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  Posted on April 27, 2011 04:52
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This policy supersedes all Account Retrieval policies to date. It has been decided to refrain from entertaining lost/hacked/scammed accounts in its entirety. Unfortunately, this means the moderating staff will not retrieve any lost account requests from now on. We'd like to state the following points in deciding to halt all account retrievals:

1. We have constantly reminded all users that your account is your responsibility. We did not lack in reminding that you should not give out your passwords to anyone, use fake e-mail addresses, and/or share your accounts with others.

2. We don't have a feature that enables us to easily retrieve accounts. It requires us to painstakingly change some account details before we can do retrieval. We have endured this before due to clever workarounds by previous Forum Heads.

3. We don't have a feature that enables us to easily identify the accuracy of your lost accounts claims. It requires us to painstakingly check and cross-check years of log files to verify your submitted proofs.

However, we will be making exceptions on lost account retrieval requests that were due to unforeseen circumstances related to our site itself. These special cases are to be judged by the Global Moderators for verification, and would require 1-2 weeks of deliberation before deciding to retrieve or not to retrieve your account.
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