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  Posted on December 15, 2009 00:31
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This guide was created to provide an easy to access and up to date source of general information for the Naruto-Boards community. All members are expected to read this guide and are otherwise unknowingly subjecting themselves to the risk of breaking the rules. Please note that you will receive the full penalty of the consequences regardless of whether you have this guide or not. Besides the rules and expectations of the forums, this guide provides important interpretation of those rules as well as other helpful information and links.

1. Introduction
2. Forum Rules, Important Definitions/Interpretations
3. FAQ
4. The Amazing Edit Button and Bumping Guide
5. Spelling/Grammar
6. Other Information

Rules translations:
|| Czech & Slovak || Romanian || Polish || Brazilian || Spanish ||
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
  Posted on December 15, 2009 00:31
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1. Do not spam.
2. Do not flame.
3. Do not harass.
4. Do not double or multi post.
5. Do not flood.
6. Do not swear/cuss excessively. Changing letters in the word into numbers or symbols still counts.
7. Do not post/link any explicit material containing sexual, racist or disturbing/upsetting content.
8. Do not link to any form of pirating or make any illegal transactions on the forums.
9. Do not publicly trade accounts (Naruto-Arena or otherwise).
10. Do not scam.
11. Do not impersonate any regular or staff member.
12. Do not rip.
13. Do not advertise or promote other websites/services as a whole.
14. Do not act like a moderator/admin if you are not one.
15. Do not publicly discuss Naruto-Arena or Soul-Arena moderators or their actions unless given permission to do so by a Global Moderator.
16. Discussions that solely belong on partnership sites should only be posted on their forums, not on Naruto-Boards.
17. Do not evade your bans.
18. Do not cause unnecessary drama.
19. Do not share classified information (information regarding new characters not included).
20. Do not post excessively flashing/strobing images. Example
20a. Images that flash more slowly, however, are allowed. Example

All rules apply to Private Messages, Signatures, Avatars, User and Clan Profiles.

Moderators have the right to create and enforce rules in their own respective sections. You must follow those rules and listen to any request the moderator makes. Not doing so may result in a warning or ban.

Section Rules or special rules for single topics override Global Rules.

In this section, certain words and phrases used throughout in the Forum Guide will be defined and /or interpreted in order to prevent confusions over what is meant by a certain rule, so the rules cannot be argued.

Spam: A message and/or topic that is pointless and off-topic.

-Anything that does not answer the question the topic starter asks (for example: "I don't know")
-Topics with misleading titles, regardless of the message content
-Quoting someone without adding anything extra of your own (for example: Quoting and posting only "Agree", "Same", "What this guy said" or simply only quoting.)
-Reserved posts not filled within one hour
-A post with ONLY a smiley/smiles
-Posts made in a language outside of its proper section. The main language on the Naruto-Boards is English. All posts and topics made in any other language besides English must go in its corresponding sub-section within the Great Ninja Headquarters section.
-Irrelevant topics (for example: "Look at my signature", "Come to my chatbox", "I need a friend")

Topic not posted in its designated section will be locked or moved.

Flame: Any posts meant to offend or hurt any member in a manner which is offensive and/or insulting.

Light flaming: Harsh criticism and anything offensive, but nothing "major".
Examples: "That sucks h4rdcor3!" (if talking about a poem, signature, etc.), "noob", "you are stupid", "you need to grow up, kiddy".

Moderate flaming: Any sort of offence/insult that is neither extremely offensive, nor light flame. It's basically in a "middle region".
Examples: "idiot", "retard", "moron".

Heavy flaming: Anything racist, profane, sexist, or extremely offensive.

Harassment: Constantly annoying someone with offensive or negative messages in an attempt to make them feel unhappy, annoyed, or embarrassed.

Double Posting: Posting twice in a row without other people's posts in between.
Multi Posting: Posting 3-5 times in a row without other people's posts in between.

If you want to add something, you should use the edit button. See the "amazing edit button" and "the bumping guide" in this guide.
If you double (multi) posted unintentionally, edit all unnecessary posts to state it was a mistake. Those posts will be deleted and you will not be warned.

Flooding: Intentionally posting many times in a short period of time. 6 or more posts in a row, or many multi posts in one topic will automatically be considered as flooding. Necro-Posting(reviving dead topics over a month inactive without reason) on various topics can also be ruled as a type of flooding. Flooding can also take place if you create many useless/similar topics, or send many Private Messages to users in a short period of time. If one post takes up a whole page and the content in that post is simply smilies or spam in general, it will be considered as flooding (Examples: post with a very long image, too many images/smiles in one post, quoting a flood post)

Sexual explicit material: Violations include posting links (text link, even just including site's name and domain, not only clickable link made with tag, is a link too), images, using images in avatars, signatures, cybering on the forum (including Private Messages), and posting distasteful text-based content. Nudity or inappropriate level of bared skin is not allowed as well.

Disturbing/Upsetting Content: Images meant to shock, upset or appall members in a grotesque, malicious, or inhumane manner are not allowed. Gore is also restricted when it is a blatantly realistic mutilation/graphically intense injury.

Scamming: An attempt to trick or persuade an individual to hand over the password to their account. Telling someone to change their e-mail is also considered scamming. If you have been scammed, please read this topic.

Impersonation: Replicating someone's profile and/or name in order to appear to be that person. This also pertains to falsely claiming to be a Moderator/Admin of any "Naruto-Arena" project to try and trick an individual.

Ripping: Taking someone else's original content and claiming it as your own. Even if you slightly edit the content, it will still be considered "ripped". This includes:
-Piece of Writing
-Naruto-Arena Clan Name

For a more detailed explanation on the offence of ripping, please refer to 'What is ripping?' topic by clicking here.

Advertising: Any sort of link/statement/discussion which purposefully draws the attention of the forum members to any other site not related to Naruto-Arena.

Links that benefit our community in a sort of way (e.g; manga/anime sites) are allowed. It is the moderator's decision if a single advertisement can be allowed or not.
Advertising share and entertainment links in signatures and player-profiles (such as pokeplushies, youtube accounts, etc) are allowed. Advertising other (non-partnership) mmo games, communities, game sites, or other forums still remains forbidden.

Acting like a moderator/admin:

- You CANNOT warn users if they break a rule.
This means you cannot post content such as: "Do not spam", "This is spamming", "This topic is locked", "You are banned", "You will be warned", "Topic closed" or "Posting here will be treated as a spam."
- You CANNOT act like you have influence on the decision.
This means you cannot post content such as: "reported, I will make sure you will get a ban" or "I'm calling a mod to warn you".

Posting content like: "I hope you will be banned", "I think you will get a warning", "This might be not allowed" is not acting like a moderator, but it is considered spam if there is no other content related to the topic.

If you see anyone breaking the rules, use the personal message system to notify a moderator about the incident with a link to the topic. You may also post "this is against the rules" ONLY with a link to the rules AND a statement/quote about which rule has been broken.
Of course you can say "This is spamming" or "This is not allowed" and like when users are asking if a certain behavior is against the rules or not.

Discussing moderators and their actions: You CANNOT make a post/topic regarding any moderators, whether the content is positive or negative. The same goes for their actions (bans and warnings). Whenever we allowed the public to discuss moderators, it has always ended up with unnecessary drama spawning from the members' side.
If you see a moderator who is breaking the rules, abusing their powers, or acting in an immature way, report their action to a Global Moderator. If you find your warning or ban unfair, discuss it with a moderator using Private Messages (if you got warned in a topic, do not discuss the warning there).

Ban Evading: Accessing the forums while you are banned. This includes using any account (created in the past or now) to view Naruto-Boards. Even if you only look at topics (without posting) or use your friend's account, you will be banned (and your friend too). Be aware of consequences of ban evading by reading the Table of Punishment.

Drama: A statement or any sort of indirectly content which is "controversial" with the intent of annoying, and instigating a fight against another party. It is basically a post which causes members to fight among themselves.

drama-boi676: "you won that war only because you were playing cheap, you have no skill".
DramaCauser11: "He was using vulgar language then blocked me on MSN".
drama_starter5: "I was on chatbox of this clan and there were many idiots".
clanDr4ma9: "Captain of XYZ kicked me from the clan because I've lost in a tournament. He should be kicked instead of me for this!"
drama_man: "XXX clan is full of cheaters! who agrees with me?"
drama591: "people playing this game are idiots!"

Classified Information: Any information that is meant to be kept secret from members.

Listed below are various section rules. Section rules apply to the section they are designated and their subsections. Forum Rules, of course, apply to all sections unless stated otherwise. Links are provided in an organized fashion so that you are able to easily find which rules apply to which parts of the form. You can find these topics stickied in the sections they apply to.

Hokage Office
• News and announcements
• Forum and Site Feedback
----------General Site / Forum Questions & Help - Section Rules
----------Forum / Site bugs and glitches - Section Rules
----------Forum / Site ideas and suggestions - Section Rules
• Game Feedback - Section Rules
----------Game Typos and Mistakes
----------Game Bugs and Glitches
----------Game Ideas and Suggestions
----------General Game Questions & Help
• Balance Discussion - Altar Rules

Ninja Headquarters
• Battles, Wars and Tournaments
----------Battles - Section Rules
----------Wars - Section Rules
----------Tournaments - Section Rules
----------Official Tournaments
• Clans
----------General Clan Discussion - Section Rules
----------Clanless Gallery - Section Rules
----------Clan Recruiting - Section Rules
----------Naruto-Arena Clans - Section Rules
• Team Strategies and Missions - Section Rules
----------Naruto-Arena Guides - Section Rules

Anime and Manga Discussion
• Naruto
----------Naruto Anime - Section Rules
----------Naruto Manga - Section Rules
----------Konoha Park - Section Rules
----------Naruto Fanclubs - Section Rules
• Anime Series Discussions - Section Rules
• Manga Series Discussions - Section Rules
• Battledome - Section Rules
• Otaku Chat - Section Rules

Ninja Works
• Graphics Class - Section Rules
----------Great Hall of GFX
----------Graphics Showcases
----------Graphic Shops and Requests
----------GFX Questions and Concerns
+++++++++++++Graphics Guides, Tutorials and Resources
• Custom-Made Characters - Section Rules
----------Naruto-Based Characters
----------Other Characters
----------Character Showcases
----------Custom Characters Guides and Tutorials
• Additional Classes
----------Writing Class - Section Rules
----------Other Art Classes
----------Other Art Guides and Tutorials
• Official Contests
• Contests
----------Custom Characters Competitions
+++++++++++++Custom Characters Voting Arena
----------Graphics Competitions
----------Other Art Competitions

Great Ninja Countries
• Brazil - Section Rules
----------Clans Brasileiros - Section Rules
----------Eventos - Section Rules
• European Union
----------France - Section Rules
----------Germany - Section Rules
----------Italy - Section Rules
----------Poland - Section Rules
----------Portugal - Section Rules
----------Romania - Section Rules
----------The Netherlands and Belgium
----------Slovakia and Czech - Section Rules
• Other Non-European Countries.
• Philippines

• Animals - Section Rules
• Games - Section Rules
• Series and Movies - Section Rules
• Music - Section Rules
• Sports and Fitness - Section Rules
• Literature - Section Rules
• Technology - Section Rules

Social Area
• Introductions and Farewells - Section Rules
• World News - Section Rules
• Debates - Section Rules
• Forum Games - Section Rules
• Miscellaneous - Section Rules
----------Ask Me Anything - Section Rules
----------House of Humor - Section Rules
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
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Is there a search function for the forums?
Unfortunately there is no such feature at this moment. It has been asked for a lot so it may be added in the future. Currently you have to use to find topics you are interested in.

Some sub-forums are too deep and I have to click many times before I am there. Isn't there another way to get to the sub-forum faster?
The answer is very simple. Use the Sitemap. (There is a link to the sitemap on the top-right corner of the Naruto-Boards main page.)

What are the forum ranks and how many posts do I need for each rank?
An organized rank list can be found here (It's also located at the top of the forum directly below the Moderator List).

Why isn't my post count increasing?
The post count indicator takes a while to update so you should just be patient. You should also note that there are some sections where post count is completely turned off, so any posts made in those sections will not count towards your post count at all.

In what sections is post count turned off?
Post count is currently turned off in the following areas listed below. However, it may change so check the bottom of the board in question to see if post count is off or not.

Ninja Headquarters > Clans -> Naruto-Arena Clans
Hokage Office > Game Feedback
Anime and Manga Discussion > Battledome
Art Schools > Showcases > Graphics Showcases
Great Ninja Countries
Social Area

Why isn't my new avatar showing up?
It usually takes a while for recently uploaded images to show up. If refreshing the browser (reloading the page; usually by pressing F5 on your keyboard) isn't doing anything, just be patient. It may take a while, but the new avatar always shows up without fail.

I can't log onto my account / I was hacked
Be sure you are typing your password correctly. Use the Lost Password module to reset your password. If this didn't help you or you think you were hacked, you need to read the Keeping an account safe & retrieving it when lost topic.

I can't enter N-B on my account but I can play N-A
There is 99% chance you were banned from N-B. Check your inbox for information from a moderator about your ban. If you don't have any, wait a couple of hours. You will be informed soon. If 12 hours have passed and you still haven't received a private message, contact any moderator.

How can I make a signature/avatar/banner?
You have to use a graphic program like Photoshop or Gimp. Finding someone to teach you, or using tutorials are recommended. You can find tutorials on Google.
Visiting the forum below may be helpful too:
Naruto Boards > Ninja Works > Art schools > Graphics Class > Help and Resources
As for usebars, you can use websites to make them:
The usebar animator
Usebar Maker

How can I resize my image?
You can use any graphic program or a website: Pic Resize

How can I put an image onto my signature?
You must know the IMAGE code. For example, let's say you have this image code: "". Click "Edit signature" in your control panel. Paste your image code between (Make sure to remove the spaces!)
So you will have something like:[ / I M G ] (without spaces)

How can I upload an image from my computer?
You can use sites such as:

How can I make a link to a website or topic?
Answer to this question is explained in a sticky inside General site / forum questions & help, currently in this helpful topic.

I was inactive for 30 days and my inbox is empty now. What happened?
Our inbox can contain Private Messages from last 30 days only. Every day old PMs (more than 30 days) are deleted, so save important information or whole messages on your own.

Where can I find a list of moderators and their duties?
List of moderators is placed on top of the forums (or using this link). Duties of each rank of the Staff are placed in News and Announcements section of the forum (here).

This person is breaking the rules in my thread. What do I do?
The best thing to do would be to PM a moderator, preferably one for that section, and inform him of the situation. Don't forget to tell the moderator the name of the person, what they are doing, and the thread (link) they are doing it in.

I was banned unfairly / Moderator is abusing his powers. What should I do?
If you think your ban was unfair, talk with the moderator who banned you. You may also ask another moderator for a second opinion.
When a moderator is breaking rules/abusing powers, you should collect sufficient proof and immediately PM a global moderator with that proof.

Can my perma-ban be lifted?
The answer is yes, although keep in mind after you contact a moderator or global moderator asking for an appeal, that your unban will be deliberated upon. There is no guarantee that the perma-ban will be lifted, but you will be taken into consideration. In order to apply for an appeal, you must wait 6 months after your initial perma-ban to apply. Then you will be sent an application that must be filled out. This process could take up to 2 weeks or more, so please be patient! For more information read Secrets of Moderation Inquiry #2.3.

How do I become a moderator?
The simple answer to this question is that you don't. There is already a large moderating staff that will last a long time. Therefore, we don't need any more. However, if you act in a respectable manner and obey the rules on a regular basis, you never know what might happen.

I was kicked from my clan unfairly by my co-leader, I was a leader before, can a moderator ban him for that?
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are not required to look into problems like this. Simply look for another clan, or create your own.
Useful advices: do not give high rank (leader, captain) to someone you don't trust or to someone who is new in the clan. Same should go for member (not trial) rank. Moderators will not look into problems caused by careless rank distribution and other inner-clan issues.

Why was my topic locked/deleted?
We rather choose locking over deletion, all according to the topic's content. We will feed you with proper reason/s as we do so, but if we ever happen to do otherwise, please do acknowledge that it was because your topic was way too pointless/offensive to even deserve a notification from the staff.

If you are searching here for answers on questions like "Do private battles count towards mission requirements?" or "What is a Destructible Defense?" or any other questions related to the game/site, check the GAME MANUAL

] My missions are not working // It says "Opponent not found" from a few hours ago. // I can't find an answer in Game Manual
Any problems related to the game/site should be reported in the proper area of the forums. DO NOT PM a moderator or admin about game problems. Your message will be simply ignored if you do so. Instead of that, use the
Forum and Site Feedback to report problems with site and forums and ask questions related to the forum/site.
Game Feedback to report problems with game, typos and ask questions related to the game.

You want to know Secrets of Moderation? Then read this topic
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
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Double posting is against the rules. That is when you post multiple times within a short time period without anyone else posting. The way to fix this is to use The Amazing Edit Button!

The amazing edit button is a blue button located in the top right hand corner of all your posts.

By clicking that button, you can edit and/or add stuff to your post without double posting. To show that you edited your post, you can add the new content after the word "Edit:".

Once you are finished editing your post, click the blue "Edit Reply" button at the bottom.

Here is what your post should look like after you edit:

By editing your posts, you allow other members to know you have updated your post without breaking the rules.

This section explains how you can bump a topic without breaking the double-posting rule. It is really simple and you should be fine as long as you follow the guidelines. Bumping is primarily used in clan topics.

A bump may only be used at least 24 hours after the last post on the thread, not 24 hours after your own last bump post. If you bump before 24 hours it is spam (most people will not time you to the second so wait a minimum of 23 hours). Also, having post after post between you and another person of just the word "bump" is not bumping the topic, but indeed spamming it. Please keep this in mind when you want to bump a topic.

In Short:
1) Bumps are only to be used 24 hours after the last post on the topic.
2) Mis-use of bumps is spam.
3) Do not start a discussion with someone having "bump" in every post.
4) This applies to all of the boards. Not just in the clan section.

An example of bumping a thread.

If you have any questions/concerns or you still do not fully grasp this concept, feel free to PM any of the moderators about it.
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
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Speaking of grammar:

Take the time to at least capitalize the first letter of your sentences. It makes it a bit easier to see. Proper nouns you can leave alone, I forget so it's not like I can yell at you for that. However, capitalizing would help too.

Please PUNCTUATE. It becomes rather hard to read if you string together multiple ideas without any sort of break. It takes under a second to type in a period, or a comma, or even a semicolon ( ; ) if you're daring.

Abbreviations: Take the extra second, PLEASE, to spell out two more characters. It's nearly effortless to do this, and clears up a good amount of confusion. This also includes R, Hu, Wut, Y, etc... While abbreviations such as b/c and w/o and IDK etc. are fine, one to two letters is really not asking much.

Spelling: at least make a conscious effort to spell correctly. If you don't know how to spell a word, or if your finger slips, that's fine; but don't rush so much that you start yo splap the ketyboad like this. This is not a race; people take an extra few seconds to take your time.

1337: 1337 is not cool. It's STUPID. Don't try to complicate by typing in 1337.

Caps Lock: It is not wise to type in ALL CAPS LOCK LIKE THIS! It is annoying and people will have the notion that you are yelling at them. Be wise and look at what you are typing every so often.
If you just follow those guidelines, things will be a lot clearer, as well as make you look smarter, and well all want to look smart, now don't we?

A few words on posting:

- Please try to keep your post on topic, or at least within the confines of whatever tangent the thread might be on. While it may SEEM right to come into a thread about how Kankuro is the best in-game character and say "Has anyone seen Shippuden Kankuro? He's so cool!"... It's not. You're posting something that has very little relation to the topic at hand, and will not add to the conversation. Rather, it will detract from it. Even worse is to post something totally off topic, like "Who likes Linkin Park?"-- Worse yet is to ask someone to check out your website or join your clan.

- Double posting is almost always not necessary. If you don't get a response within 30 seconds, don't fret! You might get one. If it comes down to the fact that the post has been knocked off the first page, or it's been a day or something, don't bump your post with a bunch of smilies or "Come on, answer me!" Try to be a little creative, or at least say "bump" so people know that is your main goal.

- Under no circumstances should the two ever be combined. Some of the worst forum etiquette is to come into someone else's thread, post some nonsense, then keep bumping it. People will NOT like you.
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
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A Fond Farewell
We commemorate the hard work of our previous moderators. For whatever reasons, they are not currently moderators, but they still deserve respect from the whole community.
We wish happiness to the following ex-staff members of the Naruto-Arena community:

Head Global Moderators: Betrayer, Knightmayre, Leychance, Raizen-1, Slavik-Sensei, Spirit_in_Black, Yondaime, ZelostheHero,

Global Moderators: A2N, Ayrton, Blaze007, Burnturrek, FalcoVet101, FatDog, Grimm_, Grymflame, Hyuugaitachi007, Kostas, Lightning, Lord_Akatsuki, Maggot_Alchemist, MegamanX, Montaro, Neljubuites, Petley (Wesley), Xelian, Silver_Razar, Yondaime10101, ZelosWilder

Moderators: -Grimmjow (naruto_link), -KageBoy-, Aeon, Akatsunara, Andras, Arrow, artivous13, asmattack, BamBam1992, Bballer3042, Bear_Johnson, BlackDragonGod, bluegender_2k, ChrisNemo, ciumkajacy, Cross777, dagooddieyoung, Daryel-Arena (Orihime-) (Mystearica) (Konan), DiMcHu, Donovan-X (Sasuke_002), djnarrow, EarsOfGod, elearu, emorocker80, Enaki_Renraku, Gaara-Zabuza, Guipe, H4rry, Hanz_the_dark21, Hax, Hyuga-Clan, I_Am_Hokage, ilicmm, Itachi3334 (-Antai), jacek185, jay-dog, Jaqoob, Jeremy658, jnugget, junebuggy (Hakouro), Kagome_Simi, Kamatari, Kazuo_Oda, kiba510, Kolsake (HyuugaRenji), krises_blade, Kross, Kurkaka, Kyminara, Kyuubi0sama (Zero0Blade), kyuubinaruto1155, Lawrence17tm, lder, Lazy_Genius_13, Lord_Jure, Lostword, Magirawashii, memories_of_rem, Mira, Mirrorforce, mwalke32, Narikku, Naruto_1_2_3, NelielChan, Nes, Nh13 (Mapuche), Nimetz (Spirit_in_Nim) , Ninetailsboy, Nowherefast, Nooblsice, ohthatpal, OMGWTFitzBEN, omninight14 oreacharound, pacman9269, Penguins, Phurman, poiuy, Rampaging_Demon, redxmaverick, row, Roxasmanny, Royal-Omen, Ryukotsusei, Sakuralover110, sasori453, SasukeSS, SasukeUsumaki, Senovit, ShadowMT, ShAmPi, Sharkninja, SharinganShadow, Soryuju, Steve27, Strider, Sunago, sweetreon, Takachi, Torn (Yoshitake-Sama), ts_faraz, Tsunade-Ninja, Uberscout, Uchiha_Silvos, Uzumakipedro18, vg14, Vilyana, waves6, Westifer, Xander, xfreedom_demonx, ZeonBR, Zure

Special thanks to:
Naruto-Arena Admins - For creating Naruto-Arena for us to enjoy ^_^
3taildestruction - For organizing the previous moderator list.
Betrayer - For writing the previous guide.
Burnturrek - For creating the original forum guide.
leychance - For creating the old posts about the scammers.
Magirawashii - For creating the old rules/guidelines thread.
Hyuugaitachi007 - For developing Hokage Section Rules.
Pilaf - For creating the post about spelling and grammar.
Raizen-1 - For supporting and helping with the previous guide 100% of the way.
Uchiha_Silvos - For creating the bumping guide.
Lord_Akatsuki, leychance, Maggot_Alchemist, Silver_Razar, Slavik-sensei and ZelostheHero - For rewriting, refreshing and updating the guide.
Current Moderating Staff - For helping out with the guide.

A Message from the Moderating Staff
We, the moderators of Naruto-Arena and, are here to serve the community of members and players. By deleting posts, locking threads, and banning users, we are only trying to keep the boards clean and appropriate so that the utmost enjoyment is possible. Members should not be afraid to PM us with reports of rule breaking, general questions, or problems of your own. However, this does not mean you will always get the response you want. Depending on the content of the PM, we may not respond at all or merely redirect you to another place to ask the question. You have to understand that we are very busy and have lives outside of Naruto-Arena on top of that. During our short time since becoming moderators, we have experienced spam, flaming, flooding, etc. We decided to be productive and create this guide so that everything is in one place and easy to find. Please, if you haven't already done so, read every part of the guide and visit other guides we are linking from here, so that you may have a complete understanding of all the rules.

Thanks for reading,
~Naruto-Boards Moderating Staff
Read the rules or you will get chlamydia.
BeastModeCowboy, kienevil, LiteQ, marktech2000, Rock_Lee8.
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