Regarding Riddle/Game Threads - Why was your topic locked/deleted?

 Topic: Regarding Riddle/Game Threads - Why was your topic locked/deleted?
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  Posted on May 15, 2011 08:52
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Regarding Riddle/Game Threads - Why was your topic locked/deleted?

In light of the recent yet sudden resurgence of riddle and guessing topics, I have decided to enforce strict rules over these kinds of threads. Several members have abused the section rules and post count on these topics. Some members even posted absurd replies just to gain post count. Likewise, some of you have also posted even knowing that the riddle/question was solved. These acts are unacceptable and are subject to consequences such as warnings that may eventually lead to bans.

Because of the massive amount of spam/flooding the sections in Anime and Manga Discussions have experienced, I ask you to stop posting these kinds of topics in these sections. People have simply abused them and it has reached to a point where it is no longer acceptable. Additionally, please be reminded that all of the sections under Anime and Manga Discussions (except Battledome) forbids one-worded replies, so actually just posting a guess/answer counts as spam.

If, however, you are completely interested in making riddles, please post your riddle in the Miscellaneous Section's Official Riddle Thread.

Please note that this decision is temporary and the Anime & Manga Staff will discuss further rule revisions/ideas regarding riddles/game threads that are connected to anime/manga. As of now, we will lock ALL riddle topics WITH OR WITHOUT notice. Riddle/game topics that have an extensive amount of pages will be DELETED to null and delete the abusive posts that merely increased a member's post count.

Thank you for your time. Cheers.

!Kurapika, 10ike, LiteQ.
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