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---Hello, NA Reader. What you are about to read is a topic that contains the continuation of my fan-fic series, Naruto: Inuzumauchi, with it's 3rd season. If this is the first time you have come across a Naruto: Inuzumauchi fan-fic topic and you are interested in reading it, then please follow the below link to the beginning of it all, Naruto: Inuzumauchi Season 1.

Now, for those whom accidentaly skipped ahead a season in the story and are searching for Naruto: Inuzumauchi Season 2, before you read anything below this paragraph, I highly suggest that you take a look at the sequel Season, Naruto: Inuzumauchi Season 2. Enjoy.---

The time...

Is now.

Naruto: Inuzumauchi, the story of a young ninja named Sanosuke Inara, started over a year ago on these very boards. Since it's introduction, Naruto: Inuzumauchi has risen to the top, and has secured its' place as NB's most successful, and most popular, fan-fic.

Almost a month ago, fans were left in shock and wonder at the end of NI: Season 2. Since then, they've waited on the edge of their seats for the legend to resume. The wait is over.

Welcome, NB Reader, to Naruto: Inuzumauchi Season 3.


Alright, before I start rambling on, I'm goin' to give you a recap on the end of Naruto: Inuzumauchi, Season 2.

*****WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you are new to the story and plan on reading it, I advise you follow the link to Season 1 and fully ignore the following paragraphs.*****

And there they were.

The group of Sanosuke Inara, Mai Sousuke, Haruhi Natsaki, Minagi Kamio, Shiraku, and Kihara had finally met their end. Being deported from the Hidden Leaf Village by Tsunade herself for reasons to keep it safe from the Shihamachi, the group shared final goodbyes. Sanosuke and Mai was the group of highest interest, seeing as Mai still had doubts if going together would be a mistake, just as it was years ago.

Sanosuke revealed to her that his love was still strong, showing her a mark she had given him on his hand to prove that his care. A mark that he was to not remove as long as he cared ffor her, and the two of them were able to settle down.

Off in the un-named forests of the continent, Kaigo Katamura, along with a few ex-Shihamachi members, had gathered together unknowingly to both the Shihamachi and the Leaf Village. Taking in Sera and Hanikara, both of whom were recently defeated by the Leaf's forces, Kaigo pledged to once again rise to his previous stature and do away with both of the people whom he hates the most in this world.

Sanosuke Inara, probably the most powerful of their Leaf Village opponents, and Koshiro Natsaki, the leader of the Shihamachi and the most powerful opponent they may ever face. And to do it, more power was needed. It was then, that he set his eyes on the Leaf Village.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Snow, the new Shihamachi Hideout had been fully established after they escaped from it, avoiding a possibly deadly attack from the Leaf Village. Koshiro himself spoke to the remaining memberse of the Shihamachi, knowing that the game was truly about to begin. It was then that something was revealed.....

Ryou Sagarashi, thought to have been killed almost a year ago by the Shihamachi itself, was still alive. By what means, was unknown.

Things were to kick into full drive very soon.

*****End of Recap/Spoilers*****

Now, for the bad news. I only have 2 chapters prepared for the premiere. :( Summer school/other fics I'm working on have really taken a toll on me.

Although, fear not. Since I made my fans wait so long for the release of Season 3, I most surely won't allow things to go down like this. Today, you will be shown the 1st two chapters in Naruto: Inuzumauchi Season 3. Over the next 4 days(not counting today. :p), the next 6 chapters will be given to you. I'm not saying that their will be two chapters a day. There may be 4 one day, 1 the next, and 1 the next. Hell, if I feel like it, All 6 may come in one day. Just rest assured that by the end of Sunday Chapter 8 will be up.

Now, to get on to one of the most anticipated bits of info....

The character pics. Now, I already told you that I would not be new pics for the ones I already found, but I may change that later on in the story, so keep a look out. On the other hand, look below to see a few pics of characters you may have never seen.

Sanosuke Inara(Age-18): (Nothing new, but I will be searching. I figure the main character needs a new look, right? :o)

Mai Sousuke(Age-18):(Relatively new, don't expect this to be changed any time soon.)

Ryou Sagarashi(Age-29): (Hmm....strong possibilty of a change.....)

Minagi Kamio(Age-27): (This is one thing I assure you will not be changed unless I find a really good one. This might be my favorite of all the pics.)



Koshiro Natsaki(Age-Unknown):

Kaigo Katamura(Age-18):

Haruhi Natsaki(Age-18):

Toshimaru(Age 17):

Alright, that's it for the pics. Just as I did with the Season 2 Premiere, I'm left with nothing to about I end this post, and begin the continuation of a legend?

Sounds good to me.:blink
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Naruto: Inuzumauchi Season 3

Season 3 Premiere-It's Come(Total Chapter Count: 137)

The Land of Snow, one of the most wonderous locations of all the countries. Unlike most of the other places on the continent, the Land of Snow is an unusually peaceful place. A point of pivital peace within the country, though, is its very capital: the Village Hidden in the Snow.

Man: It's for you, Miss Kamio.

Woman: Oh? Somethin' for me, eh?

Outside a small house in that very village, a mailman stood, handing an evnvelope to a somewhat tall woman, with abnormally long black hair tied into a ponytail and a equally abnormally large sword sheathed on her back.

Minagi Kamio.

Minagi: Oh, well, thanks! *closes the door* This is weird....nobody but our Leaf Village comrades even know we're here right now......

Slowly opening the letter, Minagi takes haste when the sender of it is revealed.

Minagi: Kihara.....

As she begins to read the letter, the look in her eyes undergo a distinctive change. Her previously cheerful expression has dwindled down completely to one of fear.

Minagi: *folds the letter up* H-Haruhi! Haruhi, get down here!

Voice: Huh? What's goin' on?!

Before Minagi had time to answer, Haruhi Natsaki was already down the flight of stairs, standing before his comrade.

Minagi: Haruhi....pack your bags. We're leaving for the Leaf Village tonight.

Haruhi: W-what the hell?! What's all that about?!

Figuring the letter would say it all, Minagi slips the parchment into his fingers as he quickly begins to scan it. Once his scans suppy him with the main idea of the letter, though, he decides to read it thoroughly.

His eyes slowly scoot up to look at his comrade, a burning flame clearly seen in his glare.

Haruhi: .....I'll get my things.

This happened 6 months after the Leaf Village Ninja had left their home.


A month had passed since then, and only a month was left in the 8 month absence of the Leaf Village group from Konoha.

Throughout the entire continent, there was only one place that could hope to compete with the Snow Village in serenity: The Grass Village. Within the walls of this peaceful place was a man who's life was all but peaceful. And, in truth, he would never wish it any other way.

Sanosuke Inara layed in his bed, the sun almost instantly break through the confines of his window shades. The beam hit his face, awaking him.

Sanosuke: Urgh......

Without putting in much effort, he moved his head upward, looking at the calendar above the head of his bed.

Sanosuke: ......7 down.


The door to his house bursted open within minutes of his awakening. He stood, fully dressed, his arms crossed, and his eyes staring straight at the sun above.

Sanosuke: One more god damn month, then I can hightail it outta here!

You see, the Grass Village was a very calm, serene, and overall boring place to live. Sanosuke Inara, though, has learned in his 18 years that none of the above adjectives could be used to describe his life. Having grown so accustom to the action, being forced to live in the Grass Village for 8 months was hell's equilvalent to him.

As he walked through the village, the energy began flowing. Sanosuke wasn't usually this energetic, but today, he had a valid reason. Only a month was left until he was able to return to his home in the Leaf Village. Only a month was left before his life would return back to normal. Only a month was left before chaos was restored.

Just the way I like it.

Sanosuke: *looks around the village* I regret it all....agreeing to come to this damn place, splitting up in general. I sware, this is the last time Tsunade's gettin' her break from me. As 'a matter of fact, I'll give her hell the next time I see her!

Voice: Sano!

Sanosuke turns around, easily recognizing the voice as Mai Sousuke.

Sanosuke: Mai.....

Mai: *skids to a stop before Sanosuke* know what today is, don't you?

Sanosuke: Oooh, am I finally gettin' laid tonight?! *grins eagerly*

Mai: *arches an eyebrow* Dumbass....

Sanosuke: End of month 7, and the beginning of month 8. You think I'm not keeping track of how much longer I have to stay in this hellhole?

Mai: Hellhole? Are you saying you don't think this place is nice and serene? The kind of place....*blushes*'d want to start a family in?

Sanosuke: Like hell! This place is way to calm.....I've lived my life on the edge so far, but this place has almost made me completely forget whta it's like to feel the action of a life and death battle! I'd rather be ambushed by Shi than stay here, ANY DAY.

Mai: That's what's wrong with you, Sanosuke! Whenever your given time off, you don't appreciate. But during our battles with the Shihamachi, you....

Sanosuke: Feel at home.

Mai: What?

Sanosuke: I feel alive, Mai. *sighs* Listen, we've made it through 7 months, are you tellin' me we're gonna break apart only 30 days before we gotta head back?

Mai: I'm just.....I'm just saying that...*shoots her head up toward Sanosuke* I'm just sa.....

Almost the instant Mai opens her mouth to continue the argument, Sanosuke's lips meet with her own. It was only a peck, but it was more than enough to stop Mai in her tracks, her face beet red.

Mai: S-Sanosuke.....

Sanosuke: It's kinda hilarious how easily I can shut you up, ya know? *chuckles, walking ahead* Guess its' just my charm.

Mai: *smiles* That idiot.....I've gotta find a way to increase my willpower against things like that......

The two stand right at the exit of the village, not daring to take a step out of the abode. Neither of them had for an entire 7 months.

Sanosuke: The Shihamachi.....they duped us good last time, didn't they?

Mai: Hmm?

Sanosuke: We were all so confident in our ablity to take them down that day...we were sure that our lives were gonna turn back to normal on that was all for nothing, huh?

Mai: Within the time that we've been gone, don't you think that the Leaf would have already gotten a lead on exactly where they could be?

Sanosuke: Hell if I know........Koshiro Nataski.....a sneaky lil' bitch, isn't he?

Mai: ......Most definitely.

Just as the two turned around to enter the village once more, a ruffle is heard in the bushes surrounding the exit.

Sanosuke: *shoots his head around* ........You hear that?

Another ruffle is heard, coming from the bushes, but in a different spot.

Mai: Ripped 'em right out of my mouth......

Suddenly, from the bushes, a ninja wearing a Leaf Village Anbu suit comes forth.

Sanosuke: An Anbu?

Anbu: Excuse me, sir, miss! *stops in front of Sanosuke and Mai, holding up a letter* I need to deliver this to a person named Sanosuke Inara whom is supposedly residing in this very village at the moment.

Sanosuke: Sanosuke Inara, huh? I think I've met that guy before.....alright, what your lookin' for is a guy with this hair color....*points to his hair* ...bloodshot eyes similar to my own, wearing an outfit like mine, and hanging out with a girl about this hot. *nods toward Mai*

Anbu: Thank you! *runs past Sanosuke*

Sanosuke: *grabs the Anbu by the collar and pulls him in front of him* Seeing as your a member of the Anbu Elite Forces, I'm gonna have to say that your a lot smarter than what you just did leads me to believe.

Anbu: Wait.....your Sanosuke, aren't you?

Sanosuke: Sanosuke? Who's that guy? *arches an eyebrow*

Anbu: W-what the hell are you saying?!

Mai: *sighs* Please, just ignore what he's saying, his name is Sanosuke. You've found your man.

Anbu: Oh? In that case, your Mai Sousuke, correct?

Mai: *nods, smiling* Bingo.

Sanosuke: Probably the first thing he's gotten right all day.

Anbu: Good, because I believe I can trust you a bit more than him, regardless of whom this letter was assigned to. *hands Mai the letter* Now, I must be off. I sure you don't need an escort, correct? It's only been 8 months since you've been gone.

Sanosuke: What are you talkin' about?

Anbu: Read the letter, you'll find out.

Shortly afterward, the Anbu darts off into the forest.

Sanosuke: Awkward.....

Mai: *opens the letter hesitantly* Erm......ya know what, I don't want to be the bearer of any bad news, so why don' you open it, Sano? It is adressed to you, after all.

Sanosuke: Mhm. *nods, taking the letter*


Dear Sanosuke,

Heh, it's been a while since you've heard from me, hasn't it, Sano? It's Tsunade. Seeing as there hasn't been any report sent to us over the passed seven months, I'm lead to believe that your humbly enjoying your trip. I hate to interfere with you and Mai's, and the rest of your companions' off time, but a situation has occured.


*Look below for the rest of the premiere chapter!*
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*Look above for the 1st part of the premier chapter!*

As Sanosuke reads on, unlike Haruhi and Minagi had after reading their own letters, his face stays unoved. His expression stands strong, although his eyes are easily readable: something is up. As he finishes reading the letter, he balls it up, looking down at his own curled fist.

Mai: H-hey! I wanted to read it next!

Sanosuke: ......*looks to the ground*

Mai: Sanosuke?

Sanosuke: *grins devilishly at Mai* ....8 down.


Later, the two of them had headed back to Sanosuke's house, where he wanted to, away from other wandering ears, alert Mai of what was going on.

Mai: Something's....up?

Sanosuke: Yes. She didn't say much in the letter, if you count the Shihamachi as insignificant.

Mai: It's the Shi?

Sanosuke: *nods* Turns out that we were finally able to find out where their hideout is.

Mai: Well, that's great and all, but it's hardly enough of a reason for us to head back to the village!

Sanosuke: I know.....she said something had happened to one of our comrades during the absence, but she didn't really give me enough details to get a full understanding of what the hell's goin' on. All she said was for us to head back to Konoha immediately.

Mai: Well....looks like you've caught a break, Sano.

Sanosuke: What are you talkin' about?

Mai: Please, don't play dumb. *closes on Sanosuke's face* You were ecstatic to hear this news. You've been longing to return back to the village for months...and now you are.

Sanosuke: Yeah, well the news would be a lot sweeter if it didn't involve trouble.

Mai: Has anything involving the Shihamachi again ever NOT involved trouble?

Sanosuke: .....*winks* Touche.


The Leaf Village. The home to some of the continents most powerful ninja, most beatiful places, welcoming people, and the resting places of some of the greatest legends. A legend itself was unfolding, and has been for the past 4 years. The magnitude of said legend is unknown to those whom take part in its' creating, although.

Within the Hokage Room, Minagi and Haruhi stand, facing their leader.

Minagi: .....Tsunade.....Tell me. What exactly has happened?

Haruhi: Your letter left us kinda out in the blank, but it sounded urgent enough, we figured.

Tsunade: You do recall how I mentioned that the location of the Shihamachi Hideout was discovered by our village, correct?

Minagi: *nods*

Tsunade: Well, I may have exaggerated that tale. A few members of our village, ninja just like the two of you, are responsible for finding it.

Minagi: Sanosuke and Mai?

Tsunade: That's what you'd begin to think, isn't it? Sadly, no. In fact, it was Shiraku and Kihara who located the Shihamachi's whereabouts.

Haruhi: Well, that's perfect! Are they headed back to the village right now, too?

Tsunade: No....I highly doubt that they are.

Minagi: A-are they alright?

Tsunade: That's something that we simply can't conclude at the moment....we recieved a letter from them almost 2 months ago, and haven't heard of them since. We think it's possible that they may have actually been abducted by the Shihamachi themself.

Haruhi: Like, kidnapped? Are you serious?!

Tsunade: *nods Most definitely......and that's not the worst part of it all, either.

Haruhi: Then....what is?

Tsunade: *stares down her comrades* It's about.....Kaigo, Natsume, and Toshimaru. Quite frankly....we've had a litte run in.

*End of Season 3 Premiere*


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good in really good
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did u right that:weird

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2 lazy to read it all but drawings look nice:push
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#2, comin' at ya!

Season 3, Chapter 2-Intervention(Total Chapter Count: 138)

Sanosuke and Mai, after having recieved a letter from Tsunade to return to the Leaf Village immediately, couldn't pack their bags fast enough. Less than an hour had passed before the two were standing at the gate of the Grass Village.

Mai: Remember...when we left the Sound Village back then, Sanosuke?

Sanosuke: Huh?

Mai: You remember! On our first mission as a team, ever! It was shortly after I had moved to the Leaf Village after Haruhi had left it. You, Kaigo, Ryou, and I had gone on the mission here, simply to make sure that relations between our two villages were strong.

Sanosuke: That was too far from when the Sound attacked us, was it? *arches an eyebrow*

Mai: What I'm trying to say is that.....back then, the 4 for of us were a team....ya know, we used to do everything together, go on missions, go out to eat, train....get stronger...we did it all together.

Sanosuke: You know it couldn't last forever, Mai. That over 4 years, it's just the two of us.

Mai: Kaigo chose his own path...he chose to leave us like that. He derived us of all the trust we had in him, and he almost got you killed!

Sanosuke: Ya know, Ryou had a choice too.

Mai: What?

Sanosuke: Ryou chose to sacrifice his life for us.....nobility just came natural to him, even though he wasn't born that way. He cared about the Leaf, and that's why he gave his life for it.

Mai: He was a great man....wasn't he?

Sanosuke: *stares down at Mai* Ya know, if we keep talking all sentinmentally, it's gonna be real hard for me to hold back my emotions!

Mai: *chuckles*

Sanosuke: Besides, the reason he made that sacrifice was for we could carry out his dying wishes: protecting the village. And we can't really do that if we stand around here, pitying ourselves. *walks ahead*

Mai: B-but, we haven't said our final words about the Grass Village!

Sanosuke: I ain't got shit t' say, I hate this place.

Mai: *chuckles, running after Sanosuke*

The two leap into the treetops of the forest and dash toward the Leaf Village in utmost urgency.


Back in said village, Minagi and Haruhi listened intently on what Tsunade had to say to them.

Minagi: Natsume...Toshimaru....and who?

Tsunade: Kaigo. You remember, don't you? He was Sanosuke and Haruhi's original team member, but due to a few....occurances.....

Haruhi: He decided to trade teams. He left the Leaf Village and joined my father in the Shihamachi.

Minagi: .....Kaigo....I think I remember that name! I believe I battled him in a mission one time with Shiraku and Kihara!

Tsunade: You did, in fact. He was reported dead from what you told us, seeing as it would be hard for anybody to survive a full power frontal attack from that blade of yours.

Minagi: He was no longer a part of the Shihamachi when I battled him, though. Him and his companion spoke of how their days in that organization had come to an end, seeing as failure was not an option at that point.

Haruhi: Are saying that he's still alive?

Tsunade: Yes, I am. In fact, he's more than alive....we've come to a conclusion that he's leading some sort of operation with the Shihamachi.....I have no idea exactly what he could be up to, but he came here during your absences and began wreaking havoc upon the daily routine we Konoha citizens have.

Haruhi: Wreaked havoc? B-but he's just one person!

Minagi: And are you saying that he's rejoined the Shihamachi?

Tsunade: Listen, we're just guessing at most of this. We really don't have any other leads, so we're looking at the most reasonable conclusions for all of these happenings!

Minagi: Milady....exactly what happened? And what does Natsume and Toshimaru have to do with this?

Tsunade: It's quite the story, actually.....listen. It was about 3 months ago....I was in my office, doing MY daily routine as hokage: paper work, when I was told by Genma that a couple of mysterious characters had been let into the village.

Minagi: Mysterious?

Tsunade: Well, I guess familiar would be a more adequate word at this point. Genma himself was a teacher of the genin way back when, and a couple of people had entered the village. Kaigo was one of them, and he had recognized him from somewhere before. Seeing as he was in a group with about 3 or 4 others, Genma ordered a watch on the bunch and came alerting to me.


Tsunade: Kaigo Katamura, you say?

Genma: Yes ma'am. I taught myself back in his academy days, I wouldn't mistake a chakra like that. I don't believe he's been around for a long there something wrong with his presence here?

Tsunade: a matter of fact, there is....Kaigo Katamura had joined the Shihamachi a while back, but more recently, he was confirmed killed by one of our own ninja.....

Genma: K-killed?

Tsunade: Yes....are you positive it was Kaigo?

Genma: Yes milady, my senses make no mistakes!

Tsunade: In that case, I'll trust you on this one. You claim to have already assembled a force of chuunin to scout him on his stay, correct? Well, call that force back, and gather jounin to apprehend him as quickly as pos....

Just as Tsunade was almost finished with her orders, a large explosion is heard that could have rumbled the entire village. Outside of the Hokage Room's window, a red and yellow tint is visible.


Tsunade: What the hell?!

(The following flashback scene was not witnessed by Tsunade, it just shows what the commotion was about for obvious story-related purposes.)


Outside, a large ring of fire is seen, surrounding a large portion of a district of the village. all houses within the fire slowly begin to burn to the ground people along with it.

The screams of women, children, and men alike ring throughout the previously quaint area. Within the fire, on the two opposing sides, is the group of mysterious strangers, standing across from Natsume.

Natsume: *stares in terror at the sight* Oh my god.....*glares toward the group of strange people* Who the hell are you people?!

Kaigo: Natsume......

Natsume: M-my do you know my name?!

Kaigo: Are you meaning to tell me that I don't look familiar to you, Natsume? *takes a step forward*

Natsume: Are you saying....I know you.....?

Kaigo: Kaigo Katamura. We've met before, I'm sure of that.

Natsume: Kaigo! How the hell.....

Kaigo: You thought I was dead all of this time, didn't you?

Natsume: ....You went on this one mission....fought agains the Leaf ninja...and never came back. What do you expect us all to think?

Kaigo: I had no choice, Natsume. Don't you think that I was better off leaving? Not like I had a home left there anyway, right?

Natsume: Urgh......

Kaigo: Oh, but don't count my friends. I'm sure you remember all of them as well.....

One by one, the people standing behind Kaigo lift the cloaks from over their heads, revealing to Natsume that each of them is a former Shihamachi member.

Toutaka, Sera, Hanikara, and Kaigo.

Natsume: Toutaka...Sera.....Hani.....

Sera: How goes thing, you son of 'a bitch? So, this is what you've been reduced to? Fuckin' with Leaf Village ninja? I would say I'm ashamed of you, but I didn't really expect much!

Natsume: Sera....your only 12 years old, haven't I scolded you before about your language?

Sera: I'm 13 now, damn it! And you would have known that if you stuck with us Shi rejects.....but you decided to waste yourself at Konoha. Nothin' but hell under, huh?

Natsume: .......

Hanikara: You would really choose the Leaf over those whom you've know for years, Natsume?

Natsume: Hanikara, you know that it's not li.....

Hanikara: Then what is it, Natsume? Just don't want to be on the losing side?

Natsume: ......

Hanikara: are.

Toutaka: Kaigo, I suggest you continue before this bursts into a brawl. Besides, I've got nothing to say.

Kaigo: Ok then. What do you have to say for yourself, Natsume?

Natsume: I....I just.....I mean.....why are you here?!

Kaigo: If your studdering is due to fear of us all attack you, I assure you, we're not here for that reason. We're here to recruit you, Natsume.

Natsume: Recruit me?

Kaigo: Yes. As you may have already guessed, we're not together as a group for milk and cookies. No.....we 4...we plan on starting an organization of our own.

Natsume: Say what?!

Kaigo: Like the Shihamachi, and Konoha's group....wouldn't it be exciting if a new group were to join the fray?

Natsume: .....And you want me to be a part of this group?

Kaigo: Only because that is what you desire.

Natsume: Hmm?

Kaigo: I know you, Natsume. We all do. You've always been one with the team.....working with those whom share a relation to you is where you feel at rest.

*Look at the below post for the rest of the chapter*
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*Look above for the first part of this chapter*

Natsume: And?

Kaigo: We both know damn well that you feel uneasy when your surrounded by people whom have truly pure intentions. And look at your arm....your Shihamachi Mark has disappeared, solely because you are no longer a apart of the Shihamachi. That makes you even more afraid....knowing that your body itself is trying so hard to relate to this do-gooders! But we both know....that will never happen.

Natsume: Shut up! *grabs her head* I-I'm not listening to what you say! I'm not listening to any of your lies any longer!

Kaigo: But, Natsume.....

Taking a step forward, Kaigo dashes in front of Natsume, lifting her chin with his finger.

Kaigo: You know....their not lies. Their the hard truth. Hard to swallow....isn't it?

Suddenly, a strike is dealt. Kaigo's body is suddenly thrust sideways as he soars through the air before slamming into the ground.

Sera: What the hell?!

Toshimaru, the nephew of Ryou Sagarashi, appears beside Natsume.

Natsume: T-Toshi!

Toshimaru: You still haven't given up on that nickname?

Kaigo: *rises to his feet* ....Who's this guy? He ruined my "cool" act!

Toshimaru: So, your Kaigo, huh? It's a shame, ya know. Uncle Ryou told me a lot about you, and I must admit, I expected a bit more.

Kaigo: Hmm....looks like I already hate him....

Sera: He's that guy....I remember...Natsume fought him when we had our last bout with the Leaf, back when we were still Shihamachi members! Natsume's the one who almost killed him!

Toshimaru: I try to forgive and forget, but you aren't making it any easier, little girl. *turns to Natsume* Natsume.....what did they do to you?

Natsume: N-nothing....I'm fine...

Toshimaru: Alright then....why the hell are you here in my village?!

Toutaka: *whispering to Hanikara* Did he just say this was his village?

Kaigo: *takes a step toward Toshimaru* Why? If I did tell you....would you try and stop me?

Toshimaru: *takes a step back* As a Konoha ninja.....that's what I'm obliged to do! Protect this place!

Kaigo: *sighs* Such nobility....just like your uncle. See where he ended up? In the dirt.

Toshimaru: You....BITCH! *charges toward Kaigo, pulling his fist back*

Kaigo: *dashes toward Toshimaru, clapping his hands together*

As he does, some of the fire that created the ring around the group comes inward, wrapping around Toshimaru

Toshimaru: Urgh!

Kaigo: Disperse! *snaps his fingers, causing the fire to combust, sending Toshimaru flying through the air* Heh....*leaps into the air, gaining some of the flames from the wall onto his arm*

Toshimaru: *flips around while in the air, coming face to face with Kaigo* 'Sup?

Kaigo: *thrusts his flaming arm forward*

Toshimaru: *grabs his arm, swinging him down toward the ground*

Kaigo: *flips around while shooting down, landing on his feet before leaping up into the air again* Fire Style, Katon Pillar! *punches upward, a ray of the fire shooting up toward Toshimaru*

Toshimaru: *puts his guard up and is thrusted upward by the force of the flame* Nnh....

Kaigo: *following closely behind the fire, comes up with a punch to Toshimaru's stomach, causing him to cough up a bit of blood*

Natsume: Toshi!

Kaigo: *flips around Toshimaru's body, slamming him in the back, sending him rocketing toward the ground*

Toshimaru: ARGH! *hits the ground, creating a small crater*

Kaigo: Flare Cyclone Jutsu! *spins around while falling downward, flipping toward Toshimaru's body* GRAAAAH! *with full force, slams his flaming arm onto Toshimaru, causing the crater to grow and a shockwave of that flame to burst outward in all directions*

As it clears, Toshimaru is seen with Kaigo's flaming arm around his neck, pinned to the ground.

Toshimaru: Urgh.....

Kaigo: should probably work on your timing, it could cost you your life, boy!

Toshimaru: No worries.....I'm not going to waste any more energy in this fight.....because a platoon of Konoha jounin are on their way to take you and your little crew down!

Kaigo: Is that so? In that case, I'll make sure not to leave any traces of evidence that we were even here.

Toshimaru: Your jokes....their not funny! *groans in pain*

Kaigo: It wasn't meant to be. I was just implying, that your coming with us! *thrusts his hand downward, covering Toshimaru's body in Kaigo's own chakra before tossing him toward Natsume*

Natsume: *catches Toshimaru* W-what the.....

Kaigo: I assume that your coming? It's clear that I trust you, seeing as I gave you ourr consolation prize. I trust you enough to rest assured that you won't let us down....that you've seen the light. You continue to fight alongside the Leaf and you'll end up just*points to Toshimaru* That guy!

Toshimaru: Ha. *rolls eyes* Natsume, quick! Let's make our escape! We'll tell Lady Tsunade of everything that we've gathered here, and we can call back our group to deal with it all!

Natsume: ....Toshimaru?

Toshimaru: Sanosuke, Minagi, Mai, Shiraku, Kihara....they'll handle it all when they get back. Right now, we need to make our own leave!

Natsume: ....Kaigo....

Kaigo: Hmm?

Natsume: .....If I join, do I get a cool cloak like yours?

Kaigo: Possibly.

Natsume: *grins devilishly* Works for me.

Toshimaru: W-what the hell?!

Natsume: I'm sorry Toshimaru, but....well...I've come to a certain realization.

Toshimaru: Cool cloaks are worth more than the trust of your companions?

Natsume: The Leaf Village people....their not ones that I can call my friends. I haven't felt right, not being alongside the Shihamachi. And even though I'm still not going to be after least I'll be around people who I can really trust. And who trust me as well. *walks toward Kaigo*

Kaigo: Good to have you along for the ride, Natsume.

Sera: Heh, looks like she's not a complete and total bitch after all!

Toutaka: A new member, hmm?

Toshimaru: N-Natsume! You can't be serious!

Natsume: *grabs Toshimaru by the neck, thrusting chakra onto his pressure point, instantly knocking him unconscious* Your gonna have to forgive me for that, Toshi......and starting now, a lot of other things as well.

*End of Flashback*

Minagi: What the hell happened, exactly? Lady Tsunade?

Tsunade: I'm not sure. A group entered, our forces broke into the fiery battelfield, but when they did.....nobody was there. It was as if they had did the in-and-out on us.. Worst of all, both the headbands of Toshimaru and Natsume were found at the scene.

Haruhi: Urgh.....

Minagi: From what I know, Kaigo hates the Shihamachi guts. Rather that, or he simply fears them so much that he feels he must do away with them......I do know that there's no way he would team up with the Shi, along with others!

Tsunade: Are you implying that their just getting together for milk and cookies? This is a real life scenario, Ms. Kamio.

Minagi: I know...I just.....Natsume and Toshimaru....we have know idea what could be going on with them right, and there's nothing we can do to figure that out!

Haruhi: The way I see it, there the least of our worries right now.

Tsunade: How do you figure that?

Haruhi: Sanosuke and Mai....don't you think it's a possibility that they themselves may be targeted by the strange group? If Natsume and Toshimaru were kidnapped then, I'm almost positive that their aiming for some kind of goal...and their gonna need all of us for it!

Tsunade: True.....and although it would naturally be impossible for them to obtain such information, these are former Shihamachi members we're talking about....Minagi, Haruhi! Your first mission since returning is to find Sanosuke Inara and Mai Sousuke, whom are headed here from the Grass Village. If you are to run into anything strange....intercept them and do away with them as quickly as possible!

Minagi: Intercept?

Tsunade: Sanosuke....we can't have him figuring that Kaigo is still alive just yet....if he was to discover that, his headstrong attitude would kick in.

Minagi: Milady...I think you should give him more credit than that! You underestimate in far too many areas than he deserves to be! He does have common sense!

Tsunade: *sighs* I a time like this, there's no time for things such as foolery......that's the only reason I'm so cautious of this mission. Now, off!

Haru/Mina: Yes ma'am! *dash out of the Hokage Room, and soon, the village*

*End of Season 3, Chapter 2*

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man your wrote that much it would take me 2 years to read that all:amazed
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Words can't express how relieved I am that you finally started Season 3, Sanosuke! I'm suprised you actually were able to find pics for all the main characters, and I'm impressed that they're awesome. :)

It seems you tend to always start off the Season with some kind of tragedy. I love it.:teeth
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good and fittin word trinity :P
and i am very relieved that u started the season three sano :P

Ita is a pwnsome avy maker ;D~Shad
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woot, about time! Time for as you said the legend to continue!

i was beginning to think that you were giving up on NI, but silly me, i guess.:smile
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Omfg, I just realized had the pics for Minagi and Kihara mixed up. I've put Minagi's pic back up and correctly labeled Kihara's pic, which is in dire need of a change.

*starts working on Chapter 3*
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Season 3, Chapter 3-The Opposition(Total Chapter Count: 139)

Sanosuke and Mai continued on their trip to their home, the Leaf Village. Unbeknownst to them, though, the possibilty of trouble is high. Haruhi and Minagi, having returned from to the village days ago, were recently notified by Tsunade that a small group of ex-Shihamachi members, including an old friend of Sanosuke and Mai, Kaigo Katamura, not only kidnapped Toshimaru, one of their comrades, but also attempted to abducted Natsume, another ex-member of the Shihamachi, that willingly followed.

Haruhi and Minagi dashed through the forest themselves, rushing to intercept any possible attacks from the mysterious group. All of this knowledge, know, would be knews to Sanosuke and Mai.

Sanosuke: *leaps off a branch, closely following Mai* I hope the call isn't too urgent, seeing as it'll take more than 24 hours for us to reach the Leaf Village from the Grass.

Mai: There's a strong possibilty that the letter was delivered behind schedule, considering the weather we've had lately. And if this problem has to do with the Shihamachi, then slip-ups like that aren't anything we can afford.

Sanosuke: Damn've got a that case, we're going to have to get there as quick as possible, huh?

In almost an instant after the words left his mouth, his eyes sparked with a purple glow.

Mai: Sanosuke?

Sanosuke: *stops on a branch, extending his hand to Mai* Hop on. In terms of speed, Omaru's got us beat.

Mai: *jumps on Sanosuke's back, ignoring his hand*

Sanosuke: Mai? *knees buckle* Did you....gain weight?

Mai: *blushes* W-what?!

Sanosuke: *stands up straight* Heh just kiddin. *leaps down from the canopy, landing on the ground* Alright, hold on.....I figure will be there sometime tonight if Omaru and I are in full sync.

Mai: So, we'll make good time?

Sanosuke: *devilish grin* Hell yeah!

Sansouke dashes forward with Mai on his back, leaving a long trail of Omaru's dark chakra behind him as he bolts through the lush forests of the country.


Across the country, not to far from the Leaf Village, Haruhi and Minagi were in the middle of a race of their own. The two of them had a mission to stop any possible intervention that the Shihamachi, or Kaigo's new group, would attempt with Sanosuke and Mai's return to the Leaf village.

Minagi: Haruhi....tell me, exactly why is Tsunade so cautious about this entire ordeal? *leaps off a branch*

Haruhi: It's a long story....I really don't know much details of exactly went on when he betrayed the, seeing as the Shihamachi Mark was removed so abruptly. My long-term memories must've been scrambled up in the mix. What I do remember is that it was a battle between me and had dragged on for a bit. It was back in my Shihamachi days, not to long after I had been taken over by my father.

Minagi: Oh?

Haruhi: You see....what happened was after Mai, Kaigo, Ryou, and Sano were leaving the Waterfall Village, apparently on some kind of mission, I faced them, rambling on about how the end of the line was here for them.

Minagi: .....Sanosuke took the step up to fight you, correct?

Haruhi: Yes. He didn't want to, seeing as he was still confused about the whole business, but he really didn't have a choice. That battle was may have dragged on for a bit, but that was only because the combatants were so powerful. The result was Sanosuke finally unleashing Flaming Ryuku for the first time.


Sanosuke: *stands there, the chakra nearly overflowing on his arm* Haruhi, consider yourself lucky to be attacked by my best jutsu yet!!! *charges at Haruhi*

Haruhi: We already went through this part of the battle Sanosuke, no more clashes! *takes an orb of the lava and thrusts it toward Sanosuke*

Sanosuke: *a large boom is heard when Sanosuke thrusts the energy forward, as he clashes with Haruhi's attack*

It's next to no contest when they clash. Nearly instantly, Haruhi is engulfed in a large orb of flame and is sent rocketing toward the canyon wall.

Kaigo: So....what? That's it?! I mean, how did he make that tower of flame earlier today with that! THIS IS THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF MY LIFE!

Sanosuke: Shutup, alright?! That was just for show! NOW! My brand new jutsu!!

Haruhi: *looks up toward Sanosuke from laying in a tunnely made from the blast* Urgh.....

Sanosuke: NINJA ART! FLAMING RYUKU! *thrusts his hand forward, causing a large beam to swirl around him with no end. The head of the beam suddenly forms into what looks like the head of a dragon and begins to fly around the canyon*

Mai: It's beautiful!

Sanosuke: Heh.....I'm not done yet!!!

Haruhi: You wont get me with that! I'll die before I'm hit by that.......thing! *attempts to get up, but the efforts are futile* What the hell is this!?

Sanosuke: That move I pulled earlier? It actually used the heat from my body and fused with chakra, it fries your nerves for a limited time! No! Running! From! This! *leaps into the air and thrusts his hand forward with amazing force*

The fire-made Dragon lets out a loud shriek, as it charges toward Haruhi's body. It opens its mouth and literally eats Haruhi. It flies out of the tunnel and high into the sky, leaving an amazing trail of flame below it. In an instant, it explodes, lighting up the entire sky with a red and yellow flare. Haruhi's body falls from the sky and onto a nearby boulder, sticking up in the lava.

Kaigo: Amazing........

*End of Flashback*

Haruhi: I'm fair, so I'll give him credit where credit is due. That thing hurt like a real bitch! *chuckles*

Minagi: So if Sanosuke defeated you in the battle.....then why the hell did Kaigo leave the Leaf?!

Haruhi: It hurt like a bitch. But I was a real bitch back then, so it wasn't too hard for me to take it. I still had plenty of fight left in me! In the end, Sanosuke wasn't able to take on yours truly. Mai had to step in an take me down herself if she wanted Sanosuke to live. It was at that point that I think Mai began to have those romantic feelings for Sano, but who knows, right?

Minagi: What happened after that?

Haruhi: ......Even though the battle didn't have a clear-cut winner due to Mai's the end, you could call it a win for me.


Mai: The Shihamachi has just lost another time, dont send them off to fight us, they stand no chance! *readies her fist to finish off Haruhi* Kaigo, we can all head back to the village, once I finish off this!!! *pulls her fist back* As Sanosuke said, YOU WILL DIE!!!!

Mai's fist stops less than a inch away from Haruhi's body. Kaigo had grabbed Mai's arm and stopped her from finishing off Haruhi.

Mai: Kaigo.......what're you doing??

Kaigo: You said we'd be heading back........well, here's news. I'm not going back to Konoha! *thrusts Mai away from him and Haruhi*

Mai: Kaig.....Kaigo!?

Kaigo: I've figured out friends, they are both stronger than I am. Sanosuke fought me, and he left me in the hospital!!! Haruhi fought Sanosuke, and Sanosuke was nearly killed! What do you think would happen to me if I had to fight the Shihamachi, if Haruhi is far from the strongest of them!?

Mai: Kaigo!!!!!!!

Haruhi: This is quite interesting........

Mai: Kaigo, your a very smart one.

Sanosuke: KAIGO! What do you think your doing?! I thought we were.......we were you friends!

Kaigo: Friends........Sanosuke, do you know the definition of friends?

Sanosuke: People who you care about.....people you trust, and trust you. People who would sacrifice themselves for.........wait, why are you asking me this?!

Kaigo: Sanosuke, you and I dont have that bond, do we?

Sanosuke: .......................

Kaigo: I've found out that it's not my friends that are truly important in's living. And I know that if I stay with you two, I wont live much longer.

Sanosuke: What about Mai?? You have feeling for her! Your just going to go out on her!?

Kaigo: Love isnt as important as living either......nothing is.

Mai: Kaigo!

Kaigo: Mai........please understa...

Mai: LEAVE! I dont.......ever want to see you here again, you hear me?!

Kaigo: M....

Haruhi: *grabs Kaigo* Come Kaigo.......we've got to go. I believe there is another spot in the Shi for you!

Kaigo: ...........*nods*

The two of them dash out of sight of the canyon.

*End of Flashback*

*Look below for the rest of this chapter*
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