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-------------------------------------------From the Ashes the Legend is Reborn.-------------------------------------------
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Chapter 2: Interest
-Legends Rebirth- progressed strongly with a win rate percentage that stayed above 80%. Madcow- felt he was only missing one thing that would help lead the clan towards success.
And that was Yondaime10101.
It was in SiN that he began his attempt to recruit her as well as the rest of the strong members that she led in the clan Senbon Zakura Reborn. Stubbornly she refused all his attempts to merge her clan with SiN's. Despite her multiple refusals he stayed close looking for any opening he could for his offer.
Mad then led his coup d'etat and established -LR- and effectively breaking away from SiN.
Yondaime laughed. "Glad that I didn't merge with a clan about to split in half. Told yah so."

Chapter 3: Strong Alliance
During the early time of -LR-, Madcow- and Yondaime established a strong reliance between their two clans. Going so far to add tabs to their xat chats so that their members flicked back and forth between the two
Everyone was at -LR- or everyone was at SZ-R, Josae jokingly remarked.
Yondaime10101 began to meet other -Legends Rebirth- members this way, and created a friendship with Josae and Baki. While being introduced to others like Level and DasakeUchiha.

Chapter 4: Ally Clan Breaks
Yondaime10101 finally breaks and takes a vacation from leading SZ-R. Her clan questioned her on her departure.
I'm supposed to lead a clan not be the clan. I gfx, type, ladder, manage, and regulate all the e-drama you force on me. I need a fucking break Meanwhile in -LR- Harito commits a major betrayal that almost lead to the disbanding of the clan. Madcow- was forced to make the difficult decision of kicking him out as it became clear that he was the source of all fighting and chaos.
Yondaime10101 then left SZ-R for a vacation at Shinkan Mokushi where she spent fewer hours. She came and went without heavy notice and she enjoyed it. She didn't bother setting a date for when her vacation would end. Arguably -LR- was every bit as drama filled as SZR was if not more. which is why she hesitated to join. Josae and Madcow- saw their chance to push for her to join and so the stalking began. They frequently pced her and joked about her joining. Sadly the e-drama from SZ-R followed her on vacation and she finally decided it was enough and disbanded SZ-R. The absense of Harito gradually created a calmer more relaxed appealing environment in -LR-. Josae then pulled her to �LR- where Madcow- then persuaded her to lead the clan with him.

Chapter 5: The Golden Era
-Legends Rebirth- moved quickly to the top 20 and began its trek to the top 10. Yondaime10101 and Madcow- equally determined to have the clan reach the top. During this time Madcow- obtained his +52 streak while Yondaime tied her highest streak, +39, once more. The clan gained new members, and the old ones grew stronger. The road looked bright ahead, but of course such a long road wouldn't have its bumps.

Chapter 6: Internal Conflict
Despite the absence of Harito new tensions set in. -LR- came to an abrupt speed bump caused by a member jose2502 surrendering -25 at jounin rank. Madcow- began to grow bitter due to the attack, which caused them to lose their rank to TFU. A lot of tension was building between him and Yondaime10101. Since Madcow- and Yondaime10101 were complete opposites and lead together, each disagreement gradually sparked an even bigger fight. All ended up being resolved peacefully, but it was during this time the clan became split between the two leaders. All conflict was hidden in the background, but finally the internal tension was broken in one climatic fight between the two leaders. The clan�s future grew dark at the time.
However, Mad and Yon put aside their differences in the end and compromised for the better of the clan. Finally things were looking bright again.

Chapter 7: New Clan Leader
DasakeUchiha was a leader Yon wished to promote to clan leader. Mad disagreed with her and said he did not meet his standards. After a while Madcow finally relented and promoted him to clan leader, where he now stands. It was due to his leadership and supporting role in the clan that he attained the position.

Chapter 8: The order is broken
-LR- had for a long time prized itself on the loyalty of its inner circle. Of all the top clans in na, -LR- inner circle had seen the least changes in its leaders and captains line up. This was all about to change. Weapon had been for a long time intensely disliked by alot of the members and his main anchor for remaining in the clan was madcow-. Jozy was the clan's new rising star or break through talent, a role which Tim had thought was his. Little jealousies started to develop here and there. Tim decided he would go make his own clan as a result and he took advantage of the fact that weapon was disliked by many to convince him to come along as well. -LR- was left shattered as 2 of strongest captains had departed to start a clan called -EQ- which is technically the first and only ever break off sub clan from -LR- known to date.

Chapter 9: All rounded excellence
-LR-'s dominance in ladder had slowed down significantly as a result of the departed captains. Our entire captain force had collapsed as Jozy was about to be given the rank of leader leaving Baki as the only captain left. Even though -LR- had slowed down ladder dominance we had started to dominate in other areas that were new to us. Jozy shone brightly becoming known as one of the best pb players in the entire of na by placing 3rd in 2 very large important tournaments one of which was thrown by us called Legends New year Bash. We threw the biggest tournament ever held in na with group stages that lasted 3 weeks and ended successfully. Also the nature of -LR- members started to change. Before the clan was mainly focused on strong payers. At this point emphasis was placed more on nb popularity or how friendly you were within the clan. Afew nb mods joined the clan at this point in time. The clan diversified and grew in a whole new way that no one had foreseen therefore becoming one of the top 5 most respected clans ever in na. Dominating not just in ladder, but for the first time in all fields by which a clan may be judged.

Chapter 10: A hard period
Yondaime got chosen as a moderator which was a great thing but reduced the amount of time she could devote to the clan. On the other hand madcow- had an important exam to study for and so needed to go inactive for some time. Das was apointed as the main clan leader while Yon and cow chose to join a retired players rank. Jozy was appointed as Das' 2nd in command. -LR- is such a big demanding clan that Das ended up taking a ridiculous amount of pressure leading it alone. To make things worse, Jozy was useless as a 2nd in command. While Jozy was great for rep and wars, he barely lifted a finger to help with the clans management. To make things worse a resentment between Das and jozy started to develop. Jozy no longer felt inspired to do anything because he was constantly fighting with Das. Jozy eventually left to join EA. The only thing at risk here was our reputation because many had a deluded idea that we would fail without Jozy.

Chapter 11: The legend is reborn
Cow was shattered by Jozy leaving. In response he decided to come back. Upon coming back things started to look up again but unfortunately this discredited Das who had been working his ass off. The majority of what helped us come back was due to his continuous effort. The main effect of madcow- returning was a boost in morale and stricter monitoring of member ranks. Das then started to get things in place to seriously get the clan moving again. He recruited promising new recruits like angel21 and jappy who got our laddering into overdrive and he himself laddered like a beast daily. He selected Baki as a replacement leader for jozy who's continuous loyalty and majorly improved ladder skills had earned him the rank. The really big turning point was when TFU swapped past us in ladder. The entire clan body woke up in a way we had never seen before. Retired members returned and recruting effors went into overdrive. Yondaime even put aside some time to come help. Laddering became the main priority. before we knew it the can was active, full fun and lively again we were rising the ladder as fast as when we had weapon and Tim and everyone's spirits were up. A new captain squad was chosen and once again The Legend has been reborn into an unstoppable force aiming for number 1

Chapter 12: The Peak
-LR- and it's members have finally proven their stance in the game. They made it to rank 2, far away from any rank 3 and lower clan. Dasake broke his +40 high streak making the top streak in the game; +57 and element getting a +43. After this huge gain of xp, they secured their place in the clan ladder for a lot of time to come. Also, after a week of being the top streak, Dasake's streak was passed by an alt called -God. God, later to be called by his name "Nate" joined LR, making LR have a total of 3 +50 players. Nate lost his streak at +59 making that the new highest non-swapped stats in the game. -LR- has now reached it's peak in the clan ladder; still levels away from rank 1 they choice to accept rank 2. (However, that didn't mean we stopped trying. We are still climbing the xp ladder to lessen the gap between rank 1 and 2, and widen the gap from rank 3 to 2.)

Chapter 13: The Beginning to the End of the Legendary Trio
It's done. Madcow, now a student in one of France's university sets off to his studies. No longer the time for n-a, he has retired, yet stops by once in a while to check on us. Dasake, now the highest nonswapped stat player in the game also started college, and retired his account from ladder with a 60-1. Yondaime, the same reason as Dasake, now has to start her studies at the university. These three realize they can no longer keep their clan leader status, thus they must take a retired rank. With this, they appoint two new clan leaders; Element5 and Salman77. Salman was always Dasake's and madcow's pick, and was never denied by yondaime that he was the most loyal member of the clan. Element5, however, was a new leader with a lot of potential and most importantly was a lot like Dasake and Madcow. He was very cautious of the clan xp and was responsible for being the bitch when he thought something was needed to be done. With this, the legendary trio appoints Salman and Element5 as the second generation of -LR- clan leaders.

Chapter 14: The boiling point
Dasake soon found out that college was not that hard to manage into his schedule. With that, he found himself active on boards and chat more than ever. With this, he also had a lot of time to think about the clan and the member's actions. Though retired from ladder, Dasake held true to his old clan leader nature. He was rage when something was needed to be done and he would discuss clan business in chat with the new leaders. However, Dasake was not being listened to by these leaders. He felt after all the work he's done and all the things he means to -LR-, that he should hold more respect and power over the other two leaders. The other leaders, however, fought back. They thought Dasake was overstepping his retired boundaries and that they should be allowed to risk what they wish. Dasake, not realizing that he should be more respectful to their status, decided to leave -LR-. This is the first time in over a year that Dasake decided it was time to go. He figured, in a good way, that the clan did need it's space from him. It needed to grow into that second generation he worked hard to see come to fruition. He decided it was time that he left the clan and ventured to others while remaining loyal as ever to the clan of -Legends Rebirth-.

Chapter 15: The Return and the Leave
After much consideration for -Legends Rebirth-, Dasake decided that it'd be ok to return and hang in the shadows of the clan while watching e5 and Salman do their work. However, very soon after, a fight broke out. Element5 had an alternate account, his +40 account, in Age_of_Pirates and Dasake was not going to stand by to allow it. Element's excuse was that Dasake, too, had an alternate in another clan therefore he should be allowed to as well. Dasake did not like this, and decided that e5 will be deranked until he removed his account from the other top 10 clan. Without any haste, element5 took the chance to leave the clan and join Impact; the new clan of elite players and legends. Dasake was very sad that element left, and because he felt it'd be disrespectful to stay when e5 was out, he left as well. Not only that, he even joined impact with element5, promising to return to LR with e5, when e5 wanted to do it.
-During this time, James200, Kevinaruto-12, Josae and yondaime (All past leaders of -Legends Rebirth-) took their leave from the clan as well.-
Though, after more time away from -LR-, Dasake decided that he'd still not join LR, that his time there with DasakeUchiha was over. This didn't mean he'd stop doing work for LR, or stop being loyal, he just decided that he'd not rejoin on his accounts. Element5, however, did join back to LR for a small amount of time, however left again to rejoin Impact. He, too, felt it was time to move on.

Chapter 16: To be Continued
. . .
_[[_Rules For -Legends Rebirth- And Friends_]]_

Please respect other members in the chat and especially your leaders. It is emphasized that no porn links or pictures are allowed in the chat or on this topic. You will be abused (or reported) for not complying or adhering to this rule. Otherwise have fun and enjoy!


1.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png DasakeUchiha _[[_+57_]]_

2.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Madcow- _[[_+52_]]_

3.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Blue_Sharingan23_[[_+45_]]_

4.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Ljap_db _[[_+44_]]_

5.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png DarkFury- _[[_+43_]]_

6.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Salman77 _[[_+40_]]_

7.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Yondaime10101 _[[_+39_]]_

8.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png InuyashaB-vanz _[[_+39_]]_

9.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Angel21 _[[_+37_]]_

10.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Xpect _[[_+36_]]_


1.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png DasakeUchiha _[[_Lvl 44_]]_

2.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Yondaime10101 _[[_Lvl 43_]]_

3.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Madcow- _[[_Lvl 41_]]_

4.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Salman77_[[_Lvl 41_]]_

5.ImageReady-CS-2-128x128-1.png Raiyza24 _[[_Lvl 41_]]_
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_[[_Recruitment Wall_]]_

Current Status: Invite Or Recruitment

-LR- does not want many more members. To join we must be very impressed by you and you better try your hardest to get to know us and earn afew leaders' respect and trust. Our cap on the clan members is now 40.


We are not seeking out recruits however it is still somewhat possible to join. Personality and character will be heavily looked upon when applying as well as the ability to get along well with other members, mods, and leaders. No one will be admitted higher than trial rank unless you already have a long history with the clan. In-game skills as listed below would help win our favor and prove your legendary status and may give you a better shot at getting in once you are willing to work to earn it.

Highest Streak: +30
Highest Level: 35

These statistical recommendations are intended only as a vague overview of what may catch our attention. Outstanding GFX skills are also helpful. We also weigh almost completely upon loyalty, so clan hoppers have no chance of getting in. Since loyalty is so important to us, acceptance into the clan can also take place without meeting any statistical requirements.

Don't even bother pming to join. Visit our chat, present yourself well, and get to know us if you are seriously hoping to get in. If you Private message us, you will either be ignored, or get a no.
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_[[_GFXer's Paradice_]]_
Thread Credit-
-DasakeUchiha for the member bios, organization, and set up/posting.
-Thwayset21 for main banners of each section
-Thwayset21, Jozy, Yondaime10101, -KageBoy-, Instant-Itachi, susanos_mangekyo, and roshaan for all the avys and sigs listed below.

ThWaySet21 Clan Avatar Set

Yondaime10101 Clan Avatar Set

jozy Clan Avatar Set

Roshaan Clan Avatar Set

Instant-Itachi Clan Avatar Set




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Gear up for an official -Legends Rebirth- Tournament!


1. No Spamming and/or Flamming
2. No Bragging, be Respectful
3. If there is a glitch, a show of evidence is required for rematch. If there is no evidence, the winner can call a rematch or keep the win.
4. Battles are SD, except finals which are 2/3
5. No Same Teams in the final round
6. If an opponent does not search within minutes, he/she is disqualified
7. Host chooses who participates. Legends Rebirth members get priority!
8. Registration time is approximately 15 minutes (Give or Take 5 minutes)
9. Do not talk about teams.
10. Screens are required for all types of disqualifications.


This is an 8-man Tournament



1 vs 5
2 vs 6
3 vs 7
4 vs 8


? vs ?
? vs ?


? vs ?

Past Victors
Winners 1-69
-Legends Rebirth- Tournament Winner Number 70:Ako_UK
-Legends Rebirth- Tournament Winner Number 71:Salman77
-Legends Rebirth- is set for an all-out war!


1.No Spamming and/or Flamming
2.No Bragging, be Respectful
3.If there is a glitch, a show of evidence is required for rematch. If there is no evidence, the winner can call a rematch or keep the win.
4.Battles are 2/3
5.The roster of both participating clans MUST contain only members of the clan
6.No Same Teams
7.No Talking about teams
8.If an opponent does not search within 10 minutes, he/she is disqualified
9.This is NOT last man standing, the roster with the most wins is declared winner


1. Kyuubi + Sakura S/Sakura/Itachi/Chiyo/Obito /Izumo/Sakon/Kin/Dem on Brothers/Kankuro
2. Tsunade + Itachi/izumo/zaku/Kyuubi/ Obito/gaara rehab/chiyo/kidoumar u/shizune
3. Tayuya + Rehab/Oro/Temari/Nej i S/Neji/kidoumaru
4. Chouji + any healer/kisame/iruka
5. Young Kakashi+ Shika s/Tsunade/kakashi/Na ruto S/Ino/ Izumo and kotetsu/Yoroi/shigure
6. Naruto + Shika s/Haku/Kankuro/Zaku/ Izumo&kotetsu/Ta yuya/Oro/Chiyo/Obito
7. Kidoumaro + 4Tails/Sakura S/Ino/Ino S/Minato/Gai/Zabuza/ kankuro
8. Gaara + Sakura/Yoroi/Ino/Ita chi BD/karin/Gai/Zaku/Sh ino/hinata S
9. Sakon/Lee + Obito/Baki/Chiyo/kidoumaru/kin/kyuubi/Itachi/Shizune
10. Neji S + Itachi/Izumo/Kyuubi/ Obito/Chiyo/Kin/gaar a rehab/tayuya/kankuro
11. Yoroi + Temari/Gaara/Shino/K idoumaro/kin
12. Lee S + Haku/Kank S/Kin/Rehab/Tayuya/S ai/Temari/Pein Animal/jiraya S/hidan/shizune/kaze kage
13. Oro + Jiraiya/Temari/naruto/chiyo
14-Zabuza+zaku/chiyo /obito/kyuubi
15-Cursed Seal Sasuke + Orochimaru/Kankuro/Kakshi /Zabuza/Kin
16-Kabuto/Kabuto S + Sakon/Dosu/Shizune/Zaku/Kin/Neji/Neji S
17-Sakura + Gaara/Ino/Kisame BD/Ino /Kankuro/haku/kurenai
18. Itachi + Obito/izumo/Demon Brothers

-Legends Rebirth- Roster


Opponent Roster



Past Clan Wars
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I get first post. Now you may all post. :oh

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Nice clan thread LR.:cool
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Nice new thread
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Sexyness! Congrats -LR- <3
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Hey new thread is amazing! So proud of you das!

And all of you in -LR- for keeping the Legend alivee!
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