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This might take a while to read so don't post stupid stuff like "Im not reading that" or "Too long..."
Hope you enjoy,

Naruto Uzumaki vs Madara Uchuia

Naruto heads towards the open plains of the forrest only to find nothing there. Naruto looks around for a sign of Madara. Madara suddenly appears out of the ground about 25 yards away from Naruto. Madara takes off his orange mask and stares at Naruto with his Sharingan. Naruto rushes towards Madara, ready to punch him in the chest. Madara quickly jumps into the air and dodges the swing Naruto had made. Naruto explodes in a puff of smoke and another Naruto appears behind Madara, about to kick him to the ground. Madara suddenly dissapears and appears, in an instant, on the ground.
‘Nice try. Try again”, and with that Naruto does some hand-signs and 4 Shadow Clones appear around Naruto. Filled with rage, Naruto is suddenly surrounded by red chakra and 4 Narutos rush towards Madara with amazing speed. Madara looks to his left and finds 1 of the Narutos there, he looks to the right and finds another. Madara looks up to find another and jumps up and phases through the one on top of him. Madara looks down to find the 3 Narutos collide with each other and explode in a puff of smoke. Naruto smashes Madara towards the ground. Madara flies towards the ground and dissapears into the earth. Naruto falls to the ground and grunts. Naruto gathers chakra and summons a Rasengan in his left hand. All of a sudden Madara appears in mid-air above Naruto and falls down into him. “I can enter another person’s body at will and destroy it from the inside while leaving me intact!” Naruto’s Rasengan dissapears and his chest and stomach starts to expand. “Hmph, goodbye” Naruto explodes in a puff of smoke while the remaining Naruto falls from the air and hits Madara in the face with a fierce punch. “What?!” Madara flies across the ground with a trail of blood and dust following him. “You ran into the forrest and sent your Shadow Clones to fight me! Clever, but it won’t work again!” Naruto’s skin begins to peel and 3 tails emerge. Naruto roars, shaking the forrest and blowing Madara back a few yards. Madara gets his balance and dissapears into thin air once more...
To Be Continued...

Naruto roars once more, turns around and punches mid-air. As soon as he punches the air, Madara appears in that exact spot and gets sent flying through the ground, finishing in a crater made by Naruto’s punch to Madara. Madara grunts, stands up and says “I got careless. I should’ve attacked straight away instead of standing there invisible.” Madara looks at his hand, “but that moment wasn’t all to waste...” Madara’s hand dissapears and Naruto gets punched in the gut by a floating fist that appeared out of nowhere. Naruto coughs up some blood, stands up and roars. Naruto rushes towards Madara, jumps in the air at an amazing speed and comes flying down, about to punch Madara. Madara jumps back and a giant crater appears where Naruto had punched. Madara stares into Naruto’s eyes and Naruto stares into his. Suddenly the world starts to spin and Naruto starts falling. Madara dissapears and the world turns into black nothingness. A giant eye appears out of nowhere, wielding the Sharingan and Naruto stares into the eye.
“I control the air around you and the ground beneath you... You feel pain but don’t see the cau... What?!” The world turns back to normal and Naruto roars once more. Naruto starts covering himself in a white bone armour and 3 more tails emerge. “I see... Killing you will prove a more difficult task then I thought.” Madara closes his eyes and in seconds, opens them, showing his Mongekyou Sharingan. Naruto begins to split into two and in a matter of seconds, there are 2 Kyuubi Beasts standing before Madara. Madara punches one of the Kyuubi Beasts in the chest and his hand phases through his body. Madara grunts and teleports back 30 yards. He looks at his hand and watches as his skin begins to burn. Madara phases his hand in and out of reality and the injury on his hand is completely vanished. He looks up only to find both Kyuubi beasts about to punch him in the face. Madara grunts in pain, “argh, can’t teleport. The phase I did with my hand weakened me,” and allows himself to get punched. Madara’s neck staps and he gets sent soaring up into the air. One Kyuubi Beast jumps with incredible speed towards Madara and sends him flying down towards the other Kyuubi Beast with a strong kick to the stomach. Madara coughs up blood and then gets punched in the back as he was sent flying towards the Kyuubi Beast. Naruto’s hand goes right through Madara’s body, covered with blood. Madara stares at the Kyuubi Beast about to fall ontop of him...
To Be Continued...

The air suddenly covers with dust as the Kyuubi Beast smashes into the ground with a strong Chakra precisioned punch, while losing his arm in the process. The Kyuubi Beast underneath him roars in pain and then turns into a red and white liquid. The strange liquid floats towards the other Kyuubi Beast’s Body and attaches itself to his shoulder. It begins to transform into an arm. After a few seconds the Kyuubi Beast’s arm has reappeared with no injuries and the air begins to clear. Naruto looks up into the crater in search of Madara’s body. Naruto spots a disfigured body in the crater which liquifies into water. A Water Clone, Naruto thinks to himself. Naruto looks around vigourosly, searching for Madara’s presence. Naruto stops in shock as something appears behind him. Naruto’s head begins to turn and the person behind him vanishes with amazing speed towards the forrest. Naruto rubs his eyes and searches for Madara again. He spots him in a nearby tree and stares up at him. “Yawn, are you ready to fight again?” Madara teleports out of the tree onto the ground beneath. Out of nowhere, a Shuriken appears and slices Naruto in half. Naruto’s top half falls to the ground while his bottom half stands as it was. Red and White liquid appear from the 2 halves of his body and connects, making his body whole again. Naruto looks into the forrest and finds another person in the tree. His figure covered with shadow, Naruto rushes towards him and hits him into the plains. The ground is covered with dust and in the dust Naruto spots the outline shadow of a person standing up and wiping the blood off his face. Madara appears behind Naruto and smashes him towards the unidentified figure, which kicks him into the air. Naruto coughs more blood and begins to tear his bottom half of his body in half. The white bone armour begins to turn black, his hands gain spikes and 2 more tails emerge were the tear is. Horns suddenly grow out of his head and Naruto snaps one off, which grows back almost instantly. With the horn, he stabs himself in the stomach and continues to fall towards the ground. He collapses to the ground, while still pushing the horn deeper into his stomach. The horn goes through his body and out his back, the white horn begins to turn black and red and Naruto’s wound begins to heal. He stands up and holds the horn in his right hand. Madara runs over to him and attempts to punch Naruto in the face. The black bone absorbs the damage and Naruto stares at the figure behind the dust. Madara looks over at the person, staring him up and down, “Took you long enough.”
To Be Continued...

“You finally show up, Sasuke.” Naruto stares stunned at Sasuke. Sasuke walks over to Naruto, pucks him up by the neck then knees him hard in the chest. Naruto gets sent flying while Madara stares at him. After Naruto picks himself up, he looks at Sasuke and then at Madara again, something doesn’t feel right Naruto thinks to himself. Sasuke stares at Naruto’s eyes with the intention to kill and Madara disappears into thin air again. Sasuke quickly rushes over to Naruto and attempts a punch to the gut. Naruto jumps into the air, dodging the attack and is then intercepted by Madara. “Fire Style: Flaming Cinder Jutsu!” Madara does a few handsigns and a small flare comes out of his mouth and onto Naruto. A few seconds later the flare explodes, ripping Naruto’s left arm off and sending him spinning in mid-air towards Sasuke. Sasuke does a few handsigns, “Water Style: Aqua Javelin Jutsu!” All of a sudden, jets of water appear out of thin air and pierce through Naruto’s Chest and Stomach then explodes, sending him flying into another direction. Naruto smashes into the floor and Madara follows, smashing his fist into his face. The ground rises with dust as the force from Madara’s punch lands into Naruto’s face. Madara jumps back to join Sasuke and Sasuke does a few more handsigns then runs out of view. Naruto explodes into a puff of smoke and appears behind Madara piercing his back with a spike from his hand. The Black bone disappears into Madara and he falls to the ground unable to move. Naruto jumps back as Madara turns into water and soaks into the ground. The Kyuubi Beast roars and runs off towards a figure in the distance. Sasuke appears behind him before he can reach his destination and pulls out the Sharkskin Sword. Naruto stares at the sword in recognition then back at Sasuke. The sword comes striking down and shreds 2 of Naruto’s Tails off. Naruto roars and turns into a white Blinding light. Sasuke grunts and jumps back a few yards a covers his eyes. After a few moments then blinding light disappears and Naruto appears breathing hard with his hand to his chest. Sasuke stares at him, he’s different than before. Naruto is covered once again with white bone armour and his horns and spikes are gone. He only has 6 tails and his chest is bleeding out. Naruto stares into Sasuke’s eyes and grunts in pain as his chest pulses with pain. The wound stops seeping blood and begins to heal. Madara appears next to Sasuke, “Give it up, he knows.” Sasuke explodes into a puff of smoke...
To Be Continued...
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i read it.
it not interesting as it can be on manga.
cux you tell the words before it happens.

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Awful, why post this under manga when it has nothing to do with the manga? =.=
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