Gods of Olympus Dominion II

 Topic: Gods of Olympus Dominion II
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  Posted on December 14, 2016 07:37
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Until i figure out how many clans is registering I have three plans.

Will of Fire Championship: Fallen Miko
Gods of Olympus Dominion:
1st Place Ivyaert
2nd Place: Instinctus
3rd Place: Shugojin


There will be two prizes given out at the end of the tournament.
A GFX tag to the top 3 clans made by ultio.
an MVP award of 25$ and a tag to the first place winner
A hall of Fame position to the top 3 clans in tournaments hosted by Takamaru

Most Valuable Player

We will also be keeping track of individual performance throughout the championship and each week I will be giving you an update on the leaderboard for that. MVP will be judged on.

Wins - each win is one point
Clutch win - each clutch win is two points
Ratio - Incase there is a tie in points ratio will then be considered


Q - What if a match is played by someone not in the clan?
A - The match will not be registered win or loss for both sides. it will be both clans fault for not checking and you will be turned around with a cup of salt.

Q - What is a Win?
A - When a war player registered in their clan get 3 match wins vs the opposing clan during a round in the tournament

Q - What is a Clutch win?
A - In a 7v7 when an accumlative of 9 points is scored. Winners in this moment will be granted two additional points if their clan win. In a 9v9 clutch zone starts when 12 accumulative points is scored.

Q - Why add Clutch wins to the leaderboards for mvp? it seem stupid.
A - Because clutch wins are so underlooked in this era of na and most people do not understand the pressure ingamers go through playing in a 6-6 or 6-5 war and to come out winning those type of wars are more deserving than a regular win in my opinion.

Q - When does the tournament start?
A - When I feel that enough clans have registered I will start it.

Q - What if my member left the clan on accident/rage and joined back right away? can he still play in the round?
A - HAH! got me fucked up tell him I said good luck next round. and to grab the cup of salt above the S key.

Q - What if i forgot to screen the game but the opp admits to using a bc?
A - If the opponent clan's captain agree to the rematch I don't mind but xat proof is off limits in this tournament please refrain from using any other proof besides ingame. you will be kindly turned around with a cup of salt.

All questions and concerns may be PM'd to This account only and I will get back to you ASAP. I am first in foremost a fair guy the community knows this so I will to the best of my ability make disputes be decided through ingame and not free wins off dodging, etc.

Tournament moderators:
Takamaru only
  Posted on December 14, 2016 07:44
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I ask all clans to post their Captain and Vice captains along with their 150x50 mini banners.
- Only a captain and vice captain are allowed to add new people to the roster, take them out, sub in players in wars, and sub players out. anyone in the clan can host the war.
- I can careless who you post additionally instead of the vice and captain that's all I need.
- No more than 3 Captains and 2 vice cpts.

Registration will last until we have enough then the format will be released
This will be an accelerated tourney projected to end dec 31st so basically you get all holiday break to play it

Captain: Markellanthony
Captain: Bubblechews
Captain: Scheletu

rorim wrote:

Captain: 1. Rorim
Captain: 2. Ninjaawsome
Captain: 3. Sternkrieg
4. Lois_Lane
5. Hugo_naruto
6. Dennias
7. Narutomena
8. Ramenrocks
9. Milemilenkovic
10. Tragicksz
11. Kries
12. Kylerocks1994

Chadbeast wrote:
Captain: 1.Desangele
Captain: 2.GeobeasT007 (definitelly other acc while playing)
Captain: 3.Noni
Vice: 4.Jeff
Vice: 5.Kono

Latanzi wrote:


1- Captain: Latanzi
2- Captain: Gui_deidara
3- Brwno
4- Gustavotx
5- Yuri
6- Loshua123
7- Kohi
8- Naruto_-uzumaki
9- Juli
10- Hyoga
11- Renan

fissp wrote:

3- CaravanComodoro
4- Guilhermed2 (Crowndriger and his alt with chars that i can't remember)
5- ScarletPain
6- Brendobryan
7- -octavio
8- Dosu-douglas
9- Rodrigorosendo
10- -kisame
11- Leonaruto
12- Abbsai
13- Sabakugutemberg
  Posted on December 14, 2016 07:45
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Credits to Ultio(Twenty21) for the banner

-All N-A/N-B rules apply here.
-This war format will be Last Man Standing.
-All matches will be 3/5.
-All participants must be in their respectives clans to participate in the war.
-A player can't play on multiple accounts or for the both clans.
-Copying the opponent's team is against the rules. (2/3 characters)
-If you disconnect, your game bugs, or is impaired for any other reason then your opponent wins, unless you both consent to a rematch. Same goes for breaking rules and use of banned combos.
-You may only use a char once per match (Example: You may only use Kiba once in a 3/5 match).
-No full Draining, Counter/Reflect, Stunner, AOE (offensive), Healing teams. Where characters like Raikage counts as AOE. YK/Kakashi(S)/Ino(S)/Zetsu/Etc. will count as whatever skill they copy and USE!!! and characters like CSJ don't count as healers. ZAJI IS CONSIDERED AOE!!!!
- In times of screening proof I recommend you to use a timestamp because a salty player will ask for it. if you don't feel like doing the timestamp you can save the lightshot into your files and it tracks the time like that with CTRL+S or you can screen whether you won or lost the matchup with two screens. Do not expect the host to come in and take your side if you do not have a screen and try to use xat as proof at that moment i suggest you stand up turn left and keep walking to the nearest corner and sit there.
- If your clan is caught using Join.me or teamviewer your clan will forfeit the war. and the player will forfeit his position permanently in the mvp race
-Three Days to finish the War

Banned Characters:(4 Each x marks for each ban you get)
My Clan: x x x x
Opposing clan: x x x x
Default kushina danzo gaara

Banner Clan Taka


Banner Clan Maru

  Posted on December 14, 2016 08:04
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emotional slave slut.
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I guess ACR could join if enough clans are in
  Posted on December 14, 2016 11:31
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Loving this history

Best to ever do it.

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BeastModeCowboy wrote:
Loving this history

Alpha Insignia || Alpha Insignia2 ||Alkayda Gift || By Annie || Kon<3 || By Vinny || Vinny2 || By Xain

Avy By Hime-Chanā¤Tag By Xain
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wtf is that un-formatted wall of text and what 4th language English linguist decided they should write it?

Sig by Vale the god
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i don't know who tf made it but lmao, THE GAME DIED BRUH
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count sho in
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Dee-Jay wrote:
I guess ACR could join if enough clans are in

Same with UCET
  Posted on December 14, 2016 17:24
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