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  Posted on November 27, 2008 11:40
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General game changes:
- Classes are simplified and re-worked on all characters.
- The classes "Static", "Interrupt" and "Cancel" have been re-named to "Instant", "Action" and "Control".
- Additional classes are now shown in the description too, directly after the sentence containing the effects.
- We have decreased the ingame server checks with 5 seconds; the game should run faster now.
- Action skills that have defenses can now also be interrupted by a stun.
- Improve skills now improve the skill when it is performed (note that Action skills are re-performed every turn).
- If stuns are ignored, you are using a control skill, and the stun ignore runs out, the control move will end.
- All invisible moves that are not revealed during the skill, will notice the enemy the skill has ended.

Character specific changes:
- Sharingan on the enemy is no longer an affliction.
- Dynamic Air Marking can be performed again on the same target directly after it ends.
- Mind Body Disturbance description is updated to what the skill actually did.
- Eight Trigram Sixty-Four Palms is reworked.
- Unnerving Bells description is updated to what the skill actually did.
- Chain Wrap now makes Demon Brothers ignore stun effects instead of being invulnerable to stuns.
- Hidden Mist Technique stuns ranged physical skills rather then countering it.
- Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness now ends when Jiroubou loses health and whenever a destructible defense is destroyed.
- Samahada Slash is reworked.
- Mass shadow Clones now does 10 damage to all enemies.
- Jutsu Imitation is reworked and more advanced.
- Team Tactics is now visible but lasts one turn longer.
- All effects that improve a skill now have this in their description.
- Sanctuary Enlightenment Enclosing Palm now works on all improve skills in the game.
- Four Wood Column Prison is slightly reworked.
- View Gate Release now also ignores conditional effects.
- Orochimaru (S) can now only use Second Skin when he has 20 health or less.
- Water Prison Technique has been re-worked slightly.
- Goukakyuu no Jutsu now does affliction damage.
- Sasori and Deidara have their descriptions and classes simplified.
- Counter Punch is now an Action.
- Konoha Shoufuu is now an Action.
- Cherry Blossom Suffocation has been reworked.
- Water Collision Destruction has been reworked.
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