about 1~2 weeks
Show 5 examples of your work:
1 2 3 4 5

----------List of Workers----------

Webmaster: (1) ~ Me, the Boss

-> Firebane (Character Maker&Balancer)

Administrator: (5) ~ Coders

-> shaunmorgan (Coder)
-> gaaraevil666 (Coder)
-> zxcvbnm843 (Coder)
-> Diabl0 (Coder)

Global Moderator: (10) ~ Who works a lot inside arena

-> icanhealdumpling (GFXer, Mission Maker)
-> engineyo (Character Maker&Mission Maker)
-> felipeuzumake (GFXer)
-> andrei_sasuke_jr (Character&Mission Maker)
-> Trivilli (GFXer)
-> Kayashi (GFXer)
-> gaara_king16 (Character&Mission Maker)
-> Uzumaki_Kiubby (Character&Mission Maker)
-> Enaki_Renraku (Balancer)

Moderators: (15) ~ New workers and little inactives

-> SilentZen (Grammar/Settings Reworker)
-> kakuzujoao (GFXer)
-> DanySasuke (GFXer)
-> -Kaia (GFXer)
-> BetrayersUnli (Balancer, Character Maker)
-> mikrent (GFXer)
-> darkhell27 (GFXer)
-> (Uchiha-Clan) (GFXer)
-> -alemdalenda- (Character Maker)
-> reshukhdek (Character&Mission Maker)
-> BUBBLECHEWs (Grammar/Settings Reworker)
-> Suke00 (Character&Mission Maker)
-> -Brotherhood- (Character Maker)
-> Er-chan (Character Maker)
-> Abysss (Character&MIssion Maker)

(Here you will find ideas that any person can give)

Magic Point System
Gaara Ideas
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:09
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Nice banner by (Uchiha-Clan)

Our characters will be based on arcs.

The first time they appear will have a normal name. Ex.: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster

On the second until last. they will have () with arc name. Ex.: Gray Fullbuster (GI), Natsu Dragneel (PL), Lucy Heartfilia (FF).

~ 4 Slots (without text)
~ 6 Slots (without text)
~ 8 Slots (without text)
~ 4 Slots (with text)
~ 6 Slots (with text)
~ 8 Slots (with text)
~ 4 slots .psd (you just need to overwrite)
~ 6 slots .psd (you just need to overwrite)
~ 8 slots .psd (you just need to overwrite)

nzpwyu.jpg 1-5: Amateur Mage
5cc8si.jpg 6-10: Exceed
adn96d.jpg 11-15: Dark Mage
2d16bnq.jpg 16-20: Celestial Spirit
ibf3ad.jpg 21-25: Raijinshuu
16k9mrk.jpg 26-30: S-Class Mage
24d376r.jpg 31-35: Dragon Slayer
wmi6br.jpg 36-40: Guild Master
wizzard.png 41-45: Wizard Saint
zwkpba.jpg 46-50: Magic Council Member
46-50+#1 Rank: Magic Council Chairman

Physical Magic:
The Physical magic is used when a character fights without the use of magic. Ex.: Erza slashes with her sword, Lucy kick, Gray punches.

Caster Magic:
The Caster magic is used when a character fights with their own, natural, magic abilities. Ex.: Ice Make, Reflector Magic, Reedus Pict Magic.

Holder Magic:
The Holder magic is used when a character fights through magical items. Ex.: Lucy's keys, Alzack and Bisca firearms.

Lost Magic:
The Lost magic is used when a character uses magic that have been lost in time. Ex.: Natsu using Dragon Slayer magic, Ultear using Arc of Time.

Random are used in skills that don't use magics above or just to balance the skill.

Main Classes: Physical, Magic, Mental
Timebound Classes: Instant, Action, Control
Distance Classes: Ranged, Melee
Additional Classes: Affliction
New -> Elemental Classes: Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.

Elemental Classes example: (It may change)

Laxus using Thunder magic will count as Wind-based
Juvia using her Water magic or Gray using Ice Make will count as Water-based
Natsu using Fire Dragon Slayer or Macao using Purple Flame will count as Fire-based
Sol and/or Everlue earth magic will counter as Earth-based

Examples of classes:

-Physical, Instant, Melee
-Magic, Action, Ranged
-Mental, Instant
-Magic, Control, Ranged, Affliction*
-Physical, Instant, Melee, Affliction*
-Mental, Instant, Melee, Affliction*, Elemental, Wind

Starter Characters: 50% Completed ~ 5 Chararacters still need a balance rework.
ZsvmM.png p90ae.png 914.png K4cnS.png 33pd9o0.jpg 5d50L.png face.png 7ta7J.png hIXxv.png

Macao, Daybreak and Lullaby Arc: 50% Completed ~ All Characters still need a balance work
11qjy8x.jpg wDdJB.png iXJlp.png screenshot248-2.png bi48ig.png 29c1jdv.png BDpIy.png FairyTail8Screen72.png Untitled-1-18.png qh5bt.png fo0lye.png ZrnCk.png Untitled-1-19.png 1h2x52.png FairyTail4Screen23-8.png 2zebd5x.png

Galuna Island(GI) and Phantom Lord Arc(PL): 50% Completed ~ All Character still need a balance and settings rework
iQ5nD.png 6VBs6.png 208z0it.png 2vskfwi.png 123wink.png 1z1bsy9.png 2qd9zex.png nmhx21.png Z4jLp.png x3gx0i.jpg 2dr9mid.png arrrr.png ghSHB.png FairyTail14Screen99-1.png mhcahv.png jsnina.png Untitled-1-20.png eySMN.png zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.png Sol4face.png kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.png pj3XR.png yyyyyyyyyyyy.png faceeee.png jgmuko.png EDk5P.png sssssssssssssssss.png erzafaceeeee.png o3Dab.png screenshot306.png erzaadaface.png FairyTail21Screen76.png FairyTail22Screen13.png screenshot325.png 9hjbs1.jpg hwewreface.png 9qir1f.png belfmanface.png FairyTail28Screen55.png

Loke(L) and Tower of Heaven Arc(TH):
iwnos6.png sd.png nesro5.png fs.png ikarugafacefixxcopy.png purgatoryerzafacepic.png pll.png shoface-1.png 14mcsur.png dragonnatsuface.png wallykubn.png juviathfacepic.png 2z6ec6c.png b8ss1s.png 102uref.png 5F7ho.png simonfaceee.png ht71qw.jpg cllA4.png gdg43.png natsufp4edited.png lucyfp5-2.png facepicofanowlbitch.png VWSmQ.png millianafp.png fasdgvcxv.png

Fighting Festival(FF) and Oracion Seis Arc(OS):

Fillers Characters (Filler):

Edolas and S-Trial Arc coming soon....

(You can reserve up to 2 characters at time)

-> Starter Characters(9): DONE!!!!!!
-> Macao, Daybreak and Lullaby Arc(16): DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
-> Galuna Island and Phantom Lord Arc: (36) DONE!!!!!!!!!!

-> Loke and Tower of Heaven Arc: (29)

Lucy Heartfilia(L) [Celestial Spirit] - Taken by Engineyo
Loke (L) [Celestial Spirit] - Done!
Karen Lilica [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Natsu Dragneel (TH) [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Erza Scarlet (TH) [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Lucy Heartfilia (TH) [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Gray Fullbuster (TH) [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Juvia Lockser (TH) [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Wally Buchanan [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Sho [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Simon [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Millianna [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Vidaldus Taka [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Ikaruga [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Fukuro [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Purgatory Erza [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Japanese Erza [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Juvia Lockser & Lucy Heartfilia [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Jellal Fernandes [S-Class Mage] - Done!
Meteor Jellal [Guild Master] - Done!
Dragon Force Natsu [Guild Master] - Done!
Slave Erza [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Slave Jellal [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Succubus Juvia [Raijinshuu] - Done!
Past Leo(Loke)[Raijinshuu] - Done!
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:09
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Jobs will be based on Arcs Sessions

We will make jobs per arc so first of all we make all characters from that arc after that we start missions to them. Never make jobs when the arc isn't complete. I made this to be more organized.

~ Exterior (without text)
~ Interior (without text)
~ Interior Character (without text)
~ Exterior (with text)
~ Interior (with text)
~ Interior Character (with text)
~ Exterior .psd (you just need to overwrite)
~ Interior .psd (you just need to overwrite)
~ Interior Character .psd (you just need to overwrite)

->Amateur Mage

The Forbidden Island(No-Char)[All Characters from Galuna Island - Preparation]:: Taken by Suke00
Fight against Apprentices(No-Char)[Gray Fullbuster (GI) and Lyon Bastia - Preparation]::

->Dark Mage
War!(No-Char)[All Members of Fairy Tail and Phantom Guild - Preparation]:: Done!
The Truth about Past(No-Char):[Elfman, Mirajane and Beast Elfman - Preparation]::
An Unfulfilled Goal(Kid Lyon):
The Masked Man(Zalty):
Wave Motion(Yuka):
A Man, a Dog or just an Idiot?(Toby):
Fighting for Love(Sherry Blendi):

->Celestial Spirit
Element 4(No-Char)[All Element 4 members - Preparation]::
The Funny Dragon(Natsu Dragneel (GI)):
Pretty and Dangerous(Lucy Heartfilia (GI)):
Sorrows from a Cold Past(Gray Fullbuster (GI)):
Punishment for Rule Breakers(Erza Scarlet (GI)): Done!
The Giant's Arm(Giant Erza): Done!
Gun Magic Users(Alzack Connell&Bisca Mulan): Done!
The Killer of his Sister(Elfman):
The Old Duo(Wakaba Mine&Macao Conbolt): Done!
The Celestial Spirit from the Guild(Loke): Done!
Song of the Dark(Bozo):
Another Dimension(Sue): Taken by engineyo
The Fat Painter(Reedus Jonah): Done!
The Alcoholic Woman(Cana Alberona): Done!

Light vs Shadow(No-Char):[Jose and Makarov - Preparation]::
Eternal Ice(Ur):
A True Dragon Awakens(Natsu Dragneel (PL)): Taken by icanhealdumpling
Friends and Hope(Lucy Heartfilia (PL)):
Cold Mage with Warm Heart(Gray Fullbuster (PL)):
A New Leader(Erza Scarlet (PL)):
Protecting my Guild(Adamantine Erza): Done!
Black vs Darkness(Black Wing Erza): Done!
Queen of Fairy Tail(Heavens Wheel Erza):
The Iron Dragon Slayer(Gajeel Redfox): Done!
Drip, Drip, Drop(Juvia Lockser):
Different Types of Fire(Totomaru): Done!
Element 4 - Earth(Sol): Done!
Unseen Tears(Aria): Done!
Painfull Memories(Beast Elfman):

->S-Class Mage
The Last Sister Alive(Mirajane): Done!
The Fairy's Bond(Makarov): Taken by gaara_king16

>>> Raijinshuu -> The Son of Metalicana(Dragon Gajeel): Done!
>>> Celestial Spirit -> The Ice Prince(Lyon Bastia): Taken by Uzumaki_Kiubby

>>> S-Class Mage -> Master of Phantom Lord Guild(Jose Porla): Done!

----------Jobs Difficult----------

Amateur Mage: Practice Session
Exceed: Rookie Job
Dark Mage: Normal Job
Celestial Wizard: A-Class Job
Raijinshuu: S-Class Job
S-Class Mage: SS-Class Job
Dragon Slayer: 10 Years Job
Guild Master: 100 Years Job
Wizard Saint: Council Top Ranked Job

-> Macao, Daybreak and Lullaby Arc:
FTAMissionOut.png Boracopy.png DUles.png ZVCSL.png IEezX.png qEvIA.png xXZ2u.png P6UiE.png 4tntE.png Ys6LW.png wnNGs.png U6sLi.png neet4343.png VulcanOut.png3Hua7.png freer3.png VkgTj.png kagemissiioncopy.png 2sf9H.png 61Rrp.png cancercopy.png

-> Galuna Island and Phantom Lord Arc:
josemisisonsssh3.png 23r4pyt.png newwwgaaaa.png 2n0k5ys.png 357hmdj.jpg ariamissiondsa.png 23lzbqe.png canamnnr.png FTAMissionOut-1.png ZMHPe.png gZbfE.png FTAMissionOut-2.png solmissionss.png 2pzjhqt.jpg 28vc904.jpg k2b8ys.jpg x3icn5.jpg hhhh433.png

-> Loke and Tower of Heaven Arc:

-> Fighting Festival and Oracion Seis Arc:

-> Filler Arcs:

-> Edolas and S-Trial Arc coming soon....
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:09
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GFX ZONE: (Any person can use them with credits: "worker who made" FT-A)

5k3S2.jpg T7TNO.jpg vmqJv.jpg bAIeo.jpg T2IGU.jpg TgSvy.jpg 3XGyL.jpg y2Lmt.jpg FTA3.png FTA4.png FTA1.png FTA7.png FTA8.png FTA10.png FTA12.png FTA13.png FTA14.png aa.jpg ada.jpg dd.jpg girl.jpg happy.jpg Untitled-2.jpg ca.jpg da.jpg dada.jpg ad.jpg dafaf.jpg gwgwra.jpg daff.jpg dadfa.jpg ag.jpg dafa.jpg dag.jpg gag.jpg happya.jpg lucy.jpg gafa.jpg rqrq.jpg shadd.jpg 2r2xeue.jpg igdx01.jpg

gtrara.png icong1-1.png ssssssssssssssssssssss.png adadadada.png sdasdad.png

vbhjm7.png ghgh6t6.png erxb546.png bnnytj76.png bb55.png v324.png gg32bvcx.png g324324.png n3212.png g342.png

jz6seb.png 352rcxd.png fairytailarenamodsig.png 95rk92.jpg 2ez33ly.jpg 9owlx67.png hPOkU.png natsu_.jpg Untitled-1-2.png
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:09
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Nice banner by (Uchiha-Clan)
(If you don't know. They are screenshots from an episode). Any person can download these

Version 1:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20

Version 2:
Fairy Tail Episode 1
Fairy Tail Episode 2
Fairy Tail Episode 3
Fairy Tail Episode 4
Fairy Tail Episode 5
Fairy Tail Episode 6
Fairy Tail Episode 7
Fairy Tail Episode 8
Fairy Tail Episode 9
Fairy Tail Episode 10
Fairy Tail Episode 11
Fairy Tail Episode 12
Fairy Tail Episode 13
Fairy Tail Episode 14
Fairy Tail Episode 15
Fairy Tail Episode 16
Fairy Tail Episode 17
Fairy Tail Episode 18
Fairy Tail Episode 19
Fairy Tail Episode 20
Fairy Tail Episode 21
Fairy Tail Episode 22
Fairy Tail Episode 23
Fairy Tail Episode 24
Fairy Tail Episode 25
Fairy Tail Episode 26
Fairy Tail Episode 27
Fairy Tail Episode 28
Fairy Tail Episode 29
Fairy Tail Episode 30
Fairy Tail Episode 31
Fairy Tail Episode 32
Fairy Tail Episode 33
Fairy Tail Episode 34
Fairy Tail Episode 35
Fairy Tail Episode 36
Fairy Tail Episode 37
Fairy Tail Episode 38
Fairy Tail Episode 39
Fairy Tail Episode 40
Fairy Tail Episode 41
Fairy Tail Episode 42
Fairy Tail Episode 43
Fairy Tail Episode 44
Fairy Tail Episode 45
Fairy Tail Episode 46
Fairy Tail Episode 47
Fairy Tail Episode 48
Fairy Tail Episode 49
Fairy Tail Episode 50
Fairy Tail Episode 51
Fairy Tail Episode 52
Fairy Tail Episode 53
Fairy Tail Episode 54
Fairy Tail Episode 55
Fairy Tail Episode 56
Fairy Tail Episode 57
Fairy Tail Episode 58
Fairy Tail Episode 59
Fairy Tail Episode 60
Fairy Tail Episode 61
Fairy Tail Episode 62
Fairy Tail Episode 63
Fairy Tail Episode 64
Fairy Tail Episode 65
Fairy Tail Episode 66
Fairy Tail Episode 67
Fairy Tail Episode 68
Fairy Tail Episode 69
Fairy Tail Episode 70
Fairy Tail Episode 71
Fairy Tail Episode 72
Fairy Tail Episode 73
Fairy Tail Episode 74
Fairy Tail Episode 75

Forum Ranks
Home Page
Game Manual
Guild Jobs(Ninja Missions)
Player Card - Amateur Mage
Player Card - Exceed
Player Card - Dark Mage
Player Card - Celestial Spirit
Player Card - Raijinshuu
Player Card - S-Class Mage
Player Card - Dragon Slayer
Player Card - Guild Master
Player Card - Wizard Saint
Player Card - Council Member (Supposed to be lv 46 and not 41)
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:10
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Awsome, just waited for the day someone would take action with this, GL. :amused
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:11
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GL with project fire <3 ..
second post :cool
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:12
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Nickname: Hollows
Why you want to join?: I love fairy tale and making games.
How active are you: here all day everyday.
What you can make for this arena?: Characters and avys.
Experience in what you said above: Custom Characters just started today and i got alot of good rates on it, nothing below 8, avys about a year.
Show 5 examples of your work:

do that count as 5 pics?

topic with the rates for that pic:

S0hql.png XkwnY.png 2BRdx.png Hooray for clickable icons!
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:13
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3rd, wow i actually got it
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:13
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Gl with the project i might sign up to make some chars
fmicon39.png tagtobcd_zps3f87c4d6.png. Credit goes to konohafenix for tag
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:14
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Gl with this
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:16
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i dnt think u will make F-T with ur competion with DBZ but GL i hope u get a chance to make it. :cool
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:18
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The other stuff: Pics :push
  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:20
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Looks ok so far
May apply to be a worker.
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  Posted on June 23, 2011 19:22
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Application Form: Global mod/ Admin

Nickname: Samy
Why you want to join?: Fairy tale is fucking awsome and i make icons already of them
How active are you: every day of the week 8 hours a day
What you can make for this arena?: Characters,Missions,Balances,Control/Managment
Experience in what you said above: Element-Arena/ Alchemist-Arena
Show 5 examples of your work:N-a Char ExampleIcon ExampleSignature Exampple
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