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***May contain SPOILERS*** (you have been warned)

Well there are a lot of interviews out there (real and fake) so i decided to make a collection of his interviews i believe are all real... hopefully between us we can update this and find the real from fake

first of all i will post an interview from the LA Times... this will give a little information about Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto.

Masashi Kishimoto's self portrait...

Interview: The man behind 'Naruto'
A talk with Masashi Kishimoto: The hero of his manga series is 'based on my self-image of my own childhood, but different from how I really was.'

By Charles Solomon
December 17, 2008
At 34, Masashi Kishimoto is one of the most successful manga-ka, or manga artists, in the world. His long-running series about ninja-in-training Naruto Uzumaki has sold tens of millions of books around the world. Kishimoto, born in the rural prefecture of Okayama, lives in Tokyo, where he works with several assistants. Although Naruto can be insufferably cocky at times, Kishimoto seems a bit overwhelmed by the runaway success of his first major creation.

"It's rather awkward to talk about what makes Naruto appealing to audiences, but I think his being a knucklehead gives him an appeal," Kishimoto said in an interview conducted via e-mail with help from translator Hiromi Psaila. "Perfect heroes are cool, but no one can really empathize or identify with them. Naruto often makes blunders, and he has weaknesses. Naruto feels inferior to his peers, but he hates to be a loser. Although he doesn't think about it too much, he knows he hates to lose, and we all know what that feels like. I think readers see themselves in Naruto, and that's what appeals to them: They can empathize with him and his weaknesses."

As a boy, Kishimoto was obsessed with manga and baseball. In elementary school, he became "completely addicted" to the popular boys' series "Dragon Ball." His interest gradually expanded to include other manga series, notably Katsuhiro Otomo's landmark "Akira." Kishimoto explained that he was so focused on his drawings that he did poorly in high school, ranking 30th in a class of 31.

While in art school, Kishimoto won a contest for aspiring manga artists with his story "Karakuri" (Mechanism). His next work, a manga short story about a fox spirit disguised as a human (foxes are traditional shape-shifters in Japanese folklore) named Naruto, appeared in 1997. Two years later, a new version of "Naruto" premiered as a serial in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump and scored an immediate hit.

Although the name was the same, the new version of "Naruto" was very different from the previous story. The Hidden Leaf Village of ninjas was nearly destroyed by a nine-tailed fox demon, a creature so terrible it was seen as divine punishment. The village chieftain died, sealing that demon within the body of a newborn baby: Naruto. Because he was associated with the demon, Naruto was a lonely child, shunned by the people of the village. At the Ninja Academy, he blew off his lessons, played pranks and got into mischief.

"When Naruto was born, it was more like he somehow came out, rather than my creating him from some inspiration," he continued. "The only image I had in mind was a character who was a naughty boy. I was a poor student, but unlike Naruto, I was the type of poor student who gave up easily and pondered things that weren't worth pondering. I wanted Naruto to be different. He was created based on my self-image of my own childhood, but different from how I really was."

His impish nature and spotty record make Naruto a come-from-behind kid. After graduating from the academy -- after three tries -- he begins his advanced training as a ninja. Although he remains a goof-off at heart, Naruto will lay his life on the line to protect his friends. And in extreme circumstances, he can draw on the energy of the demon imprisoned within his body. Under the supervision of his teacher, Kakashi, he goes on missions in a team with his rival Sasuke and Sakura, on whom he nurtures a crush.

Kishimoto's strong clean lines and massed areas of black give the many action sequences a visual punch. The human figures are well-drawn and accurately proportioned, and their poses suggest believable movements. "I chose to draw the human figures as accurately as possible because I thought it would give a more realistic feel to the action scenes," Kishimoto explains. "Exaggeration can lend action scenes more force, but I like to stick to more realistic figures: They help keep the cool in the action scenes, although they may be not as forceful as the exaggerated ones."

Kishimoto lays out each page like a director/cinematographer, often juxtaposing a series of close-ups of a character's changing expression with large drawings of a combat sequence. The viewer sees Naruto's resolve stiffen before he kicks the wasabi out of his opponent.

"I watch a lot of movies, and I tend to be influenced by scenes that intrigue me, that make me want to use the same effects or technique," Kishimoto explains. "I once adopted [actor-director] Takeshi Kitano's technique of shooting objects from a great distance to stifle the emotion in the scene. I like the way Quentin Tarantino creates a scene using a series of close-ups or showing very cool images of a person or people walking on some ordinary street in slow motion. I wish I could achieve that kind of slow-motion effect in manga, but it's rather difficult to draw; the only things we can play with are tones of black and white. I also like Michael Bay's technique of shooting a scene against the background light. I'd like to try this in manga, but again it would be rather difficult."

While still a student, Kishimoto studied the work of some of the most famous manga artists and Japanese animators. In addition to "Dragon Ball" and "Akira," he read, re-read and copied the drawings in Hiroyuki Okiura's sci-fi fantasy "Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade," Koji Kiriyama's ninja tale "Ninku" and Masamune Shirow's groundbreaking cyberpunk tale "Ghost in the Shell," which was adapted to the screen by Mamoru Oshii. Kishimoto feels their successes paved by the way for the international popularity of "Naruto," which was influenced by them.

"I didn't think much about foreign readers when I began 'Naruto,' but I knew that many of the artists who influenced me had already been accepted overseas," he concluded. "All the people I was influenced by have been very successful in other countries, which may be why it was easier for my work to be accepted there. 'Naruto' owes a lot to those artists who won acceptance and popularity overseas."

Solomon is the author, most recently, of "Disney Lost and Found."
Copyright © 2011, Los Angeles Times

next will be his (i believe) earliest interview...

In early 2006, Shonen Jump (USA) conducted an interview with creator of the Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto. This interview was then divided into two parts and released in the 2006 May and June issues of Shonen Jump.

The Hokage Speaks

The blindfold didn’t hurt much, and though the car windows were dark, we felt more safe than scared. The ninja bodyguards were quite friendly, really. They kept us sated with ramen and green tea as we made our way toward the secret location where we were scheduled to interview secluded ninja storyteller Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto. Kishimoto-sensei was polite and soft spoken. He told us about his childhood, the word of Naruto and how he already knows the way the manga will end – not that he gave anything away. And then, in a cloud of smoke, he disappeared…

SHONEN JUMP: Let’s get right to the most pressing and important question, something our readers often ask, and we’d like to know, too: What is this thing? >>>>>>
It’s rumored that it’s lipstick Naruto uses when he does the Ninja Centerfold Jutsu.

MASASHI KISHIMOTO: [laughs] Many Japanese fans ask the same question. What is it? I just drew it in as a spur of the moment thing, and it doesn’t have much meaning. I’m hoping I can expand more on it later and integrate it into the story.

SJ: Are any of the characters we’ve met based on people you know or experiences you’ve had?

MK: I did base some of the characters on my friends in college, with some embellishment. But really, I’ve been creating original characters mostly.

SJ: Sakura and Rock Lee don’t appear to have any of the special powers that ninja like Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara have – do you think those two characters are popular because they provide a kind of reader’s-eye view of the story as it unfolds?

MK: Is Sakura popular in the U.S.? Well, Lee only has taijutsu. And as a girl, Sakura is [physically] weaker than the others. So I can see why it’s easy to empathize with them. They represent human weaknesses.

SJ: We want to know more about the rest of the Naruto world – what are the normal people like, what are the governments like, is this the whole world?

MK: The world outside of the ninja is pretty normal. People make their living by running businesses, et cetera. Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, is the military part of the country. Hinokuni, or the Land of Fire, provides Konohagakure a place to live, and in return, the resident ninja protect the country as a whole, similar to a military force.

As for the government, the daimyo, or warlords, govern the lands and run the political system and the bureaucracy.

Each country has warlords at the top, and its military has its leaders. In America, you have a president at the top, but you also have the military general at the top of the military. The states have more power than the ninja, but since the daimyo don’t cooperate with each other, I guess coup d’états happen rather frequently. The world is not yet solid [laughs], but what you see in the story is not everything in the world of Naruto.

SJ: Has it been tough to maintain the rigorous production needs of the manga, now that you have a family? Do you ever get used to the intense schedule?

MK: It’s been six years since I started Naruto, but I’ve never gotten used to the schedule of weekly installments. The lifestyle is not for any normal human. When I was just a reader of manga, I always thought, “Why can’t the artists draw more?” Now that I’ve finally become a manga-ka, I’m like, “You’re asking for something impossible!” [laughs]

SJ: Have any of your assistant artists gone on to do their own manga yet?

MK: Yes, one of them has: Osamu Kajisa (also spelled as "Osamu Kazisa"). His work, Tattoo Hearts, has been published.

SJ: It sounds like you had a pretty happy childhood – what motivated you to write a story about an outsider?

MK: My childhood wasn’t all that happy. It may have sounded like it was all good in my journal entries in the manga volumes, but that was in order to make it interesting for the readers. Like any person, I’ve had hardships in my life. I was not the center of anyone’s attention in school, rather sitting on the outskirts. I didn’t do well in everything. I didn’t excel in studies nor sports. So I can understand Naruto’s feelings of being an underdog. I don’t really like people who are too perfect. [laughs]

SJ: Oda-sensei says he knows how One Piece will end – do you know how Naruto will end?

MK: Yes, I have the last episode clearly drawn in my mind. I’ve already decided on the layout, text and scenes. Not just the story ideas, but the visual ideas are solid.

All I have to do is just head toward the ending I have, but there are still so many things that need to be resolved before reaching that point. Maybe I have thrown in too many ideas, so I need to wrap them up neatly.

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At the end of the 2nd part of the interview, Kishimoto-sensei agreed to do an interview as if he were Kakashi.

Kakashi Speaks

Masashi Kishimoto agreed to answer these questions in the voice of Kakashi, mentor to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

SJ: How have your three students surprised you thus far?

Kakashi: Surprised? I’m very calculating, so I’m not that easy to “Surprise.” *laughs* However… Naruto is very active and does whatever he wants to do. But surprisingly, he always does his best. He is a hard worker. Sasuke is an elite ninja, sure, but he turns out to be not all that useful - he’s rather sloppy. So rather than being surprised, I’m disappointed. Sakura is easily excited but has a good memory.

SJ: Which is stronger: sand or sound?

Kakashi: Hmm, in the end, I think sound prevails.

SJ: Which of your three students would make the best ninja instructor?

Kakashi: I think it would be Sakura. She has flaws in her personality, like stalking Sasuke. But Sakura is the closest to being normal. Naruto is stupid, and Sasuke is not a teacher-type. He keeps to himself.

SJ: What’s the worst thing your teacher did to you when you were training to be a ninja? [Kishimoto-sensei spent a long time pondering this, showing us how difficult the question is for Kakashi.]

Kakashi: I was an excellent student, so I never suffered.


Next up will be.... Jump Festa 2008.

This interview was posted by Bochi today at NarutoFan.
She said...

I went to Jump Festa 2008 today and saw Kishi was asked some questions about the manga by Junko (VA Naruto), Noriaki (VA Sasuke), Chie (VA Sakura) and Kazuhiko (VA Kakashi) on the stage.

1. Is Jiraiya dead?
Kishi : He lives..............................in your heart.
Naruto has to be grown up. Shikamaru also needed to be grown up. And Sakura will have to be grown up, too. Lee? Lee doesn't need to be grown up anymore.

2. What's gonna happen next year?
Kishi : Started with Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
I'm gonna write about mainly Sasuke next year. And Kakashi and Sakura, after that. Especially Kakashi. I can't tell yet but a huge event will happen to him.

3. What kind of way of ending do you do with Sasuke vs Itachi battle?
Kishi : I can't tell. But I have kept this waiting to manga readers for a long time. So I'll have to make everyone gets content with it.

4. Describe the color of Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
Kishi : Glossy-Black

5. Describe the color of Kakashi story which you just mentioned about.
Kishi : Dark Blue

6. You said you're gonna write about Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura. What about Naruto?
Kishi : Naruto has to wait.

7. Are you gonna write the battle of each member of Hebi?
Kishi : Actually I didn't want to. But Shueisha ordered me to do with something about them.

That's all. He didn't say anything about the Akatsuki on the stage.

Hidden Leaf Q & A – 58 Questions asked to Masashi Kishimoto.

A barrage of questions was fired at Kishimoto-sensei, the original creator of Naruto! We’re now happy to present his answers!

Q. What is the anime that influenced you the most?
A. Akira

Q. As you draw the manga, are you influenced at all by the anime version of Naruto?
A. Absolutely, very much.

Q. Do you have a favourite episode of the Naruto anime?
A. Episodes 17, 19, and 30.

Q. Were you a fan of any of the Japanese voice actors before they were involved with Naruto?
A. Yes, I was a fan of Jyurota Kosugi, who plays Asuma, and Nozomu Sasaki, who plays Hayate.

Q. For which character did you have the most trouble choosing colours?
A. Naruto.

Q. Who is the voice actor that you admire the most?
A. Akio Otsuka.

Q. In regards to the sound design in the anime production, what was most memorable?
A. The series of sounds during Zabuza’s appearance.

Q. Do you watch the anime every week without missing an episode?
A. Of course!

Q. Who would you be most proud to know watches the Naruto anime?
A. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Q. Please tell us about the top-secret episodes you’ve created with the anime production staff!
A. Oh! I hope we can make some in the future…Right now, there’s nothing to tell (really!).

Q. If you were to do a voice for the anime, which character would you like to perform?
A. Tsunade.

Q. If you were to create an orginal story for the anime, what kind would it be?
A. I’d want to feature a generous robber like Goemon Ishikawa.

Q. Since Naruto has become an anime, has your level of motivation changed?
A. I thought, “I have to work even harder. If I take a break, the story on TV is going to catch up to the manga!” I was sweating!

Q. Which Naruto character is the most fun to draw?
A. Rock Lee.

Q. If you were to become involved in the anime production, what would you like to be in charge of?
A. The original-picture guy.

Q. Who are the scariest people involved in the anime?
A. Tetsuya Nishio and Hirofumi Suzuki (their drawings are so good, it’s scary!).

Q. Do you sing the anime’s opening and ending theme songs at karaoke?
A. I haven’t been to karaoke since the serialization began…eep!

Q. Please tell us your favourite movie, movie actor and actress, and movie director.
A. My favourite movie is The Matrix, my favourite actor and actress are Tom Hanks and Christina Ricci, and my favourite directors are James Cameron and Shinya Tsukamoto.

Q. Who is your favourite painter?
A. Monet.

Q. What is your favourite novel and who is your favourite novelist?
A. My favourite novel is Run, Merosu and my favourite novelist is Shinichi Hoshi.

Q. What are your favourite manga?
A. My favourites are Dragon Ball and Akira.

Q. If you could choose to switch places with a character from Naruto for a day, whom would you choose and why?
A. Naruto. I’d use the Clone Jutsu to finish my work faster!

Q. What kinds of people do you admire?
A. I really admire people who are good at drawing.

Q. What was the biggest crisis of your life so far?
A. When a monkey attacked me.

Q. Is there a Naruto product that you would personally endorse?
A. Bowls!

Q. What will happen in the love lives of Ino, Sakura and Hinata?
A. I hope something happens! Ha! Ha!

Q. Have you ever wanted to apologise to the anime staff for any of your designs?
A. Yes…for Naruto’s design, the chunin vest, the headbands and the pattern of the curse marks.

Q. Who is your favourite musician or band?
A. Oasis

Q. If you could be any person in history, who would you choose to be?
A. John Manjiro (the first Japanese person to travel to the United States in the 1840’s).

Q. What is your most precious treasure?
A. Two sets of animation storyboards from Akira.

Q. If you were to take a character from the Naruto anime and write a spinoff story, which character would you choose and what kind of story would you write?
A. I’d like to write a story just about dogs with Akamaru as the star.

Q. If the earth were about to be destroyed, what would you do?
A. I’d work hard to stop the destruction!

Q. What is your favourite video game?
A. The Zelda series.

Q. If you were reincarnated, what would you want to do in your next life?
A. I’d be a detective.

Q. If there were an earthquake, what would you grab before evacuating?
A. I’d take my licensing paperwork, and my legal signature stamp. Ha!

Q. If you were an athlete, which sport would you play?
A. Baseball.

Q. How do you spend your days off?
A. I watch movies.

Q. What are your favourite and least favourite animals?
A. I love dogs and I hate monkeys.

Q. Do you have a top-secret stamina recipe or something that keeps your energy up like Kiba’s ration pills?
A. Aspara Drink.

Q. Please tell us one manga artist you like.
A. Akira Toriyama.

Q. Ninja Tortoise, Ninja Dog, Nina Toad…what is the next ninja beast you’re planning to create?
A. Ninja cat.

Q. Where do you come up with your ideas?
A. My room.

Q. In your opinion, who is the scariest person in the manga industry?
A. Mr. Torishima (former editor in chief of Weekly Shonen Jump).

Q. What is your most important ninja tool for drawing the manga?
A. Soul

Q. What’s your philosophy for coming up with the characters’ names?
A. I get my inspiration for the names from traditional Japanese style.

Q. When you just can’t come up with any new ideas, what do you do?
A. I get up and move around to refresh myself.

Q. Is there anyone whom you talk to for advice or to work out your ideas for the manga?
A. Mr. Yahagi (my editor) and my younger brother.

Q. Are you friends with any other manga artists?
A. Yes, many.

Q. Who is the most difficult character to draw?
A. Sasuke.

Q. If you were to draw a special, extra story in the manga, who would be the main character (other than Naruto?)
A. Kakashi.

Q. Who is your favourite female character in the series and why?
A. Anko, because of her relationship with Orochimaru…

Q. What is the longest and shortest amount of time it ever took you to complete one chapter?
A. The longest was five days. The shortest was two days. That’s just for the pictures…phew!

Q. How did you react when you found out your work would be made into an anime?
A. Manly tears of joy!

Q. What animal do you wish you could summon?
A. Gamakichi and Gamatatsu (two of the small ninja toads).

Q. If you were a resident of the Leaf Village, what would your occupation be?
A. Movie director.

Q. Is there a real person whom Naruto was modeled after?
A. Not at all.

Q. Which present from your fans did you appreciate the most?
A. All of them.

Q. Which teacher would you like to learn ninjutsu from?
A. Iruka.

Assisted by Ibiki Morino
This interview was conducted by the leader of the Torture and Interrogation Unit. Kishimoto-sensei was reeling!
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published in May 2009

NC: If you weren't the creator of Naruto and were simply a fan of the manga, which character's poster would be your first choice to put up in your bedroom?

MK: I'd prefer a female character, so maybe Tsunade, and maybe one of Naruto performing the Ninja Centerfold Jutsu. And Gaara....he's one of my favorite characters.

NC: If you were a ninja, to which village would you belong? And what would your signature jutsu be?

MK: Of course, I would be from Konoha. I'd master the Art of the Shadow Doppelganger Jutsu, so I can shorten the amount of time I spend on drawing.

NC: Would that give you more sleeping time?

MK: Hopefully, because I'm really sleep deprived....

NC: If you were to do a spin-off series that focused on one of the side characters (or a group of side characters) (were they hoping for Akatuski?) , who would it be?

MK: I'm thinking about doing one with the Fourth Hokage as the lead character. He'll be much younger. I intend to draw the Fourth as a child.

NC: In America, your manga is sold in bookstores that don't even carry other manga or comics. So in a way, it has actually changed how some bookshops sell books. How do you feel about that?

MK: I've been in Japan this whole time, so I don't know much about what's happening in America. But I'm really glad that Naruto is getting so much attention. It's a great honor. I think Americans know what's good (laughs).

NC: Which member of the Akatsuki is your favorite to draw?

MK: Hmm, let's see....Tobi. His face is covered on one side and has a hole on the other. He's easy to draw (Laughs).

NC: We know a lot about Naruto, Itachi, Gaara and Kakashi, but does Sakura have dark secrets we don't know about yet?

MK: She's a normal girl, so I haven't given it much thought.

NC: How did you change your drawing style to fit the new characters and storyline of Naruto Part II?

MK: In Part II, I try not to overdo the typical manga style. I don't go for too much deformation and keep the layout of the panels simple in order to make it easier to follow. My drawing style has also shifted from the classic manga look to something a bit more realistic.

NC: Many of the older Konoha Village ninja are dying. How do you feel about the younger ninja taking over the responsibilities for the safety and welfare of the village?

MK: It's the same in manga. There are a lot of great manga artists that I admire, beginning with Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori, Fujio Fujiko, etc. I'm not their blood relative, but they influence me in ways that seem as though they've been passed on through genes and are spreading like a ripple. To inherit a legacy and pass it on...I think that's wonderful. Whatever I've inherited from people in the past or those whom I call my predecessors, I'd like to put into perspective and depict in the manga. I think people can identify with it. At least that's my view.

NC: It makes the story very epic.

MK: For instance, I really love the work of Toriyama-sensei (Dragon Ball) and Otomo-sensei (Akira), and Ghost in the Shell, so you can tell how much they influenced me. In turn, younger artists will be influenced by the manga I draw. Such a world, I think, is really cool. The idea of passing a baton in a relay, so to speak, is something that I hope to portray in manga.

NC: Did you map out the entire plot of Naruto right from the beginning, or do you find yourself making new choices about characters and storylines as you go?

MK: I've already decided on the overall plot, but depending on the flow, I change the direction in which it's going right in the middle of things. Sometimes I just make it up along the way, and other times I do what I orginally intended to do. It's a weekly installment, and I have deadlines. I'm not always able to do everything I wanted to do. My private life and how my hours are spent ultimately will have an influence on the story. That's what it comes down to. Having a new editor affects the story too.

NC: What is the most important thing for you to express in Naruto Part II?

MK: I've always had "bonds" in my mind as the fundamental theme. And since the story is about battles and struggles, I'm inclined to depict the resulting complications and....difficult relationships. Still, the emphasis will be on bonds. I'm going to show each side's perspective. I won't really divide the cast into friends and foes, but I want to portray each group's circumstance in a fair manner. And when they clash, I want to get inside the mindset of the characters. It won't be a feel-good narrative, since the premise is more complicated than your basic good vs. evil, but I'll give it a try.

NC: Do you have any message for your fans in the U.S.?

MK: I have no idea how big Naruto is or how it's perceived in America, yet it's such a joy to hear that a lot of people read it. And I hope you keep on enjoying it. If you read it until the end, I promise that it's going to be worthwhile. So please, don't get bored. Keep going! Thank you very much.

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Jump Festa 2010.

JUMP Festa spoiler summary
Sakura’s acting a little haughty towards Naruto
She’ll be more heroine-like from now on
Sasuke’s becoming more and more evil, and him fighting with Naruto will probably be the last event
Something will happen with Sasuke and Taka as well
Naruto becoming Hokage if it happens, will be at the end
There’s no desire to have much romance for Shikamaru
Naruto has no-one around him who’s up-front with him, so Shikamaru will [be/take on as] a confidante
・ダンゾウ戦で サスケの方向性が決まる
The battle against Danzou will decide Sasuke’s Path.
but he (Kishimoto) told us that he wrote something big happening with Sasuke
Looks like Sakura really does love Sasuke
Next year is Kakashi’s year
Each voice actor asked questions to Kishimoto-sensei
As one might expect, Nakamura asked about what was upcoming with Sakura
Kishimoto: “Honestly, from the standpoint of showing a female-like disposition, she hasn’t been much of a heroine. You could even say that Hinata’s more of a heroine than her. But since, as we know, Sakura is a heroine deep inside, she’ll show that side of hers from now on.”
Naruto’s close, but Sakura loves Sasuke as we should expect from that speech. She’s being haughty with her using not so kind words against Naruto right afterwards…didn’t she? I can’t recall.
Yeah it’s true, it did sound as though Sugiyama said, “With a Suna person” when Morikubo asked about Shikamaru’s love life.
Kishimoto said he didn’t want to write that for Shikamaru.
Takeuchi: “Will Naruto become Hokage?” to which Kishimoto said something like “He should become Hokage”. This had the audience make noise.
Takeuchi: “Won’t Sakura-chan become Hokage before Naruto does?” to which Kishimoto dismissed flatly, “No way!”
Kishimoto announced Naruto will do training.
Takeuchi: “So Naruto will become stronger again.”
Next year, Kakashi is the main character
Takeuchi: “It would be a good thing not to tell this to Kazuhiko-san”
Sugiyama: “You probably can’t speak of the outcome of the Danzou fight, but what happens with Taka after?”
Kishimoto: “I can’t speak to what happens with the Danzou fight, but there’ll be some things happening within Taka (dissent?) and the look in Sasuke’s eyes will grow more and more evil. I’ve just recently decided on such a course of the story” (these words make it seem as if the Sasuke-related part isn’t really decided upon, so take this part with a grain of salt).
Next was the Questions For Kishimoto-sensei Corner
Nakamura-san started off with something like, “With the latest developments, Sakura has…”
He said something like, that chick* (Takeuchi reacted to that “That chick” lol) is detestable for using Naruto’s good will,
but, well that’s just how I’d think to write a realistic girl.
You hear all the time that Sakura is a detestable person, but that’s what seems to be the intention
“Since Sakura is the heroine”, “I’ll be writing from now on to show her with that disposition”
“Though everyone says Hinata-Hinata all the time…”
↑I wonder if it’s that their voices supporting Hinata are so loud (my personal impression)
Sugiyama wavered on which question to ask (normal fan thing)
He asked: “What will happen to Sasuke after fighting Danzou?”
“The ending of the Danzou fight will determine Sasuke’s coming development (whether it be his movement or his intentions)”
“As will the course of those in Taka”
“The handling and arrangement was decided just yesterday…”
Morikubo-san: “Will Shikamaru have a love/romance?”
“I don’t want to write that for Shikamaru”
“The Konoha guys aren’t reliable, so there’s no one there honest/upfront except for him”
“Since Sasuke isn’t there, there’s the impression that he’ll be taken up as Naruto’s confidante”
When it got to the “confidante” part, Morikubo-san (said): “Then it’s good!” (his love life)
Takeuchi-san: “Naruto will be Hokage, right?!”
“He will…I think but (if I write that) that would be the last thing”
*tn note: word was “aitsu”, is genderless but normally used for guys in a very colloquial way (read: not polite). When referring to a guy, it’s “that guy” or “he”, and to a girl would be something like “that chick” or “she”, but of course in a slightly impolite manner.
Takeuchi-san asked, “Will Naruto and Sasuke fight?”
Kishi: “I’m thinking they’ll fight, but if/when I write that, (the story) would be something like the last thing right…”
Morikubo-san’s, “What about Shikamaru?” was in that and it was:
His reaction seemed like he hadn’t set firm plans for the coming big developments
Like when he was asked “So you haven’t determined the end?”
“The end, how should I say, since the next scene(s) of what I want to write is established, then that is what I’ll go write”
It would seem that rather than having made a decision on the developments until the finish, he settled on writing just the scenes he wants to write for the end
After saying next year would be Kakashi’s year, Takeuchi had a fierce discussion
Kishi: “Naruto will be training again”, Takeuchi-san: “Still getting stronger right”

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Ok post away. :tounge

Feel free to add any links of CONFIRMED Interviews.

I will update as and when new stuff is found.

Full credit goes to the translators, interviewers and host sites i found these interviews on.

My personal favorite question and answer: Q. How did you react when you found out your work would be made into an anime?
A. Manly tears of joy!

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Oh, Fabulous! A Great Work.
  Posted on May 6, 2011 11:16
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Wow thx for the handful information. Second post ftw!
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Thnx... bro.................

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most welcome

i believe there is a Jump Festa 2009 interview out there as well but i couldn't find a translation... can anyone link it??
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WOW really good thx
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Wow... I'm speechless
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Wow ! Nice thank u !
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It's obvious you put a lot of effort into this. Nice job. Though, I don't think it needs to be stickied. It will always probably remain in the first page anyway.

It's interesting how he says something big will happen to Kakashi in one of the interviews.... has it happened yet, or not? I'm worried about him.

He also said that Jiraiya is really dead because Naruto needs to grow up... and then he says Sakura needs to grow up too.... Tsunade?!
  Posted on May 7, 2011 21:09
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heh yeh i have to agree, i think tsunade's time is up soon

i saw a new interview (not confirmed yet) where he says kakashi's year was put on hold as other storylines were unfolding but he will be writing something big for him... as i said that interview is not yet confirmed so i personally think kakashi's big bit was his near death experience where he met his dad... who knows lol

thank you for the praise dude, means a lot
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Tadden wrote:
heh yeh i have to agree, i think tsunade's time is up soon

i saw a new interview (not confirmed yet) where he says kakashi's year was put on hold as other storylines were unfolding but he will be writing something big for him... as i said that interview is not yet confirmed so i personally think kakashi's big bit was his near death experience where he met his dad... who knows lol

thank you for the praise dude, means a lot

Oh my. I really hope that interview gets more details. I really don't want Kakashi to die. And NP. Thank YOU for your work.
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