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1. All of the normal forum rules apply still which can be found here Unless stated otherwise by a Global Moderator.

2. Here you are allowed to spam and multi-post. However, flooding a page in length with posts [containing long images (i.e. long cat), many smilies/images, or large amounts of text] is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. Ex: Large Amounts of Text. Also with the addition of the youtube button this rule was in order: you may post no more than 10 Youtube videos in a single post.

3. In case you don't know one of the poll entries (fighters) make sure to browse them before voting.

4. The Spam Kingdom will be locked for an amount of time if unpleasant discussions that involve any content with the power to initiate drama between parties is presented.

5. English must be used on this topic. If you wish to speak another Language, visit the Great Ninja Countries section. Your Country may even have its own Spam Kingdom to use already.

Spam Kingdom: The Spam Kingdom exists to prevent all those who feel like spamming from spamming around the boards, if you want to spam make sure you do it here. This topic became known for upholding all sorts of conversations, many bonds between the members of this community were founded in this place.

Special Spam Kingdom: These usually replace a normal Spam Kingdom on special occasions, normally they are either to present gratitude to those who make the Spam Kingdom one of the best places to hang out in Naruto-Boards, or any special day/season to commemorate. Spam Kingdom dedications will never happen one after the other.

Summer Spam Kingdom: These are new and will replace the normal Spam Kingdom during the Summer months. The objective is to use the free time given by Summer vacation to do as many Spam Kingdoms as we can. At the end of the event, the number of Spam Kingdoms finished will be tallied, and prizes will be given out according to those results.

Updated 8/22/15
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  Posted on May 16, 2011 16:08
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- Rumble Rose Tournament
1st Place: Hinata
2nd Place: Yoruichi

- Game Character Tournament
1st Place: Pikachu
2nd Place: Kirby

- Mammal Poll Tournament
1st Place: Kittens
2nd Place: Puppies

- Nostalgic Cartoons Tournament
1st Place: Bugs Bunny
2nd Place: Jerry the Mouse

- Classic and Current Musicians Tournament
1st Place: The Beatles
2nd Place: Metallica

- Childhood Toys Tournament
1st Place: Playstation 2
2nd Place: Game Cube

- Iconic Holiday figure or symbol Tournament
1st Place: Fireworks
2nd Place: Rudolph
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  Posted on May 16, 2011 16:08
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Twentieth (Rawr-Squirrels' Spam Kingdom)
Twenty First
Twenty Second (L08's Spam Kingdom)
Twenty Third
Twenty Fourth (Spirit_in_Black's Spam Kingdom)
Twenty Fifth
Twenty Sixth
Twenty Seventh
Twenty Eighth
Twenty Ninth
Thirty First
Thirty Second
Thirty Third
Thirty Fourth
Thirty Fifth
Thirty Sixth
Thirty Seventh
Thirty Eight (Ariana's Spam Kingdom)
Thirty Ninth
Forty First
Forty Second (Nimetz's Spam Kingdom)
Forty Third
Forty Forth
Forty Fifth
Forty Sixth (Cool n Doki's Spam Kingdom)
Forty Seventh
Forty Eighth
Forty Ninth (Pokemon Kingdom)
Fifty First
Fifty Second
Fifty Third
Fifty Fourth
Fifty Fifth
Fifty Sixth
Fifty Seventh
Fifty Eighth
Fifty Ninth
Sixty First
Sixty Second (Yin's Spam Kingdom)
Sixty Third
Sixty Fourth
Sixty Fifth
Sixty Sixth
Sixty Seventh
Sixty Eighth
Sixty Ninth
Seventy First
Seventy Second
Seventy Third
Seventy Fourth
Seventy Fifth
Seventy Sixth
Seventy Seventh
Seventy Eighth
Seventy Ninth (TheBlackMage's Spam Kingdom)
Eighty First
Eighty Second
Eighty Third
Eighty Fourth
Eighty Fifth
Eighty Sixth
Eighty Seventh
Eighty Eighth
Eighty Ninth
Ninty First
Ninty Second
Ninety Third
Ninety Fourth
Ninety Fifth
Ninety Sixth (Hawk37's Spam Kingdom)
Ninety Seventh
Ninety Eighth
Ninety Ninth
One Hundredth
One Hundred First
One Hundred Second
One Hundred Third
One Hundred Fourth
One Hundred Fifth (FalcoVet101's Spam Kingdom)
One Hundred Sixth
One Hundred Seventh
One Hundred Eighth
One Hundred Nineth (Special Halloween Edition)
One Hundred Tenth
One Hundred Eleventh
One Hundred Twelfth
One Hundred Thirteenth
One Hundred Fourteenth
One Hundred Fifteenth (Lord_Akatsuki's Winter Spam Kingdom)
One Hundred Sixteenth
One Hundred Seventh
One Hundred Eighteenth
One Hundred Nineteenth
One Hundred Twentieth
One Hundred Twenty First
One Hundred Twenty Second
One Hundred Twenty Third
One Hundred Twenty Fourth (Luxvan's Spam Kingdom)
One Hundred Twenty Fifth
One Hundred Twenty Sixth
One Hundred Twenty Seventh
One Hundred Twenty Eighth (Summer Spam Kingdom start)
One Hundred Twenty Ninth
One Hundred Thirtieth
One Hundred Thirty First
One Hundred Thirty Second
One Hundred Thirty Third
One Hundred Thirty Fourth
One Hundred Thirty Fifth
One Hundred Thirty Sixth (Summer Spam Kingdom end)
One Hundred Thirty Seventh
One Hundred Thirty Eighth
One Hundred Thirty Ninth (Special Halloween Edition)
One Hundred Fortieth (The Amazing World of Spam)
One Hundred Forty First (Spam City)
One Hundred Forty Second (Digi-Spam)
One Hundred Forty Third
One Hundred Forty Fourth
One Hundred Forty Fifth (Special Winter Edition)
One Hundred Forty Sixth
One Hundred Forty Seventh
One Hundred Forty Eighth
One Hundred Forty Ninth
One Hundred Fiftieth
One Hundred Fifty First (Pursin's Spam Kingdom)
One Hundred Fifty Second (Summer Spam Kingdom Start)
One Hundred Fifty Third (Summer Spam Kingdom End)
One Hundred Fifty Fourth (Special Halloween Edition)
One Hundred Fifty Fifth (Winter Edition)
One Hundred Fifty Sixth (Special New Years Edition)
One Hundred Fifty Seventh
One Hundred Fifty Eighth
One Hundred Fifty Ninetieth
One Hundred Sixtieth
One Hundred Sixty First
One Hundred Sixty Second
One Hundred Sixty Third
One Hundred Sixty Fourth (SilverTVerite's Spam Kingdom)
One Hundred Sixty Fith
One Hundred Sixty Sixth
One Hundred Sixty Seventh
One Hundred Sixty Eighth
One Hundred Sixty Ninth
One Hundred Seventieth (Special Halloween Edition)
One Hundred Seventy First
One Hundred Seventy Second (Special Thanks To Kishimoto-Edition)
One Hundred Seventy Third
One Hundred Seventy Fourth
One Hundred Seventy Fith
One Hundred Seventy Sixth
One Hundred Seventy Seventh
One Hundred Seventy Eight
One Hundred Ninth
One Hundred Eightieth
One Hundred Eighty First
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