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blood shall rain from the heavens above

clan history

Hidden Mist is one of the more powerful ninja villages in the world, allowing its leader to be called a "Kage." As such it's one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. It is unknown if the country has any current alliances. Mist has drawn the country into many wars in the past. Under the leadership of the Fourth Mizukage, the citizens of the country blamed the constant strife on the powerful clan bloodlines in the region. For that reason they turned against the clans and wiped many of them out. It is unknown if any bloodlines remain active in the service of Hidden Mist.

clan requirements

streak +15
highest level 15

Application Form
•N-A name :
•Highest level :
•Highest streak :
•Previous clans :
•What made you to join this clan?

Application Form for GFX-ers
•N-A name :
•Highest level :
•Highest streak :
•Previous clans :
•What made you to join this clan?
•What program do you use to GFX?
•Show 3 of your works

clan chat site
clan forum site
  Posted on December 5, 2009 22:27
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im such a noob at this game so good luck recruiting
Original profile is SasukeChidori93 i use this because....i just feel like it and some asshole banned my original not gonna point fingers to anyone *cough Lazy_Genius_13*
  Posted on January 3, 2010 23:24
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L08, sternkrieg.
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