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  Posted on October 3, 2009 16:25
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Budokai-Arena is based off of the widely popular dragonball series.




Old Thread

The Official Budokai-Arena C-box is located HERE. Beware, this is for members only.

New Budokai-Arena Staff List and Positions:

1- Akatsukig
2- Ninetailschris
3- Naruto221

1- Byakuya666 (who also has the function of Head of Admins)
2- LuccaHurricane (who also has the function of Head of GMs)
3- Mateus_Lindo (who also has the function of Head of Mods)

Global Moderators:
1- Ninjtsuuchiha
2- NikNinja
3- Rhinocef95
4- Coold

1- Gohan444
2- Waterone
3- InSoMaNiAc
4- AndrjuhA
5- Fuzzboy123
6- Hawk-Eye21
7- Ali



Head of Administrators:

Global Moderators:

Head of Global Moderators:

Moderators: they moderate the section of the boards to which they were assigned, having the power to lock, move, delete or change any topic within their section. They also answer any questions or complaints of the other members of the Boards. Whenever needed, they can ask for help from any GM.

Head of Moderators:

Members' Functions While The Game Isn't Released:

Mateus_Lindo and Coold, i'll put you as in charge of ingame screenshot ideas (selection screen and battle situation). I know most of the stuff we have there is yours, so that's what i'll ask you 2 to continue doing.

LuccaHurricane, i'd like you to be in charge of forum ideas (background, organization, ranks, etc). i'd also like you to choose someone to help you with this.

Philm and Byakuya666 will be character creators. We will need 3 more member to help us. I was thinking of: Waterone, Ninjtsuuchiha and Hawk-Eye21.

Rhinocef95 and andrjuhA will be in charge of creating missions. If they need help, they can select another member to help them.

NikNinja and InSoMaNiAc will be in charge of player cards, avatars and ingame level rank images. if you need help, ask another member.

Programers & Coders- Akatsukig, naruto221, and ninetailschris


Ingame Screenshot (Character Selection):




Ingame Screenshot (Battle Situation):


Surrender, Canceled, Winner, Loser, Searching, and Found, etc.






Character Ki System:

Character Skills Classes:
Main Classes:
Physical: Skills that involve brute force and melee attacks.
Ki: Skills that involve energy.
Intelligence: These skills don't deal damage. These skills improve/reduce defenses and attacks.
Plan: Skills that involve counters, special abilities and items.
Melee: The skill is carried out a close range to the target and user.
Ranged: The skill is carried out far away from the user.
Instant: Instant skills are skills that do their work instantly, or are placed on the target on the first turn and have no connection to the caster for the rest of its duration.
Action: Action skills are skills that last multiple turns and require the attention of the caster each turn anew. If the caster loses contact with the target, by a stun or invulnerability, the action will have no effect. But since the skill is done each turn anew, the skill will continue once the caster has contact with its target again.
Control: Controls require constant contact between caster and target. If the contact is broken, the skill will end.
Extra Types:
Affliction: It basically says it can be cured by affliction removals. On the icon descriptions shown ingame there is always a notice saying "This is an affliction".

Official Character Template:

Official Mission Templates:

Official Level Ranks:
1-5: cc.png Earthling
6-10: ll.png Student of the Turtle
11-15: pic.png Namekian
16-20: sl.png Low-Class Saiyan
21-25: 1-1.png Saiyan Elite
26-30: 2-1.png Member of the Ginyu Force
31-35: 3-1.png Student of the Kai's
36-40: rr.png Android
41-45: m.png Majin
46-50: hair.png Super Saiyan
#1: db.png Guardian of Earth

Budokai-Boards Ranks
Ranks for Members
0 - 49 posts: Earthling
50 - 249 posts: Student of the Turtle
250 - 649 posts: Superhuman
650 - 849 posts: Namekian
850 - 1499 posts: Ginyu Force
1500 - 2999 posts: Low Class Saiyan
3000 - 3499 posts: Student of the Kais
3500 or more posts: Super Saiyan

Budokai-Boards Map
Only staff members can enter in the Red Parts
Only GMs or higher can enter in the Blue Parts
Only Admins or Heads can enter the Green Parts
Only Heads, Backups and the Webmaster can enter the Purple Parts

Ranks for Staff
Moderators: Saiyan Elite
Global Moderators: Majin
Admins: Guardian of Earth

Ranks for Heads
Head of Moderators: Legendary Super Saiyan
Head of Global Moderators: Fusion
Head of Admins: Supreme Kai
Webmaster: Grand Kai

Ordered Ingame Level Rank Images
This Official Budokai-Arena Account is used by:
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Kid Goku, Bulma, Kid Krillen, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Oolong, Puar, Kid Chichi, Emperor Pilaf, Teen Goku, Teen Chichi

Nam, Draculaman, Invisibleman, Bandages the Mummy, Devilman, Grandpa Gohan, Tien, Chiaotzu, Mercenary Tao, Assistant Black, Giran, Demon King Piccolo, Yajirobe, Buyon, General Blue, Tambourine, Kami, Cyborg Tao, Android 8, Cymbal, Oozaru Goku, Bacterian, Ranfan, Drumm, Piccolo Jr., Arale, Mr. Popo, General White, Ninja Murasaki, Korin, Major Metallitron.

Accepted Dragon Ball Characters:

Untitled6.png kdkrillenava.png YamchaFacepic.png masterros.png chichiface.png ezleq.png YajirobeF.png
Untitled6-2.png draculamanfacepic2.png Invisiblemanfacepic3.png Untitled7-2.png Devilmannfacepic.png Tienfacepic.png mtaoava-1.png
Assistantblackfacepic-1.png Semttulo-1.png?t=1256749012 grandpagavy.png GiranFace.png o77dqg.png Chaosfacepic.png BuyonFacepic3.png
BlueFacePic3.png Tambourinefacepic2.png teengokuface-2.png 2relgti.jpg cytaofacepic.png Android8facepic.png Cymbalfacepic.png
10z689t.jpg Bacterian-face.jpg?t=1256476323 ranfanface.png 2j1sefc.png drumfacepic2.png piccolojrav.png MrPopo-face.jpg?t=1256585856
aralefacepic-1.png ninjamurasakifacepic2.png GeneralWhitefacepic.png Puar-face.png?t=1256669168 korinfacepic-1.png MetallitronFace.png bulmaface.png

Team Strategy Guide
First Chapter(Mechanics of a Team):

You usually want to have a balance of Kai's In your team
Oozaru (Combat)
Piccolo Jr.(Energy)
This team is a full balanced team
Equivalent to the Naruto-Arena Team
of: Kakashi,Lee (S), and Zaku
You do not want to have 3 chars stacked with
the same kai usage's or your kai will be spread thin

Second Chapter(Roles of the team):

Spiker: Heavy hitter like a Broly type of charecter
Drainer: Draning of Kai Transfering your pool of kai like Android 20
Stunner: Stunning a enemy for 1 round or more round's
AoE: Does damage to the whole team A Aoe/Drainer will kill in-game
Healer: Charecter heals itself or a teamate inscreases HP
Counter: Best offense is a good defense reacts to a damaging skill

Third Chapter(Breaking down/Reading opponent):


After analyzing each character individually pair them into the three different sets of two that they can make. Now re-analyze what they can do together. What skills can they use to form combinations or protect each other. How often can they attack with two kai a turn, break the two down to nothing but skills and two kai.


Breaking down certain charecters analyze their first prep skills and their special abilltys break them down from their

Fourth Chapter(Making the team/ for missions also}:

First Sub-Division: Beginner's Luck:
Starting off first time playing B-A.Haven't Unlocked Chars.Here are some teams

Yamcha,Oolong and Kid Krillin Lvls 1-3

Kid Goku,Roshi,Puar 2-3

Empreror Pilaf, Master Roshi,Teen Chichi 3-5

Second Sub Divsion: Getting into it:
Have unlocked more than half of DB chars.Here are some teams:

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Mission types:
Everybody please use these for the mission types:
Roshi's Training (Human and Student of Turtle chars)
Kami's Training (Namekian and Low class Saiyan)
Z Fighter (Saiyan Elite and Ginyu Force level mission)
Legendary Super Saiyan (Student of Kai missions)

Mission Sections:


Dragon Ball Missions:

Fortuneteller Baba Saga:
BabasTestPickN3.png Draculamanmissionpick3.png Invisiblemanmissionpick3.png Bandagesmissionpick3.png Devilmanmissionpick3.png GrandFatherGohanMissionRemake.png

The World Tournament Saga:
WorldTournamentBeginsMission.png DangerFromAbove.png MonsterBeastGiranMission.png TheRedemptionofaPridefulFighterMiss.png SMOG-1.jpg?t=1258930875 SmellyFigherMission.png RanfanMissionPic.png chaomiss.png

Red Ribbon Army Saga:

MuscleTowermissionpick.png GeneralBluemissionpick2.png BuyonMissionPick2.png TaoMissionPic.png android8miss.png CyborgTaoMissionPic.png AssistantBlack.png MajorMetallitronmissionpick2.pngkorinmiss.png aralemission1-1.png TheFourthFloorMission.png 24kxtw8.jpg

King Piccolo Saga:

Kingpiccolosagapremissionpick2.png Tambourinemissionpick3.png TheFatSamuraiMission.png CymbalMissionPic.png kamimiss.png TheBiggestOneYetMission.png TheGreatDemonKingMission.png MrPopo-missionOutside.png?t=1256599322 piccolojrmissionpick.png

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Other Stuff

To Do List:
1- Get New pictures for the following missions:
- The Innocent Little Android;
- Coming of King Piccolo;

2- Get avatars* for the following Dragon Ball characters:
- Kid Chichi (5x)
- Oolong (4x)
- Andriod 8 (2x)

3- Do the Z Chars (Namek)
Dragon Ball Z - Saiyan Saga (6 new characters and the replacements)
-Goku (Z) replacing Teen Goku (Unlocked)
-Tien (Z) replacing Tien (awarded to who completed the mission "Redemption of a -Prideful Fighter" but will have his Z mission for those who didn't complete)
-Yamcha (Z) replacing Yamcha (Unlocked)
-Piccolo (Z) replacing Piccolo Jr. (awarded to who completed the mission "Return of -Evil" but will have his Z mission for those who didn't complete)
-Krillin (Z)
-Kid Gohan (Z)
-Vegeta (Scouter)
-Raditz (Z)
-Nappa (Z)
-Saibamen (Z)

3- Get new Face Pics for the following characters:
- Tambourine (more highlighted face)

Rules of the To Do List:

1- the staff members must say "i'll do number X - Y" (being X the number that represents the activity specified in the list and Y the activity itself)

2- the first member to say "i'll do..." will be the ones to do it and will have their names added in front of the activity they requested.

3- in the case of being a character creation, if 2 or more members want to do that character, they will do it and post it on the Official Thread. the heads will then decide which one of the charactres is the best to be added.

4- there are some activities only certain staff members can do such as: balancing their own characters and posting their pics so they can be improved. in both these cases, the members won't need to say "i'll do...", their names will be automatically added to the activity.

5- when requested an activity, it must be finished in a 5 day period, that will start counting when the members requests the activity. if not, the member's name will be taken off the To Do List.

6- a member can quit any activity by warning the other members of that situation.

7- a single member can be doing 3 activities (max) at the same time. the period of time will not be changed (5 days).

Dragonball System:
There are different types of Dragonballs included in the game, each have a different number of wishes and power of a wish.
Namekian Dragonballs- Theses Dragonballs are the most easiest to find and grant you 3 weak wishes. (Like 750EXP, 50 posts, Unlock a mission that is your rank or the next rank.)

Earth Dragonballs- They are a little more harder to fing than the Namekain Dragonballs, they grant you 2 strong wishes. (Like 1000EXP, 150 posts, Unlock a character that is at your rank.)

Black-Star Dragonballs- The most difficult to find and the most powerful. These Dragonballs will grant you 1 very strong wish. (Like 5000EXP, 500 posts, unlock any character, even if its out of your rank.)

Chances of finding a Dragonball:
You can only obtain Dragonballs by winning Ladder and Quick matches.

Namekian Dragonballs- Your chances of getting a Namekian Dragonball is 33%.

Earth Dragonballs- Your chances of getting an Earth Dragonball is 20%.

Black-Star Dragonballs- Your chances of winning a Black-Star Dragonball is 10%.

Once you find a Dragonball you'll only find that kind until you find all 7.

MIlesford81: Ripping
Chase Young: Ripping


dwcadd.png ipp28j.png 2a9z5lj.png 2copgjm.png 90df8x.png 20qjq7t.png t6xxfr.png
masterroshiavy-1.jpg masterroshiavy-2.jpg masterroshiavy-3.jpg masterroshiavy-4.jpg masterroshiavy-5.jpg v2qtxf.png zk28h3.png
t9w5uf.png 14wr1nm.png w012z5.png teengokuavy1.jpg teengokuavy2.jpg 2v27c6x.png 2zxsbp1.png
106yka8.png yamchaavy-1.jpg yamchaavy-2.jpg yamchaavy-3.jpg yamchaavy-4-1.jpg yamchaavy-5-1.jpg 2ele92r.png
5arr5t.png rw2xro.png grandpagavy-1.jpg grandpagavy-2.jpg grandpagavy-3.jpg 2je908p.png 2vsmghx.png
rckm8g.png 2naiiop.png 16kalwo.png 30wtt0x.png 11hgoch.png th_Krillin.png th_Krillin2.png
th_Krillin5.png th_Krillin4.png th_Krillin3.png oozaru1.png oozaru2.png pilafavy-1.jpg pilafavy-3.jpg
pilafavy-2.jpg pilafavy-4.jpg pilafavy-5.jpg bulmaavy-1.jpg bulmaavy-2.jpg bulmaavy-3.jpg bulmaavy-4.jpg

Player Cards:
1-3.png - Earthling

2-2.png - Student of the turtle:

16ghe34.jpg - Namekian

Low.png - Low-Class Saiyan

3-1.png - Saiyan Elite

4kai.png - Student of the Kai's

Gynyu.png - Member of the Ginyu Force

4-1.png - Android

5-1.png - Majin

6-1.png - Super Saiyan

7-1.png - Guardian of Earth

Official B-a Tags (users can have one on their sig):
281f1ur.png 24g3pqu.jpg
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This is really bad.
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can i be a mod too i'll help everyday
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Here it is the new Official Thread!
This account (Budokai_Arena) will be used by selected staff members.
the selection will begin now,

This Official Budokai-Arena Account is used by:
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We need to take out all the bad quality characters and other images. We also need banners. and we need.......well we have a lot to do. -.-

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wowq! this is greattt i really hope u guyz can open this soon and it works out :amused

mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade man.
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can i be mod????????????
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Anyway i don`t think this will release:smile .
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Yay finnaly!
and you guys didnt add me
you guys told me that i have been accepted as a mod
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Worker Form
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Are you a gfxr/character creator:I gfx but dont do characters.But im starting to.
Post sample of your Dragon Ball related work:none,but ask me and i'll do it.
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reserved .
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So like whos all allowed on the website, Is just for every 1 or just the creators