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 Topic: Major Updates to Game and Engine
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The new update is finally here! We have been working very hard on this update over the past weeks, and we are very pleased with the results.

Like we mentioned before, this update has three goals:
- Reduce the amount of bugs and glitches.
- Clearer explanation of skills and effects.
- Create more options for skills.

The new update required us to re-code many of the current skills. Due to changes in the engine, some skills have received small modifications. These are only small modifications though; most skills have stayed the same. A list of all the changes can be found here.

This also means that there might be a few small bugs in some skills. Though we are confident this update will deliver a more stable gameplay experience, small input mistakes are easily made. Therefore we will be keeping a very close eye on the Bugs and Glitches section in the forums for the upcoming days. With your help we will repair them as soon as possible. If you encounter a bug in the game, report it here.

In light of making the game easier to understand, the skill classes system has also received a slight rework. The classes “ninjutsu”, “taijutsu” and “genjutsu” have been removed from the game. In practice you will notice this change hardly affects the game at all, which is also the main reason for removing them. The “unique” class will stay in the game. And the classes "Static", "Interrupt" and "Cancel" have been re-named to "Instant", "Action" and "Control". We feel this better reflects the true workings of each class. In addition, "Action" skills can now only be countered on the first turn. When this happens, the entire skill will be countered. Check the game manual for full details on the new classes system.

The way invisible moves are displayed has also been slightly modified. Skills such as Zaku’s Wall of Air and Counter Punch will now inform the opposing party that they have been used the moment they end. This means that these skills will still be invisible while they are active, but when their effect ends the other team will be informed that Wall of Air has been used in the previous turn. This way no skill will be truly invisible. Check the game manual for more details on invisible skills.

Action skills have also received a significant change. If the description says the whole skill is interruptible, it really means the whole skill. This includes the defense in a skill like “Drunken Fist Style”. If Lee is stunned, the defense will not work either. Not all Action skills have been changed though, the details can be found in their descriptions.

A full list of all changes to the game can be found here.

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