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  Posted on May 4, 2009 20:32
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Finally, after three-months overdue after my promise to have it out by Valentines. It�s finally here�s. Lazy�s Library is in print. Considerably condensed due to the fact that there�s no way for me to secure 27 continuous posts to be able to strategize all these teams for you (sorry, I tried guys). I�ll have to trust that you can figure it out, and if you can�t you�ll pm me to ask. Either way, here�s the peak of all my works in strategy and creation. 260 unique teams, four for each specific character, along with the basic information that each player should know.
Edit: Note Luapman�s Reworks And Take Into Account

Table Of Contents:
1-4: Naruto
5-8: Sakura
9-12: Sasuke
13-16: Kakashi

17-20: Shino
21-24: Hinata
25-28: Kiba
29-32: Kurenai

33-36: Neji
37-40: Lee
41-44: Tenten
45-48: Gai

49-52: Shikamaru
53-56: Ino
57-60: Chouji
61-64: Asuma

65-68: Gaara
69-72: Temari
73-76: Kankuro
77-80: Baki

81-84: Kidomaru
85-88: Tayuya
89-92: Jiroubou
93-96: Sakon

97-100: Zaku
101-104: Dosu
105-108: Kin
109-112: Yoroi

113-116: Anko
117-120: Kabuto
121-124: Shizune
125-128: Kimimaro

129-132: CSS
133-136: Kyuubi
137-140: Iruka
141-144: Gaara Rehab

145-148: Oboro
149-152: Shigure

153-156: Itachi
157-160: Kisame

161-164: Zabuza
165-168: Demon Brothers
169-172: Haku

173-176: Jiraiya
177-180: Tsunade
181-184: Orochimaru

185-188: Naruto S
189-192: Sakura S
193-196: Sai S
197-200: Kakashi S
201-204: Yamato S

205-208: Deidara
209-212: Sasori
213-216: Itachi BD
217-220: Kisame BD
221-224: Hidan
225-228: Kakuzu

229-232: Shikamaru S
233-236: Asuma S

237-240: Orochimaru S
241-244: 4-Tailed Naruto

245-248: Shodaime
249-252: Nidaime
253-256: Sandaime
257-260: Kazekage Gaara
  Posted on May 4, 2009 20:33
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First are some of my pages of interest, linked below you will find all of my guides along with other pages of note that are useful to any future veteran.

Lazys Mission Guide

Lazys Team/Counter Guide

Lazys Reading Guide

Lazys Hybrid Guide

Lazys Team Shop

Falcos Tips And Tricks

Nowheres Notebook

DiMcHu's Team Guide

more to come later, pm if you feel your guide/page has a place in this list
  Posted on May 4, 2009 20:33
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Terms Used In Defining Characters / Teams

Stun making one opposing character unable to use a type of skill, or any skills for a turn

AoE Area of Effect; hits all targetable enemies

DoT Damage Over Time; deals its full damage, or a limitless amount of damage on a turn-by-turn basis

DoT AoE Damage Over Time Area Of Effect; hits all targetable enemies and deals its damage over a matter of turns, generally from 2-3 turns.

Invul Invulnerable; unable to be targeted by most skills

Perma Stun Permanent Stun; team based around preventing any opponent movement through use of AoE stuns

Stun Lock team based around consistently stunning one or more members of a team, preventing combination use. IE: Sakura, KBD, Shika S

Drain destruction or gain of opponents chakra through specific moves

Drain Chain multiple draining characters used in a team to prevent gain of chakra over a period of time. IE: Shino, Yoroi, Hinata. 4-straight turns no chakra gain.

Cheap / Noob A team that goes through a spree of such popularity that it is detested by most players. It generally is either a drain chain, perma stun or a stun lock team. AoE Overload teams also may fall here.

AoE Overload A team based purely on AoE damage dealing in large quantities to finish quickly. IE: Temari, Tenten S, 4-Tail Naruto

Mist moves of a defensive nature that hinder an opponent outside of damage reduction. IE: Zabuzas Mist Technique

Wall a move forming a solid barrier of invul over your entire team

Spike any move dealing more then 40 damage in one shot

What Are The Advantages Of A Hybrid Team?

A hybrid team has several advantages over a pure team in my mind, one of which is greater variety. If you arent restricted to a specific type of character you can have so many more teams, but dont think Im knocking on the pure teams, many teams that can be considered hybrid are also close enough to fall into the pure category such as the one I have lost to many times used and created by FirePrincess consisting of 4-Tailed Naruto, Shigure and Jiraiya. So one advantage is variety, another is unpredictability though this is the term I use only because there is not a better suited one. The team is not truly unpredictable but rather is not prone to a pattern that is quite so obvious as a team such as Tenten, Haku, Shikamaru. These are only two of the many advantages of a hybrid team.

What Is A Hybrid Team?

Nooblsice wrote:
A hybrid team is a team that doesn't consist of 3 characters who have skills based on a certain category, in other words no full stunners, drainers, spikers, healers etc. You combine these characters to create hybrid teams which usually have the advantages of several of these types.
Nooblsices description covers Hybrid teams quite well, following is my description if clarification is still needed.
A hybrid team is a team that follows not one singular nature. Whose members have more then one type of technique, who dont all use AoE, or dont all spike. The members tend to support each other and the most successful hybrid teams also utilize clash so that they can still function when possessing only two members living. IE: Sasuke, Oboro, Shigure is hybrid, and does not clash. Shikamaru S, Asuma S, 4-Tailed Naruto (Credit~ BlackDragonGod) does clash, and is hybrid.
  Posted on May 4, 2009 20:33
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1. Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru

2. Naruto, Yamato, Itachi

3. Naruto, Haku, Ino

4. Naruto, Shikamaru S, Neji S

5. Sakura, Shikamaru, Chouji

6. Sakura, Yamato, Itachi

7. Sakura, Haku, Kurenai

8. Sakura, Sakon, Shikamaru S

9. Sasuke, Lee, Ino

10. Sasuke, Dosu, Shikamaru S

11. Sasuke, Sakura S, Iruka

12. Sasuke, Shigure, Shikamaru S

13. Kakashi, Kazekage, Iruka

14. Kakashi, Shikamaru S, Kisame BD

15. Kakashi, Oboro, Diedara

16. Kakashi, Hidan, Shodaime

17. Shino, Naruto S, Shikamaru S

18. Shino, Lee S, Itachi BD

19. Shino, Ino, Hinata

20. Shino, Jiroubou, Ino

21. Hinata, Kiba, Ino

22. Hinata, Kurenai, Sakura

23. Hinata, Asuma, Shino

24. Hinata, Tayuya, Chiyo ~ BlackDragonGod

25. Kiba, Itachi, Gaara Rehab

26. Kiba, Zaku, Shikamaru S

27. Kiba, Oboro, Iruka

28. Kiba, Kyuubi, Baki

29. Kurenai, Asuma S, Neji

30. Kurenai, Dosu, Zaku

31. Kurenai, Kiba, CSS

32. Kurenai, Sakura S, Sasori

33. Neji, Temari, Ino

34. Neji, Kankuro, Gaara Rehab

35. Neji, Kabuto, Hidan

36. Neji, Oboro, Gaara

37. Lee, CSS, Gaara Rehabilitated

38. Lee, Hinata, Ino

39. Lee, Naruto, Kin

40. Lee, Shikamaru, Kisame

41. Tenten, Kabuto, Zaku

42. Tenten, Neji, Ino

43. Tenten, Chiyo, Itachi

44. Tenten, Gaara Rehab, Shikamaru S

45. Gai, Itachi, Sakura S

46. Gai, Tsunade, Kisame BD

47. Gai, Yamato, Itachi BD

48. Gai, Kidomaru, Hidan

49. Shikamaru, Naruto, Chouji

50. Shikamaru, Lee S, Kidomaru

51. Shikamaru, Gaara Rehab, Kiba

52. Shikamaru, Sakon, Kabuto

53. Ino, Kiba, Hinata

54. Ino, Tsunade, Kisame BD

55. Ino, Chiyo, Neji

56. Ino, Orochimaru, Haku

57. Chouji, Naruto, Ino

58. Chouji, Kin, Gaara

59. Chouji, Sakura, Hinata

60. Chouji, Jiraiya, Asuma S

61. Asuma, Zaku, Shikamaru

62. Asuma, Diedara, Jiraiya

63. Asuma, Tayuya, Diedara

64. Asuma, Hinata, Jiraiya ~ Sweetreon

65. Gaara, Shikamaru, Neji

66. Gaara, Dosu, Zaku

67. Gaara, Kazekage Gaara, Sai S

68. Gaara, Itachi, Lee S

69. Temari, Neji, Tenten

70. Temari, Zabuza, Kisame BD

71. Temari, Shikamaru S, Orochimaru S

72. Temari, 4-Tailed Naruto, Neji

73. Kankuro, Zabuza, Zaku

74. Kankuro, Itachi, Sakura S

75. Kankuro, Kabuto, Dosu

76. Kankuro, Kisame, Ino

77. Baki, Orochimaru, Sakura

78. Baki, Sakon, Kidomaru

79. Baki, Sakura S, Chouji

80. Baki, Naruto S, Kisame BD

81. Kidomaru, Kakashi, Tsunade

82. Kidomaru, Ino, Lee S

83. Kidomaru, Kakashi S, Tsunade

84. Kidomaru, Chiyo, Gai

85. Tayuya, Orochimaru, Gaara Rehab

86. Tayuya, Sakura S, Haku

87. Tayuya, Gaara, Sakura S

88. Tayuya, Zaku, Dosu

89. Jiroubou, Kazekage, Temari

90. Jiroubou, Jiraiya, Shigure

91. Jiroubou, Kimimaro, Naruto S

92. Jiroubou, Haku, Kin

93. Sakon, Kyuubi, Shikamaru

94. Sakon, Hinata, Ino

95. Sakon, Anko, Tayuya

96. Sakon, Haku, Shikamaru S

97. Zaku, Temari, Lee S

98. Zaku, Kabuto, Tsunade

99. Zaku, Zabuza, Diedara

100. Zaku, Lee, Hinata

101. Dosu, Kabuto, Haku

102. Dosu, Gaara Rehab, Shikamaru S

103. Dosu, CSS, Shikamaru S

104. Dosu, Itachi, Tsunade

105. Kin, Sasuke, Sakon

106. Kin, Kyuubi, Lee S

107. Kin, Kisame, Zaku

108. Kin, Kakuzu, Gai S

109. Yoroi, Shikamaru S, Kazekage Gaara

110. Yoroi, Kidomaru, Kabuto

111. Yoroi, Gaara Rehab, Oboro

112. Yoroi, Yamato, Itachi

113. Anko, Yamato, Sakura S

114. Anko, Oboro, Tsunade

115. Anko, Zabuza, Itachi

116. Anko, Shikamaru S, Neji S

117. Kabuto, Haku, Tenten

118. Kabuto, Yamato, Lee

119. Kabuto, Orochimaru S, Sakura S

120. Kabuto, Iruka, Tsunade

121. Shizune, Kisame, Shikamaru S

122. Shizune, Neji, Gaara

123. Shizune, Haku, Zabuza

124. Shizune, Kabuto, Dosu

125. Kimimaro, Diedara, Shikamaru S

126. Kimimaro, Sakura S, Kabuto

127. Kimimaro, Asuma S, Jiraiya

128. Kimimaro, Iruka, Oboro

129. CSS, Tsunade, Itachi

130. CSS, Gai S, Sakura S
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131. CSS, Itachi BD, Sakon

132. CSS, Dosu, Shikamaru

133. Kyuubi, Dosu, Zaku

134. Kyuubi, Kin, Tsunade

135. Kyuubi, Sakura S, Yamato

136. Kyuubi, Itachi, Tsunade

137. Iruka, Kidomaru, Sakon

138. Iruka, Kisame, Oboro

139. Iruka, Hinata, Tayuya

140. Iruka, Gaara Rehab, Sai S

141. Gaara Rehab, Itachi, Tsunade

142. Gaara Rehab, Ino, Sakon

143. Gaara Rehab, Yoroi, Itachi

144. Gaara Rehab, Asuma, Kazekage Gaara

145. Oboro, Haku, Lee S

146. Oboro, Kisame, Kazekage Gaara

147. Oboro, Hinata, Jiroubou

148. Oboro, Sakon, Gaara

149. Shigure, Jiroubou, Jiraiya

150. Shigure, Tayuya, Hinata

151. Shigure, Naruto S, Shikamaru S

152. Shigure, Tsunade, Yamato

153. Itachi, Kiba, Haku

154. Itachi, Gaara Rehab, Neji S

155. Itachi, Haku, Neji

156. Itachi, Kakashi, Chiyo

157. Kisame, Tsunade, Shikamaru S

158. Kisame, Haku, Chiyo

159. Kisame, Kiba, Tayuya

160. Kisame, Itachi, Sakura

161. Zabuza, Sakura S, Kazekage Gaara

162. Zabuza, Hinata, Chiyo

163. Zabuza, Zaku, Anko

164. Zabuza, Iruka, Sakura S

165. Demon Brothers, Gaara, Sai

166. Demon Brothers, Iruka, Kazekage

167. Demon Brothers, Sai, Kazekage

168. Demon Brothers, Shodaime, Gaara Rehab

169. Haku, Kabuto, Dosu

170. Haku, Lee S, Shikamaru S

171. Haku, Itachi, Neji

172. Haku, Ino, Asuma

173. Jiraiya, Kiba, Chiyo

174. Jiraiya, Gaara Rehab, Gai

175. Jiraiya, Itachi, Orochimaru

176. Jiraiya, Kazekage Gaara, Iruka

177. Tsunade, Itachi, Gaara Rehab

178. Tsunade, Sai S, Zaku

179. Tsunade, Kakuzu, Itachi

180. Tsunade, Anko, Zaku

181. Orochimaru, Chiyo, Itachi

182. Orochimaru, Hinata, Ino

183. Orochimaru, Oboro, Sasori

184. Orochimaru, IBD, KBD

185. Naruto S, KBD, IBD

186. Naruto S, Itachi, Hinata

187. Naruto S, Shikamaru S, Sasori

188. Naruto S, Orochimaru S, Iruka

189. Sakura S, Iruka, Sai S

190. Sakura S, Shikamaru S, Hinata

191. Sakura S, Hinata, Tayuya

192. Sakura S, Gaara Rehab, Kabuto

193. Sai S, Hinata, Orochimaru S

194. Sai S, Yamato, Tsunade

195. Sai S, 4-Tailed Naruto, Diedara

196. Sai S, Kakashi, Shodaime

197. Kakashi S, Tsunade, Kidomaru

198. Kakashi S, Lee S, Gaara Rehab

199. Kakashi S, Kazekage Gaara, Lee S

200. Kakashi S, Hinata, Gai S

201. Yamato S, Hinata, Tsunade

202. Yamato S, Sakura S, Sai S

203. Yamato S, Sandaime, Sakura

204. Yamato S, Naruto S, Shikamaru S

205. Diedara, Asuma S, Kazekage Gaara

206. Diedara, Sakura S, Shodaime

207. Diedara, Jiroubou, Tayuya

208. Diedara, Zabuza, Jiraiya

209. Sasori, Hinata, Tsunade

210. Sasori, Sakura S, Sai S

211. Sasori, Lee, Shodaime

212. Sasori, Sandaime, Tsunade

213. IBD, Orochimaru S, KBD

214. IBD, Sakon, Gaara Rehab

215. IBD, Kisame, Yamato S

216. IBD, Jiroubou, Haku

217. KBD, Shikamaru S, Kakashi

218. KBD, Chouji, Sakura S

219. KBD, Orochimaru S, Sai S

220. KBD, Lee, Hinata

221. Hidan, Chiyo, Shodaime

222. Hidan, Orochimaru S, Anko

223. Hidan, Kisame BD, Iruka

224. Hidan, Jiraiya, Yamato

225. Kakuzu, Hinata, Tsunade

226. Kakuzu, Sasori, Hidan

227. Kakuzu, Kisame, Shodaime

228. Kakuzu, Itachi, Iruka

229. Shikamaru S, Iruka, Sakura S

230. Shikamaru S, Rehab, Yoroi

231. Shikamaru S, Zaku, Jiroubou

232. Shikamaru S, Chouji, Kabuto

233. Asuma S, Itachi, Sakura S

234. Asuma S, Dosu, Haku

235. Asuma S, Kakuzu, Shodaime

236. Asuma S, Kazekage Gaara, Sakura S

237. Orochimaru S, Haku, Sai S

238. Orochimaru S, IBD, Gaara

239. Orochimaru S, Gaara Rehab, Hinata

240. Orochimaru S, CSS, Shodaime

241. 4-Tailed Naruto, Gaara Rehab, Kiba

242. 4-Tailed Naruto, Itachi, Kiba

243. 4-Tailed Naruto, Kazekage Gaara, Jiraiya

244. 4-Tailed Naruto, Iruka, Chouji

245. Shodaime, Shikamaru S, Lee S

246. Shodaime, Kakuzu, Asuma S

247. Shodaime, Sai S, Kakashi

248. Shodaime, Kisame BD, Gai

249. Nidaime, Kiba, Kidomaru

250. Nidaime, Jiraiya, Yamato

251. Nidaime, Zabuza, Kazekage Gaara

252. Nidaime, Hidan, Shodaime

253. Sandaime, Itachi, Tsunade

254. Sandaime, Kiba, Shikamaru S

255. Sandaime, Sakura S, Shikamaru S

256. Sandaime, Dosu, Haku

257. Kazekage Gaara, Jiraiya, Asuma

258. Kazekage Gaara, Iruka, Shikamaru S

259. Kazekage Gaara, Hinata, Chiyo

260. Kazekage Gaara, Sakura S, Sai S
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Amazing great guide
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thats bro for teams:cool
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AWWsome man really good dude

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you are a legend man!:teeth
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I love you for this Lazy.

Im using Css Gai S Sakura S

pwnage team
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thanks lazy youre awsome
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Lazy, this will be used through out my times here on Naruto-boards, thank you for this amazing guide.
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Thanks lazy:smile
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do half of these teams still work with all da nerfin going around?
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