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  Posted on August 17, 2017 06:05
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The first draft for this character was a bit all over the place, and the second i was too ambitious with the idea of making a character whose skillset could be replaced by skills that cost 2 specific; each skill being a different type of chakra. That itachi ended up being too strong.

Anyway, the main idea in this character was to have Capture and Crow Illusion work indirectly, while having his Mangekyo alter them in some way. Also, i like the idea of damage reduction against a certain amount of damage (over or below an amount), it feels more balanced (although in this Itachi it was supposed to be a bit strong, i don't think i did it correctly. It could've been done better.)

The alternate skills was where i'd be more creative with effects, as you can see with Crow Illusion. The first draft of Crow Illusion was actually a friendly effect, but it didn't really fit.

One big thing i couldn't work around this character is if the enemy team doesn't have any affliction or mental skills in their skillsets, one of Itachi's skills would be weakened (his versatility as well, although Crow Transfer isn't really connected to affliction skills, it's more of a general setback). It'd be nice if the game could just recognize that fact and make the skill become its alternate regardless of the condition set; although that could just make Itachi stronger by random chance, and that's an annoying thing. I think the fix for Crow Illusion is if it becomes Crow Transfer if the enemy DOESN'T use a skill.

I think if anything, Eye Steal should last 1 turn less. Amaterasu could possibly be counterable and reflectable.

credit to Pain_Alagoano and Hinochi for pics.
  Posted on August 19, 2017 00:14
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that is very nice and the pictures are good 2
but try to be more formal in the skills description
type damage reduction not DR for example and make the description smaller
have not read the details but nice effort .. by the way why did you make this while the game editor or whatever is missing for some reason and will not return until allah knows when
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