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  Posted on October 26, 2008 01:33
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Its finally Here.

Naruto Kumichou Seikatsu is about a 14 year old boy named kadell who was sent to the Hidden Woods Village (a secret village in an unknown location) for causing trouble in the Mist, Falls, Rain, Sand, and Leaf Village. This was my best fanfic yet and is working its way on top (unlike others who brag on their own fanfic calling it the best I still say that mine has yet to beat Naruto Inuzumauchi and become the greatest Fanfic in NA).

Spoilers ahead
-If you're new to NKS then I suggest that you read Season one Here-

Kadell was entered in the Jonin exams to pass and become a Jonin. He and his cousin Loreasa sucessfully passes but his other cousin Jimmy Fails. Kadell is then in battle on his last day of school against the hidden 10 tailed Jinchuriki and sucessfully defeats him. Kadell then trains over 2 months waiting for his time to go to the jonin academy of training. Now kadell returns for his first day at the Jonin Academy.
Heres Chapter 1!!! Enjoy.

Chapter 1: A NEW Jonin!!!

It is a bright and sunny morning. There was warm weather. The streets of Division 2 were busy. Walking down the street appears one boy, Kadell, who is excited to finally begin his day as a Jonin. Kadell has somewhat changed over the pass 2 months. He has grown 5 ft 5 in. tall and now wears a traditional Hyuga Robe (like Neji's). He also got a voice as deep as deidara's and heads for the Jonin Academy.

Kadell: Finally. I'm back. Its time to go to the Jonin Academy.

Kadell walks towards the Jonin Academy and enters the double doors. He sees many Academy Jonin and comments on them.

Kadell: (These look like some tough Jonin. They're way different from the Chunin at the chunin Academy.)

Kadell continues to walk until...

Harrison: Everyone go to the Gymnasium.

All of the jonin, including kadell, enter the Gymnasium.

Harrison: I would like to say i am glad to see everyone here. To all of the 4th year Jonin, it is your final year here and to all of the 1rt year chunin, You will be glad to be hear. I'm just going to say this. You are not chunin anymore so all of the bad and silly things you did in the chunin Academy stop here.

Everyone goes into silence.

Harrison: Now read you new student IDs and find you Main Jonin Teachers.

All of the jonin stand up and head towards their classes. Kadell stands up and looks at his ID.

Kadell: Hudgison. Room 209.

Kadell walks to his class and looks inside. It looks just like his Chunin Classes. He enters the class and sits down.

Hudgison: Alright everyone. Your schedual is on your IDs. You all come to me first thing in the morning. 5 mins. After you go to your first class. 105 minutes later you go to your second class. 95 mins later you go to lunch and have a break until 12:07. next you go to your 3rd class for 105 mins. Finally, you go to your 4th class for 105 mins. Afterwards, you go home and thats the end of the day. If you miss more than 6 unexcussed days, you fail and stay a 1st year jonin. All of you start with 500 points.

Kadell: (I wonder what the points are for?)

Hudgison: The points are your expeltion points. If you lose 300 points you go to alternative Academy. If you lose all 500 points you are expeld from the school for the year. Heres how you lose points. Disruptions: 10 points. Arguing with the Jonin Teacher: 25 points. Starting Fights: 50 points. Fighting: 100 points. Anything worser than that is a direct 300-500 points. Ok you all have a free day today so go outside and discuss whatever with other Jonin.

All of the jonin in the academy head outside and chat. Kadell walks towards a wooden black fence and stands there.

Kadell: (It seems boring here.)

Kadell looks to the right.

Kadell: (I cant believe it. Jimmy passed over the summer. Actually, everyone passed.)

2 boys walk towards kadell.

???: What up boy?

Kadell: Nothin' much.

Kironn: I'm Kironn.

Bull: You know me. I'm bull.

Kironn: If you need our help just tell us and we'll come do yo job.

Kadell: Alright.

Kadell spots D'Anna and Melva coming his way.

D'Anna: Hey kadell. It looks like you changed over the past 2 months.

Kadell: Yeah and it looks like you two hadn't changed at all.

Melva: Alright its good to see you're alright.

Kadell: Ok It looks like i have some training to do this weekend before my first mission.

D'Anna: what kind of training?

Kadell: Its gonna be to hard for you. You might not survive. Its a dead or alive test.

D'Anna: Alright i'm gonna train with you.

Kadell: But you don't understand. The one who will be fighting me in my training are.....

D'Anna has a terrified glare.

D'Anna: .......No ............way.
Chapter 1 has ended.

Well that was the first chapter. We still have more to come. Prepare to find out the ninja who will be facing kadell in chapter 2.
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Awshum o.o
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nice story:amused
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Good story:amused
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Chapter 2: Return of An Friend. Enemies of Konoha!

Kadell: Yep. Were fighting The Akatsuki.

D'Anna punches Kadell in the back of the head.

D'Anna: You Idiot. The Akatsuki is dead. How can you fight them? In hell or something?

Kadell: I know a Jutsu that will send us back into the past. It will cost some chakra though. Lets gather everyone together so we can defeat the Akatsuki.

Kadell and D'Anna Recruit Loreasa, Jimmy, Sam, Davion, Ana, Lana, Melva, and Tyree.

Kadell: Ok i got a summoning scroll so i will summon Naide and Tsuiini.

Kadell summons Naide and Tsuiini.

D'Anna: They had to go to the academy kadell.

Kadell: No. They're Anbu. Both of them.

Tsuiini: Ready for training.

Naide: Yeah hurry up kadell.

Kadell: Ok. Take these watches.

Kadell hands everyone a watch with an 8 trigram seal on it.

D'Anna: Whats with the watch?

Kadell: Using this you can go back in time to an event in the past 70 years. With this you can see when konoha was first made. Anyways, I saught up your destinations so all you have to do is tap the watch. This is how it works. I set it up for 5 hours. You will leave your destination and come back to the academy. Are you ready. Tap the watch. You will help the injured Jinchuriki.

All of the ninja tap their watches and go into a time warp. Loreasa appears in the sand Village.

Loreasa: Where am I? Is this The sand village?

Deidara: Move you philistine.

Loreasa: Philistine? Your arts not that good itself.

Deidara: Well i guess I'll show you true Art.

Jimmy, Sam, and Davion appear in the Nibi's Temple.

Jimmy: Where them fools at?

Hidan: What's this? Who are you?

Kakuzu: I Don't know but their headbands are different. They must be capture. We can make thousands.

Hidan: Money is all you think about. Before we begin let me pray.

Jimmy: Wtf? You dont pray and then fight. You pray and not fight. You idiot.

Hidan: Sorry Joshan. I have to cut this short. I'll kill him in your name.

Jimmy: WTF? Yo mind currupted.

Hidan: I'll take the muscular one. You take the other 2.

Kakuzu: Right.

Ana and Lana appear in a cave.

Ana: This cave is deep.

Lana: Yeah and hollow. Maybe we should watch our backs.

Sasori: well Well. What do we have here. Twins? This is fun. Let me give you a show. A puppet show.

Naide and Tsuiini appear in the Konoha Great forest.

Naide: Now we should be able to battle the Akatsuki.

Tsuiini: Well well, I finally meet you. Uncle Itachi.

Itachi: Uncle? What do you mean?

Tsuiini: I am Tsuiini Uchiha. Sasuke's Future daughter. Using this watch, I can go into the past and save the future. I have come to defeat you.

Kisame: Itachi. Maybe we can silence them. Let me handle the little girl in purple.

Itachi: If you're my future Nephew, prove it. Show me your power to its fullest.

Tsuiini: I will.

Naide: Aw man. I gotta Fight the fish?

Kisame: Who are you calling a fish. Let me show you the True power of the Shark Terror.

Kadell, Melva, and D'Anna appear in the Rain Village.

Kadell: We're here. You 2 will take care of Konan. I got Pein.

D'anna: Right.

Pein: *Sigh* 3 brave Jonin. Kadell, D'Anna, and Melva.

Kadell: How do you know us. This is 21 years ago. I was never born.

Pein: I know all. I share your power. Your weekness. Your Life.

Kadell: No you don't. I have Ryuu Eyes.

Pein: Why did you ruin my fun. Ok so its not true. I can use the past/present jutsu to you know. I created that jutsu years go.

Konan: You 2 are idiots. Can we just get on with this.

Pein: Yes. Lets show them True Pain.

Back to Loreasa's Fight...

Deidara: (I ran out of clay. This sucks. She's probally weak but i doubt it.Maybe i can stall her.Maybe i can create clay from this sand. I need water. Wait!!! I got it. Maybe i can use the clay under this sand thats already made. If i can put my hand under, I can create my new C5 Mines. Its a lucky risk. Should i do it. Oh wtf. I'll do it.) Lets begin.

Loreasa: Right.
Chapter 2 has ended

I hope you all enjoyed this.
  Posted on November 15, 2008 02:06
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Chapter 3: C5 Mines; Death Trap

Loreasa: Lets get this over with.

Deidara: (I'm Gonna need a distraction. I'll use these man made tools. Ugh.)

Deidara throws smoke bombs at Loreasa and she is stuck in a thick white cloud of smoke.

Loreasa: (I think i should use it. No, I have to wait.)

Deidara: Now lets head for the ground.

Deidara begins to go down but before he does, he is struck be a fist in the face. Knocking him off of his clay bird and sending him falling down to his doom.

Deidara: This isn't gonna keep me down for long.

Loreasa: *sigh* Guess again. You cant move, I stopped your nervous system.

Deidara attemps to move but is paralized.

Deidara: Agh. Man made weapons are worthless. I need to land somewhere soft. Though i cant move my arms and legs, i can still move my weight.

Deidara's Body moves into a soft spot in the sand.

Loreasa: Dang. Almost had him.

Meanwhile at Naide's Fight...

Naide: I'll finish you quickly.

Kisame: Not so fast.

Kisame forms handsigns and throws his samehada into the air.

Kisame: Withness the terror of my secret Jutsu.

Kisame dives into the air heading towards his samehada. He then comes back down with the samehada in his hand heading towards Naide to strike her down.

Naide: Taijutsu? What did you need handsigns for?

Naide Blocks his samehada with her purple flames shield.

Kisame: You just became.....


Kisame: ......Shark Bait.

Back at Loreasa's Battle.....

Deidara: Finally, I can move again. Now, wheres some clay. Ah, here it is.

Deidara walks to a really muddy spot and sticks his hands in it.

Deidara: Ok time to add in C5 Chakra. Ninja Arts: Clay Mines.

Deidara uses his chakra to plant clay mines all around the city.

Loreasa: Oh no. If some walks into a mine, they will die. I have to use it now.

Loreasa performs handsighs and activates her ryuu eyes.

Loreasa: Ok. Now its time to battle.

Loreasa dives towards Deidara.

Loreasa: Ok, I got to hit hims with something strong. Thats it.

Loreasa eats some cock strong pills and is 3 meters away or deidara and his mines.

Loreasa: Cock Strong Punch.

Deidara: Not on your life.

Deidara activated a mine and it blows loreasa 10 feet in the air.

Loreasa: Agh. (Got him)

Deidara: Hm?

Deidara is stringed up and loreasa makes handsigns.

Loreasa: Fire Style;Dragon Flames Jutsu!!!!

Loreasa sends a jutsu fire like dragon at Deidara and sets him ablaze.

Deidara: Aaaaaaaaagh!! It Burns!!!

Deidara starts runing around screaming and accidentally steps in his own mines. He jumps up each time a mine explodes.

Deidara: Time to set this pethetic village ablaze.

Deidara begins to activate the Mines and set the city ablaze. His attempt fails as he is tied up once again by chakra strings.

Loreasa: Alright, Time to finish you off.

Loreasa pulls deidara's body towards her. She cocks her fist back and prepares to strike him with one final blow.

Loreasa: You will die in your own village, as i set my Racheki fist chakra into level 3. The transportation Type.

Loreasa's Fist heads towards Deidara's stomach.

Loreasa: This is it for you. Racheki!!!!!!!

Loreasa punchs deidara in the abdomen and prepares to make it send him flying toward the rock village.

Deidara: I will not die. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Loreasa: Dang.
Chapter 3 has ended.

Sorry for the long wait, but i finally made chapter 3. Hope you enjoyed it.
  Posted on December 15, 2008 01:51
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nice (DeidaraArt09)

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Sorry for the long wait. I was banned for 42 days so this became dead. Now, I'm bringing it back alive so expect a new chapter friday/saturday/maybe Sunday. it will be around 2-7 new chapters.
  Posted on January 17, 2009 23:51
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Chapter 4: 1 Down, 7 to go, 2 will die.

At Jimmy, Sam, Davion, and Tyree's Fight....

Hidan: Alright, Lets go.

Kakuzu: Take this!!!

Kakuzu sends his threaded arms towards Jimmy and tyree. He wraps them up. Hidan walks over to Jimmy.

Hidan: I'll kill You slowly and painfully.

Hidan swings his Sythe at Jimmy but Davion Blocks the sythe with a kunai then kicks the sythe in the air. Sam cuts Kakuzu's Stringed arns and frees Jimmy and Tyree.

Kakuzu: This is imposible. There is no way you can do that. I made my strings out of metal this time.

Tyree: Well to bad.

Tyree punches Kakuzu in the face sending him back as Sam and Davion jump toward kakuzu with a kunai in their hand.

Davion: Cock Strong Shank heart peirce.

Sam: Cock Strong Shank Head peirce.

Davion Stabs Kakuzu in the heart and Sam stabs Kakuzu in the head. Kakuzu loses 2 hearts.

Davion: Still not dead yet huh? Well I can handle that.

At Kadell's Fight.....

Pein: I should end you quickly. If I let you live, I won't be able to accomplish My goal.

Kadell: Yeah Yeah whatever. Lets just go.

Pein summons all seven of his bodies and prepares for battle.

Kadell: Pein can I ask you something.

Pein: What?

Kadell: If someone had sex with your girl path, does that make you gay.

Pein: What?!!

Pein makes Animal path 1 and 2 summon the Yak and the Rhyno.

Kadell: If you didn't have that girl path maybe I wouldn't ask. I'll have to kill you and try to revive that person. Once shes revived, you won't be gay anymore.

The Yak and Rhyno rush towards Kadell. Their horns aim straight at kadell's body. And then...


Smoke appears everywhere.

Pein: ...

The smoke begins to clear away and it looks like the Rhyno and Yak have peirced something.

Pein: We killed him.

The smoke completely clears away and kadell is standing with his arms crossed. Kadell had summoned the Roshoumon to Guard him from the yak and Rhyno.

Kadell: Hm. Its seems Loreasa had won her battle. It also sounds to me like Kakuzu and Hidan are about to be killed as well.

Pein: Impossible. Hidan can never die.

Kadell: Its posible. Hidan was born thinking that a god named "Joshan" helps him live for eternity. Hidan is really lost.

At Hidans battle...

Hidan: You're wrong. Joshan is real. He will kill you.

Jimmy: No hes not real. I can tell you why you're so invincible.

Back to kadell...

Kadell: You see, Hidan was in a clan that uses special chakra that enables them to live long. Although hidan can live forever if he pleases, he can die. You see, hes not really praying.

Back to jimmy...

Jimmy: You're charging Chakra.

Hidan: What?!!

Jimmy: Your chakra is different from others. Your chakra is Gray. It will lose chakra faster each time you use a jutsu. If you don't uses any Jutsu, you can live for up to 20 years. You barely live in the future. If you didn't get out of the pit the day you did, you would have died. Since you cut your prayer so short as to up to 5 seconds, you can only live for 30 minutes. Also, If you take damage you lose 10 minutes of your invulerability time. We can kill you by dealing 3 shots to your body which we will. Hold him down Sam.

Sam pins hidan to the ground with chakra strings.

Tyree: This is for joining Akatsuki.

Tyree stabs Hidan in the left lung.

Jimmy: This is for trying to kill me.

Jimmy stabs Hidan in the right sholder.

Hidan: May I pray to the REAL God one last time.

Jimmy: Hell yeah, but If I sence any gray chakra, I will kill you quickly.

Hidan prays his final prayer asking for the forgiveness of his sins and believing in Joshan.

Hidan: OK you two won this round. Well I'm ready.

Jimmy: Alright have fun in heaven Bitch.

Tyree and jimmy use the cock strong Shank to peirce Hidan's Heart at the same time. Hidan is killed and lies dead smiling.

Kakuzu: That weak minded fool.

Jimmy: Shut up bitch.

Jimmy stabs hidan in the heart taking away another heart.

Jimmy: This battle was too easy. All we had to do was cut hidan's chakra charging short and cut off Kakuzu's arms.

Sam stabs kakuzu in the heart killing his 4th heart.

Kakuzu: Wait can I pray too.

Jimmy: Um. Hell no bitch. You called Hidan weak when he could kill yo ass.

Davion Peirces Kakuzu in the heart and kills kakuzu.

Davion: It looks like were finished here.

Jimmy: Yep. Lets just wait for the others.
End of Chapter 4

Finally a New Chapter has been Made. I will post a New chapter tomorow.
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Chapter 5: 360 division Mice.

At Naide's battle with Kisame....

Kisame: Alright. Ninja Arts: Fishing line Destruction!!!

Kisame was a water clone. 100s of water clone head towards Naide, but all of a sudden...

???: True Lighting Blade.

A mysterious glow of light strikes the clones in lighting fast speeds.

Kisame (all): Gaaaaahhh!!!

The real Kisame falls to the ground at 80 mph. His body puts a 3 foot high pit in the ground.

Naide: Who was that?!!

???: We will meet again soon Naide. For I am of Kadell.

The figure disappears.

Naide: (He's kadell? He must be his brother or something.)

Kisame: *cough* I'm still Alive. That couldn't keep me down.

Naide: Heh.

Naide forms a purple like rasengan in her right hand.

Naide: Purple Flames Rasengan!!!

Naide thrusts the rasengan in Kisame's chest and it burns him. Kisame then goes over 300 feet under ground and purple flames come out of the pit. Kisame dies.

Naide: Hm. Kadell would be proud. Soon, I will defeat him.

At Tsuiini's battle...

Tsuiini: Are you ready uncle?

Itachi: At your will.

Tsuiini dashes toward Itachi at high speeds with a kunai in her hand.

Tsuiini: Take this.

Tsuiini's Kunai is manipulated with chakra. She attempts to attack Itachi with it but misurably fails and is caught up in Itachi's Mangekyou.

Itachi: It looks like you're slacking. Although it seems you've improved the chidori better than Sasuke.

Tsuiini: I'm just geting started. Unlike my dad, I can use my chidori up to 3 times.

Tsuiini Forms the chidori in her right palm and runs towards Itachi.

Tsuiini: Chidori. One thousand Birds!!!

Itachi: Is this all?

Tsuiini disappears and appears behing Itachi.

Itachi: What?

Tsuiini thrusts the chidori in itachi's back. sending him flying 3 yards back.

Itachi: Agh. That Hurts. Amaturasu.

Itachi sends the amaturasu towards Tsuiini and she dodges it, but it burns her right leg off.

Tsuiini: Agh.

Itachi: Not I shall finish you. Be gone.

He send another amaturasu wave towards tsuiini. Tsuiini uses a mangekyou simular to kakashi's to send the amaturasu in an unknown location.

Tsuiini: *sigh* That was hard work. Now then...

Tsuiini's face turns dark brown. and her eyes have become the 3 tomoe sharingan. Her leg grows back on.

Tsuiini: Shall we get serious?

Itachi: So this is your true power. Tsuiini.
End of chapter 5.

Alright. The next chapter will be post next week for sure.
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awesome story! i really like it

Thanks go to Andrezoe for my Avatar
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Chapter 6: Puppet Wars vs Clone Wars pt. 1

Tsuiini: Witness the power of my cursed seal.

Itachi: (I never though I'd have to use this. Since she can withstand my Amaturasu, I'll just have to kill her with Susanoo).

Itachi uses his mangekyou sharingan. A Giants Spirit like knight called Susanoo appears.

Itachi: Lets see how you handle him.

Tsuiini: It seems you've alrady mastered your Mangekyou Uncle, but even though you are skilled with the Susanoo at your side, I can still kill you without dying.

Itachi: We'll just see about that........little nephew.

At Ana and Lana's battle.....

Sasori: So you 2 think you can defeat me. Show me what you all can do.

The hiruko puppet appears and shoots needles out of its mouth. Ana and Lana dodged the needles and threw 3 kunais towards Hiruko which all missed him. The kunais have chakra surrounding them.

Sasori: What kind of aim was that? You 2 are a waste of my time.

Hiruko shoots his arm towards Ana and Lana and misses them on purpose. Needles fly out of part of his arm and head towards them both. Lana dodges them all, but Ana did not dodge them all. 3 of the needs struck Ana's left eye and 2 struck the right eye. Ana falls on her back laid out.

Lana: ANA!!!

Sasori: It seems shes out forever. Hahahahaha.

Ana: You're wrong.

Ana rises up like nothing happened.

Sasori: What?!! But It struck your eyes.

Ana: I wear special contacts. Nothing can penetrate my eyes.

Sasori: Heh. I see. So I suppose you have more tricks up your sleeve?

Ana: Yeah I do.

Ana throws a kunai mixed with chakra at Hiruko.

Sasori: That not gonna hurt me.

Hiruko blocks the kunai with his tail not knowing that Lana threw another kunai (this time being a normal kunai with a paper bomb attached to it) behind him. Hiruko is hit in the back.

Sasori: Thats it?

Ana: Not even close. (YEEEEEAAAAAHHH!!!)

The kunai explodes and destroys Hiruko.

Ana: Yes we did it. Hes dead now. There's no way he can survive that.

Lana: Well guess again.

Sasori walks out of the Puppet's remaining parts.

Sasori: You've completed level one girls, but now its time to take you to level 2.

Ana: How did you live though that?

Sasori: Its was just a puppet. Seriously.

Sasori summons 3 more puppets. Red (5-tailed Jinchuuriki), Blue (6-Tailed Jinchuuriki), and Green (7-Tailed Jinchuuriki).

Ana: Its the 3 missing Jinchuuriki host.

Lana: We don't know their jutsu. They maybe one of the most toughest Jinchuriki around. We better watch out for them.

Sasori: Witness the true power of my puppets!!!
End of chapter 6.

This took a while to be posted because I've always forgoten to add a new chapter. I will make another chapter later. I hope you've enjoyed this.
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Chapter 7: Puppet Wars vs Clone Wars pt. 2

Sasori pulls his right middle finger back and his left index finger foward. Red lets out a whole bunch of smoke while green jumps in the air. He moves his Left pinky down. Blue moves to the right.

Ana: Uh. This is too much smoke. Its foging up my contacts.

Lana: I got this.

Lana jumps in the air and throws a bunch of kunai around in random areas. All of the kunai are attached to strings.

Lana: Fire Style; Speading Flames Jutsu

Lana places all the strings on her mouth and uses the fireball jutsu to like up all of the kunai she threw. Most of the smoke is cleared away, and all three puppets are visible. Green is on a cliff, red is standing on the left, and blue is on the right.

Sasori: Now die.

All 3 puppets form the tiger hand sign.

Sasori: Ninja Arts; Tougue of Death (Fire, Water, Wind)

Red shoots out a giant fireball. Blue shoots outs a giant water blast. Green shoots out a great gust of wind. All 3 attacks head for Ana and lana. The attacks collide and cause a terrible explosion. Ana and Lana are lying down on the ground dead.

Sasori: Hm. That was too easy. Hmmm?!!

Ana and Lana rise back up.

Sasori: How is that posible? You two were dead.

Ana: Lets just say, its a revival exercise.

Sasori: Hm?

Sasori spots the old 4 chakra enhanced kunai and notices that 2 of them have no chakra on them.

Sasori: I see. Those kunai are your healing abilities. It can absord the life out of any living thing and transfers the life to the user.It needs chakra to be used and it seems that you both only have 2 left.

Lana: Correct.

Sasori: Well then. Lets end this.

Red appears behind Ana and Lana and shoots out needles. The needles strike Ana and Lana in the back. Ana and Lana fall to the ground helplessly.

Ana: Ah.

Lana: Ah.

Sasori: Ah hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Ana: *Sigh*

End of Chapter 7

Chapter 8 will be posted later.
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Nice story 0.0
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noobpwner wrote:
Nice story 0.0

Ariana-Grande, charizard, dadori, desangele, Glayven, haineko, judgementday, Kaydros, Sasukeisraw, trttrfggffffe, uchiha_clan13662, Virza.
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