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Rank and Responsibility Guide

Many of you may be wondering what, exactly, a staff member's duty would be in the sanctified forum that we all call Naruto-Boards. Listed below are the ranks and a short summary of the roles for each personnel.

Moderators: Able to lock/move/delete posts/topics on the sections that they're assigned. Moderators answer the questions and complaints related to their section by the members, while keeping the forum as clean and spam-free as possible. Their suggestions about any improvements to the forum are highly valued.

Click for a list of Moderators

Section Head: There is a Section Head for each section and they have the same powers and duties as regular moderators, but will assume managerial responsibilities in their respective sections. Those responsibilities include monitoring the activity of moderators in their section, managing stickies, making section-specific rules, and mentoring new moderators in their respective section. They can be classified as "specialists", because they know everything about their sections, and they make sure everything runs fine, while preparing (if possible) special events. They also help moderate the Hokage Office.

Ninja Headquarters: Kikinka650
Manga and Anime: NelielChan
Ninja Works: Sorina-Hokage
Interests and Social Area: Chaos-

Global Moderator: GMs have similar duties as regular moderators, but they are able to lock/move/delete posts/topics anywhere on the forums, as well as having the privilege to instantly ban a user. However, it does not mean that they will moderate the forums by checking every post and topics like regular moderators. Contacting a specific section moderator is more accurate, and usually faster. GMs are more like supporters; they monitor the activity of moderators, while helping anyone when needed. It is encouraged that you report any abuse or unfair treatment you encounter on Naruto-Boards to them. In addition, they assist the Forum Admin by looking over at potential moderator candidates, and plan big events on the forums.

Click for a list of Global Moderators

Forum Admin: The highest rank on the forums; the Forum Admin makes the final decision on promoting new staff members, as well as making the final decisions about the changes in rules, new upcoming projects, and official tournaments. He/she monitors the activity of all moderators, while reviewing each staff member at least once a year. Additionally, he/she is able to site ban certain individuals when needed.
Due to large amount of duties of the Forum Admin it is suggested to report rule breaches to regular moderators.

Current Forum Admin: Spirit_in_Black
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
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